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Ukraine to protect children from porn

Date: July 19, 2004
Source: Computer Crime Research Center
By: Timofey Saytarly

Yesterday, the Ministry for Family, Children and Youth Affairs of Ukraine and the Ukrainian Union of Young People Deputies (UUYPD) in the frames of project for psychological protection of children introduced a new program "Cyber nanny" that will block entrance to porn websites.

During a press conference devoted to this project presentation, First Deputy Chairman of UUYPD and project administrator Vadim Rudenko noted that the program is created to resolve problems of oversaturation of amoral information on the Internet.

"Cyber nanny" is a freeware program that checks URLs of all websites before browser loads the page. When the site is filed in the database of forbidden sites or it contains forbidden key words that demonstrate its belogning to forbidden resources, "Cyber nanny" makes browsing of this page impossible and offers to visit sites about latest computer games, health and so on instead. The lists of forbidden websites are being constantly updated.

A website was created to spread the program, it also gives all necessary information on the project, mechanism of operation, user manuals and so on. Any user can download this program (500Kb) from this website. Reportedly in addition it is planned that floppies with this program would be spread through public authorities and corresponding governmental agencies. At the moment participants of the project work on maximum distribution of this software in Ukraine, Rudenko says.

Ministry for Family, Children and Youth Affairs of Ukraine Minister Valentina Dovzhenko, who attended the presentation, noted that last years Ukraine sufficiently widened its information field, the government assigned funds to computerize schools in regions. But, unfortunately, besides useful things like information, educational, training, cognitive, the Internet brings negative phenomena, she said. The West carries out tough policy against these "negative things" on the Internet, they create world public funds that are involved in development of the analogous projects, the Minister added.

According to Valentina Dovzhenko, 4,000 of computer cafes are presently registered in Ukraine. "We will cooperate with them in order to install these "Cyber nannies" at every computer voluntarily or, if it would be necessary, we will accept corresponding amendments to laws, and Services For Under Age Affairs and police for under age will strengthen control over these clubs' work", she said

126 people were made responsible for child porn distribution among children in Ukraine.

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