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Discussion : Internet Fraud by Freelance Websites

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2005-08-08 21:35:57 -
We Belong from Pakistan and get many project from RAC. we found RAC always sincere for us, they always deside all things honestly, We are going perfect at rac becouse we complete all project in excellent way . so i think you cant complete your project in excelent way there for you face this thing. so be professional and then come at RAC, at rac many pakistany coder working and providing excellent projects. so we found RAC perfectly

2005-06-26 23:55:50 -
hmm.... so i see someone faking my identity and posting things without my knowledge.. hmm.... good.. someone here wants to play it bad due to his/her nature... sorry..not interested.

however, the truth of the story is published online at for those who are interested in knowing

take care and protect genuince coders from being defrauded by sites like


2005-03-08 09:50:20 -
Public Record
Arbitration Summary for project Marketing Research on website
Buyer: safrica2
Seller: Amir Ali Tayaab of Zen Marketing ( )
Issue: Alleged fraud by Amir Ali Tayaab (seller) by safrica2 (buyer)

1) Amir Ali Tayyab entered into arbitration because the project he did for safrica2 (the buyer) was a marketing project. He was to determine the top 5 companies by market share in several markets and do reports. While safrica2 received reports, he suspected Amir had not done proper research because the top companies he expected were not his list. So he asked RAC to investigate.

2) In arbitration Amir Ali Tayyab admitted that he had not done any research but "relied on his 15 years of knowledge" as well as allegedly calling some expense to him from Pakistan. He was informed that while calling companies from Pakistan was admirable, it was a strategy doomed to failure because unless he could call every company in the market and get them to provide an accurate statement of their market share (which none will do), he would not get the information he needed to start.

He was also informed that relying on his 15 years of knowledge for something that changes from month to month and quarter to quarter was also an inappropriate way to do research.

3) When told his top 5 companies by market share were not acceptable, Amir then threatened to take this to the BBB (Better Business Bureau), Square trade and publish false statements on every internet newsgroup if his poor rating were not removed. He was warned that giving into these kinds of threats would introduce severe bias into the arbitration system. So we could not falsify the account. So he you can see from Google.


2005-02-10 20:45:34 - Sergey
I am RentACoder Top Coder.
I have been involved into arbitration/mediation 13 times.
It's OK for me.
RentACoder protect me from not good buyers.

> Since the website
> charges almost 40% or even more in shape of fees ...

Where are you get this "info"? RentACoder charges 7.5% - 15%

2005-02-08 03:27:41 -
This situation (arbitration not being so just), because of the great value of each buyer in comparison to coder's. Freelance site would rather lost 10 coders than 1 buyer, so this HAS to lead to not being fair when it comes to decide who's right.

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