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German banks experience a sudden upsurge of computer crime

Date: July 31, 2004
Source: Computer Crime Research Center
By: Dmitri Kramarenko

German banking sphere experiences a sudden upsurge of computer crime.

According to the Federal Union of German Banks, customers that use online operations more often become the victims of computer offenders. Scammers use usual hoax e-mails allegedly from their banks linking to the spoofed banks' websites in order to con out the needed information on thoughtless users' accounts. It is a well-known phishing.

"Phishing" was derived from an English word "fishing", a relatively new kind of scam, swindling out of confidential data from trustful and inattentive users -- clients of online auctions, online transfer/exchange services and online shops. Scammers use various tricks, often forcing users to expose their data, i.e. sending e-mail to confirm account subscription with a link to a site looking like famous resources.

After that they use such information while committing illicit machinations with their identities, in particular for attempts to withdraw big sums from bank accounts and transfer the money abroad.

Though only 300 accidents of such kind were registered in Germany in 2003, this number jumped up to 200,000 of accidents only over the first six months of this year. Therefore the Federal Union of German Banks has launched an explanatory program for their customers in order to preserve them from financial losses or other misdeeds.

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