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Discussion : Internet Fraud by Freelance Websites

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2006-06-10 14:14:40 - Sergey
Mr. Anon,

"This is the case even if the coder has delivered nothing at all at the deadline."

You can't show examples (links) to prove your point of view because your post based on your hallucinations only.

2006-05-12 07:32:54 - Anon
Actually Rentacoder does not preferentially act against coders but rather, it acts to maximize its own profits. So if you, as a new buyer, enter arbitration against a high-price coder who is highly rated you will almost certainly lose. This is the case even if the coder has delivered nothing at all at the deadline.

This makes sense from Rentacoder's point of view as they do not want top rated coders leving the site with their clients.

2006-05-11 17:49:24 -
I think the fraud buyers are actually competitors of RAC, there are a number of freelance websites, in my case I had later found out that the fraud buyer was from SL, so he came at RAC, he got his work and he never paid me.

Also, There are some groups of hackers who are continuously attacking RAC, I would suggest Ian to keep his eyes open and to find out who is against and who is with RAC, also RAC needs to make some corrections in there terms and policies for both buyers and sellers.

2006-04-14 12:24:49 -
Hello Yall,

im Dreff, A HVAC Engineer from the philippines, and registered coder (AutoCAD) for I am posting this message in defense of my client Mr.Terence Brown.

In Testimony to his authenticity as a buyer and not as a fraud. I have completed two HVAC design for Mr Terence, or buyer....Safrica2 and so far I have been paid in full, and even received a bonus from Terence... So if Terence is a Fraud, how come I got the money in cash via Western Union and get to spend it on a night out havin lotsa booze and chiks...?

Though I have noticed Terence to ask a few couple of questions from time to time regarding the project, but hey thats normal, the guy just wants to get his moneys worth right, hes just makin sure, b4 he pays-out yah know.

In conclusion, I can only say...... Hey Boss Terence your the MAN yeah....! Hope to do some more business with you ayt. Thanks.



2006-04-09 17:45:17 -
I have had the opposite problem. I have used coders form Viet Nam and eastern block countries that have promised and nevered delivered. I made the mistake of paying "outside" the secure sites and sending Western Union to have coders give me junk and then never respond again.

2006-04-07 17:02:06 -
This is true that RAC charges become far more than15% at the end! Due to only one choice of western union, and 15% of rac deduction, what amount is left is just about 65%...believe it or not!

Pakistani coders are cheated and RAC is a big devil! This is a fact which can be seen when you come one to one with arbitrations and SO-CALLED Facilitators. They do give more importance to buyers, NO DOUBT about that! The only thing good about RAC is, it pays you if luckily you come across a good buyer who doesnt want to enjoy months months long arbitrations, just to let you waiting for your hard work being earned!

And i dont understand what is wrong with Mr Zeeshan Arshad.. that he could advise amir to leave his 85 USD. Bhai why leave even 1 USD when you worked for it? WHY ? Is it HARAM KE KAMAI or what, that you are advising him to forget it and let go? Whats so wrong with your senses? when you'd get into these in-house arbitrations yourself, then you will very well know what you should and should Not fight for! Better luck!

RAC is just a place of chances. I happened to get very good chances in the beginning, but sooner than any expectations, RAC terminated my account...eating up more than 700 USD..!!Now Mr Zeeshan might advise me to give up and forget these 700 USD as he advised Mr Amir...but Mr Zeeshan...i pray that you do get alarmed before you get into arbitrations..or once you get into it... you will better know what actually RAC is all about! So, better keep your golden advises with yourself!

Better Luck for all RAC and IAN servants!..

PS: and yes, Mr ian was very excited to start a website for saving interests of Pakistani coders...Do you people remember? something Where has it all went? Where are mr Ian's heartly efforts to save pakistani interests now ? Are they all gone? Mr Ian and This RAC philosophy is just "throw a bone to asian dogs, and let them lick our feet for a few cents" THATS ALL!

2005-12-20 06:39:57 -
someone is impersonating me here. so beware.


2005-12-07 13:31:37 - Sergey
Mr. MayankAggarwal,

I think you've heavily broken RentACoder's policy and therefore such a strict penalty has been imposed.
Can you show URL of your RentACoder's account ?

