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Discussion : Internet Fraud by Freelance Websites

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2007-09-13 16:42:45 - Good luck
This posting was a complete fabrication. If there are criminal investigations of RAC, why are none listed anywhere on any government website. Viewing the Rentacoder site shows that it charges 8.5%-15%...not even close to the 40% claimed in this writeup. And the person who posted this fake writeup, actually WON his arbitration on Rent a Coder, but lost in the end becuase he couldn't stop insulting the arbitrator and the other party (which was against his contract):

2007-09-03 11:55:47 -
Hi I'll join to check if a certain freelance site is not a scam. Thanks

2007-05-24 17:10:54 -
The famous insulter “kamen123” has been banned from RentACoder.
This week he is celebrating 1st anniversary of this ban.
Read more about his personal failure at RentACoder:

“kamen123” spoil perfect site in revenge.

My name: Sergey I.Grachyov
Nickname: TakeReal
I am famous freelancer.
I have:

878 projects completed via RentACoder
100 projects completed via GetAFreelancer
33 projects completed via Scriptlance

2007-05-07 02:23:20 -
hi kamen, why not join us in Mission against rentacoder fraud ? Have you complained to BBB and square trade ? Have you read 50 ways to force shut down rentacoder..?

2007-05-05 14:43:02 -
With serious projects rentacoder staff make mistakes
And they are proficient to blame someone else
Read my funny experience and perfect examples at

2007-05-03 00:07:43 -
Hi , I am here to help us all. Read this post as a Case Study.
I need your help to write similar fraud alert marketing campaign plan.

50 ways to Force Shut down fraud business like rentacoder -
Marketing Campaign Ideas and Targets :

We have to convey our alert message to as many freelance serller and buyers.

There are locations where they almost always visit.With this strategy we can reach about 10000 coders and buyers in a week.
Frauds often use BBB and square trade seals, second target will be to get those seals removed.

#0 Creation of a website with forums and blogs - Domain name like that will give website a place in first page of google for same keywords that rentacoder uses.If word rentacoder is typed in google search, the second search result will be fraud alert website.

#1.Post as a project on 30 freelance websites about what rentacoder did to them.

Several thousands software buyers and coders will come across those postings.

They will withdraw their deposited money and close account with rentacoder.They will provide testimonials , some of them might be already victims and might be feeling helpless.And many coders will offer services for software development.

#2.Find 50 programmers who are victim of rentacoder. Get their feedback on forum.

A good idea is to see who had arbitrations in profiles and send them a message.

Such coders and buyers will be given complete anonymity , no personal info. will be required to register.

#3.Write articles about rentacoder fraud and publish on 250 articles websites.

This will ensure that 1st result in google for keyword freelance will open

20 articles will give 5000 backward link , that means high placement in google , not only this, the articles will be there forever and many new visitors will be coming in for many years.

#4.Project funding. The actual cost of developing the website is less than $100.

Web designer bids very low. Victims will donate .and I have got a good software source code for websites with forum.

#5.Tell to all victims that they can report to BBB and square trade with all details.

#6.Forum topic : IF you are a victim of rentacoder, we wil fight for you. Let us know your experience.

#7.Find articles about rentacoder fraud and create archieve .Visitors will be able to download all articles at one place . in a zip. suggest me if it is better to link to original website where article is present, copying may be a copyright violation. though we can copy with permission and give credit and link back.

Marketing Campaign

#8. Publish archieves/articles/posts in

a. Blogs - 1000 blogs would be enough ?

b. Yahoo answers - who is the number one fraud. Answer : rentacoder. see the website


d. - there coders come to find codes

e. business forums - there buyer comes


g. 30 most popular source codes website


Suggest me more. To be effective we need to place articles,testimonials on 10000+ places which are very relevant and highly likely to be found by buyers and sellers.

I prefer to develop and publish downlodable sharewares on shareware websites because they give 250+ PR1-10 links that improves google and search engine rankings as well as good featurs.

#9. A downloadable software that popup desktop alerts when fraud alerts are raised by admin on website.

#10. A chatroom

#11. A browser toolbar like google toolbar that alerts on desktop.

#12. Tell a friend form. Fill 20 email address in form and we will send all of them an email.

#13. software source codes can be published on websites like, ( ) , There are 50 more .

#14. The competitors of this frauds who are honest will surely help. A competition research can be done on web.They can fund the project as well as help in several other ways.


suggest me more , i will post new ideas in continuation in next message.

2007-05-02 10:12:58 -
I've got to say that with over 150 projects through Rentacoder over three years the real fraud seems to be by the writers of this article trying to smear Rentacoder. As for the prices of the projects being a tenth of those of an on-site coder in the west (who may well be an Indian or from China anyway) - this reflects the generally poorer standard of work and much higher management overhead that we have found in outsourced projects.

Great coders on Rentacoder often charge much the same as local ones - mediocre ones or those with no reputation are forced to charge much less.

2007-04-29 00:27:41 -
I have been a coder and a buyer in RentACoder since two years and I had no such problem. May be there are rare case like mentioned in the article, but it should not be blamed on RentACoder as they deal everything in a fare way.

2007-03-13 23:13:32 -
I read the article about rentacoder site.I have been using this site for outsourcing some projects. I found the article is complately unfair and baseless. Coders did pay 15% not 40%. Both coders and buyers are happy to get their work done any where in the world. I had done projects ranging from 100-400 dollars with coders from USA,INDIA,HONG KONG ,UKRAINE.
Surley the fees for projects are almost 1/2 the rate in my country and perhaps 1/10 the rate in USA.I was surrprise that the first project was for 100 dollars in 10 days time complated by a coder from USA. I think rentacoder provides good opportunity to coders to get extra income.

2007-02-13 12:20:09 -
The previous comment is simply a lie. I bought over 60 projects on rentacoder and there were only two arbitrations because coder didn't deliver. Both my coders and myself are very satisfied with the service. BTW there are no crimial proceedings against exhedra (check it yourself), and their fee is around 10%, not 40% (again, check it yourself)

2007-01-09 13:35:54 -
We do all u believe it impossible .Simple table ur demand

2007-01-09 13:33:28 -
I wish to get ur contacts out there to advertise alot of things to u there that u will find them very important.join me by my email for ur demand without any fear ,for many things u find them impossible are very possible with us .Anderson

2006-12-02 01:12:26 -
There is another scam freelance company called Sonic Freelance. This scam freelance website stold over $200 in fees from my company. Sonic Freelance is a new scam freelance website trying to get new users to fall for the same traps. First they offer you special deals and then when you sign up, your credit card is charged a mysterious charge, that is finally found out a month later by the CC company. Sonic Freelance is a scam website that all freelancers need to watch out for. Good luck all you other freelancers out there.

2006-11-03 07:31:44 -
Richard Gere


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If your gigolo days really are over, what kinds of roles appeal to you now?

All of them. I keep describing it like falling in love: you can't start a relationship unless there's a spark there in the beginning. I read a script like this and there's a spark. And that's the way it is with pretty much any project that I take on. I've never said, "I'm going play the gigolo now" or "I'm going to play the husband now".

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