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Discussion : Internet Fraud by Freelance Websites

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2008-03-01 06:21:14 -
After a bit of thought I figured this would be the proof.

Chetan, why don't you just put up the demo site again and let all these fine people reading this banter see your CMS clone of IOFFER?

Allow them to log on to the backend so they can see how well your programmers did on this project. I'll cease and desist from any further action if you'll do that. How's that for a deal? Show us your work and let these people decide if you actually fulfilled your obligation as a programming company or if it's me who's off his nut! OK?


2008-03-01 05:27:07 -
Where do I begin?

The only valid point you made was that indeed, this project was contracted through GAF...

I'll address each issue you've raised one at a time:

1) Accounting: I rest my case on this point. Quickbooks is an accounting software and has nothing to do with the backend account management of a CMS. Your lack of programming expertise and knowledge on this point is made clear by your statements. Again, you wouldn't know an accounting backend if it hit you in the face.

To the reader: Did that Pinacle or Quickbooks statement send shivers up your spine or what?

2) Reports were made: Yes bit by bit from a front end perspective and progress looked good. That's the trick to the scam. Once we finally got a piece of the actual code (when it was too late), we knew we were in trouble. You didn't address anything I stated such as not following the signed agreement in almost every way possible. And again, you use babble to confuse the issues. You knew that if you sent us any of that code we'd be unimpressed and the scam would exposed. How about the images you stole, code that was cut and paste, no templates and as you admit, no accounting... in an auction/shopping CMS?

3)Everything was absolutely fine: That is until we conferenced Pradnya (lead programmer) and Mandar (project manager) and showed point by point where you hadn't done anything you said you would in the way it was agreed to be done.

4) The client turned his head: I sent at least a dozen emails that went unanswered. Another 4-5 GAF PM's that were ignored. Even after I knew we were screwed I ADDED money to your escrow account and yet I was still ignored. You knew you were busted and cut and ran with $650.00.

You have a history of using the same tactics and just as I said you would, you blamed the me (the customer) for the problem yet you have the cash and we have nothing.

Of course you'll address this issue, not because you are an honest company but because the longer this goes on the more people you'll steal from in the meantime. You have 110 programmers? Why didn't you put one tht knew a cms from a shopping cart mod on our project then? You don't let your programmers know any details about the projects you give them so obviously things will not go right even if they could.

You probably should have talked to Mandar before making these rediculous statements. He could have told you that he was honest about the way our project REALLY went. Our agreement, IM threads and email threads will now be made public, since you have insisted on it.

I feel for all the people you've stolen money from and who have no way to resolve their issues with your company.

If anyone gives this company money, kiss it goodbye.


2008-03-01 05:26:15 -
Publishing my full name shows your true colors Cheatin.

2008-02-25 16:56:56 -
Contarary to the email posted by Steven Havill: I would like to confirm a few facts: Obviously the part of the story that perhaps is not to be conveyed.

1. The project was commissioned over GAF for a agreed sum over agreed requirements. It is probably very funny of some guys who wish to have an accounting software like Finacle OR quickbooks along with the website for $1500. When people say accounting, now unless explicitly specified all companies would go with the on actual website accounts to be considered and not a full blown system.

2. When the project was accepted by us - the requirements were studied, accepted and reports were posted every other day. Demos were made available atleast twice every week as a mere matter of practice at CSSA.

3. Everything was absolutely fine till we completed majority of the functionalities. My staff has well documented emails proving acceptance from the client company. As a matter of fact also suggesting small look and feel changes as well!

4. The client turned head when he recieved the sources and decided that he could do away with not paying us the balance amounts of price increases over the multiple changes specified (out of scope).

This is something that I fail to understand as to why things are taken for granted. If there is a change / deviation from the scope - there is a charge for it. I go to my tailor and tell him to change in something that he has already made - I have to pay for it. Softwares such as the ones we provide are custom made.

Lastly: whether CSSA is a premier company or not is to be decided by the facts that company today has. I welcome all concerned who wish to run a check on us. Today we stand at 110+ team size with excellent ratings (9.5/10) at various software marketplace sites.

And if were really SCAM - have I had bothered to reply to those who had grievances = I believe two of them privately. One of them was actually not a grievance but basically an esteemed yet concerned clientelle since we couldnt communicate over to him over internet failure-an issue which I personally mailed and tried to resolve. Also I did try to email Mr. Havill to understand his issues, but all I could get is bad words and insults and ironically yet another public posting which makes no sense to me at all.

About time that people judge themselves.

Chetan Kelkar

2008-02-18 15:11:55 -
Good afternoon...

I woke up to see a new email from Chetan requesting any information I could give regarding my project. Funny, we didnt get a single response to dozens of emails, IM's and GAF PM's over the course of 3 months.

Details... ok, we'll concentrate on just the main problems.

Agreement signed 7-25-07
Time: 120-150 hours over 60 days
1) Software must have accounting and billing functions (as any auction/ecommerce CMS would)
2)It must be template based.
3)That my software be written for me and not a cut and paste scenario.
4)All code must be heavily remarked
5)Send software for review in a timely manor.
6)That all payments would be made into GAF escrow.
+ many others

All requests were agreed to and signed by both parties. (Sachin Wedekar and G.Mandar represented CSSAGlobal)

The very first thing Sachin says is that he needs a good faith deposit of $150 in cash. I said I'd send it to escrow and he firmly demanded cash to begin. (this is the first sign of a ripoff) but ok, I sent him the cash. CSSAGlobal then set up a demo website for my project on a rented server (#2 big mistake) ...if your a premier provider why are you paying for cheap hosting? I couldn't get in many times because their service was down. (all the while I still thought this was legit)

After a week or so they had created the layout for the site and started writing a supposed "UNIQUE" CMS. They then asked for another cash advance for the work they had done. Since I could "SEE" my work being done I now felt comfortable doing so and sent another $250.