2005-10-19 01:49:41 -
RentaCoder gobbled up all the money nearly 600$ issued a heavy penalty and finally terminated my account and so went my 6 months of work on thes site.

Think again will Rentacoder pay you.

2005-08-11 15:30:44 -
you are invited to discuss internet fraud online by at

2005-08-09 23:32:26 -
Samers, Just posting here publicly what we already discussed privately. The reason your posting on the Yahoo group wasn't approved is that it wasn't applicable to the topic of the group (which was to inform Pakistinis of what Amir had done, talk about some of the email from buyers about their incorrect perceptions that had about Pakis after seeing what Amir had written, and then coming up with ideas on what should be done about the situation). Also, the other reason is that in your posting you did say that you hadn't read any of the background information before making up your mind, so it was not an informed opinion and your opinion was prejudged.

As far as the release of information, as was indicated in the Yahoo group (unfortunately part of the information you skipped reading) there is a clause in Amir's contract that allows release of if once he comits fraud. For the 99.99% of site users who are honest and ethical, this clause is not a problem for them because they would never break it.

2005-08-09 02:21:01 -

RAC is good, I am one of the top coders on RAC (from Pakistan). As about Tayyab Issue, I havent read all conversation but still I says he is wrong. Here is the reason WHY?.

When we work on RAC, we agree on that if some problem comes, then the facilitator will solve that and we will accept that. If for some reason, either was right or wrong, he must accept it. In my life on RAC, I also faced some arbitrations and I found bad rating (that was the only project). I believe I was right and facilitator made a wrong decision, but I still accepted that since I already agreed on that.

But onething is really bad about RAC now. I think we must need explaination, that is, RAC has a privacy policy, that means, he will never expose our personal information which he did in Tayyab's case. That is wrong and I believe RAC must avoid this in future. I wrote messages on the newly created group on Yahoo by Ian, but my messages were blocked. Thats means they are posting only one sided messages in which people write in their favor.

At the end, I must say that a good programmer/free lancer must avoid such arbitration and must try to solve problems without it. Believe me, buyer is more important for them as compared to coders.

Sameers (theAngrycodeR)

2005-08-09 01:58:37 - RAC Coder

I think its no gain getting in to this. Just don’t waste time and get to work.

RAC is a good platform and Pakistani Coders are the best. No doubts. There are bad fishes every where.


2005-08-08 22:40:16 -
I have just got the mail from Ian Ippolito.I am a Pakistani coder and the guy who posted this fake message is wrong. The people at RAC ( quite friendly and there does exist a safe escrow system at RAC. I have completed 10 projects at RAC and RAC arbitrators are fully cooperative. The buyers can be bad but theres no possiblity of you getting cheated by some one due to the arbitration method.

I love RAC because of being the most secure freelancers website. I have been posting bids on RAC for the last ten days but I was not getting even a single response. I just got free from my exams and tried to get some free lance work as it is my hobby and profession, but I was wondering why anybody is not responding; I came to know the reason today.

I have some very good buyers and they still offer me the jobs at RAC through the project bid invitation but no new buyers. This is only due to this single guy.

Very sad situation. Its a bad situation for all of Pakistani coders inclusing me as we most of the guys are working hard to earn some money on RAC and a single bad step of a bad person has tuned down allour efforts.

Fahd Murtaza

2005-08-08 21:48:20 - Zeeshan Arshad
I'm a TOP CODER and have completed many projects without any PROBLEM AT ALL.

AAMIR, I don't understand what's wrong with just $85 that you are behaving like that and trying to show a PAKISTANI person does like this?

Will you be RICH to get such amount? OR Why are you behaving in this manner? MAN, this isn't last project of the universe and then why are you wasting your time and efforts for NO REASON???

Many of PAKISTANI TALENT come on RAC and doing business so because of YOUR such behaviors that's totally BAD and nothing else!!!

Try to understand my friend, the BUYER has gone, but YOU ARE ON SCREEN. RAC won't get BAD as they are OK with ME and thousands of programmers.

I hope you would think about it.


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