About another week or so later... I could get in to the backend and could see some progress (I thought). We had yet to receive any software to make sure of coding issues, code remarking...etc

Sachin now claims "the project is 80% completed and we need to catch up in payment" and requested another $700. We hadn't seen so much as a snippet of coding, the backend was a mess and had no apparent accounting or billing whatsoever.

I agreed to send another $250 only if they'd send me the software so that we could look at it. They finally agreed. I sent $250 and they sent me software 2-3 days later. I can only think they thought they were dealing with brainless twits. There wasn't a template based CMS within 100 miles of their software. There was NO accounting or billing. IT SUCKED, and to top it off they stole every image directly from ioffer's website. INCREDIBLE

We actually phoned INDIA to talk to their peogrammer and also Mandar. After going in circles for hours he finally agreed they hadn't done what they said they'd do and asked "WHY DIDNT YOU SAY SOMETHING SOONER!"... gasp!!!! We begged and pleaded for a copy of the software to help guide their programmers and it took 9-10 weeks just to get the garbage sent to us, then got "ITS OUR FAULT FOR NOT SPEAKING UP ABOUT IT!"...

Once the problems with this company and their skills were made clear we gave them another 6 weeks to see if they could slavage any bit of it... all payments were now being placed in escrow and the cash stopped... so did they.

If you'd like the entire thread including agreements, IM's, PM's and emails made puplic I'll be happy to do so. But trust me it won't help your claim of being a premier (and honest) company.

It took 2 more weeks and 4-5 emails to GAF Admin and then to CSSAGlobal who failed to respond just a single time, so GAF admin was forced to return my escrow payments to me.

CSSAGlobals tactic is also that if a client does manage to post bad feedback then they will make it look like the clients were at fault. Their favorites are: They increases the work, changed the details, were making requests far above the original agreement...etc

I didn't get a chance to ask for anything. They never sent me any software until the very last days and everything they programmed was smoke and mirrors. When I finally became wise to them they stopped answering any emails/PMs and my project was off the board.

This is not a premier company but set up to steal from unsuspecting US clients. They clearly lack the talent to do anything but basic website developement like cart templates. All cms work are cut and paste affairs. Accounting and Billing are nonexistent and will never be correctly included as a feature set. If you have anything more than basic artwork or layout needs look elsewhere or you'll be screwed.

2008-02-18 08:49:34 -
It seems that I was perhaps a little hasty with my previous post and have to report that other than a couple of communication misunderstandings during the initial stages of the project, my website development is now well into its advanced stages and I have experienced no further problems. Everyone at CSSAGlobal have performed in a professional manner and I have no reason to doubt their technical ability or their integrity.

I can confirm that I am not an employee of CSSAGlobal and that the only relationship I have with this company is as a client and as such, by way of a demonstration of their work, I will be happy to give my website address to anyone that requests it once the site becomes live (approximately 2 weeks from todays date)..

Kind regards,

2008-02-18 05:29:17 -
It is very interesting to see that people indulge in bad mouthing any company without any reason and at best not reveal any personal data.

I welcome all brickbats for CSSAGlobal and would be more than happy to answer any queries or grievances any individual might have against CSSAGlobal.

For further clarification: CSSAGlobal is a premier software solutions provider and not a freelancer site. We cater to project requirements from clients across the globe on a man hour charge basis.

Many a times I have seen that after the project programming is done - many people - try to back out and bad mouth the company for no reason at all.

Nevertheless if there is a genuine grievance against CSSAGlobal I would welcome all of them to talk to me and help me resolve the situations.

Chetan Kelkar

2008-01-24 03:44:00 -
Hello everyone,

I (perhaps foolishly) entered into a site design agreement with CSSAGlobal a few weeks back and have to date handed over in excess of $1200; they are now becomming very evasive; not answering emails, no longer availably on Skype, etc and I am beginning to "smell the coffee" as the only tangible "product" that I have seen is a half finished homepage.

I would really appreciate any further information that anyone may have regarding this company.

Many thanks..

2008-01-15 13:54:56 -
How about I was thinking of posting a project there. I don't see how they would pull this scam off since they are free. They don't take a commission. The only way they make any money at all is if you want to upgrade your account or add special features to your projects.

Anyone had any bad results from them that I should know about?

2008-01-07 14:29:11 -

After much backpeddling GAF will be crediting back (they say) the balance of my escrow funds. Crossing fingers...

I have figured out how this scam works and every person who buys or even provides services on that site is at risk.

GAF doesn't allow any feedback to be posted unless a job is completed in its entirety. (NOT DEFINED IN THEIR TOS) The only way to post a bad feedback is to complete a job or get completely ripped off and have the provider be paid in full! Using this hole in their policy, scam providers simply bid on any and every job they can. Once they get the job they'll ask for a good faith deposit in cash and continue to beat you for as many cash payments as possible. Most buyers will catch on before a job is completed and cancel.

These scam companies are betting on it because that's how they get away with it. Once a buyer realizes they've been ripped off and either stop paying or start using escrow only the scam is complete. With NO possibility of having bad feedback posted, the buyer is Sh$T out of luck and GAF takes their cut of the loot. The provider is secure in knowing that the few jobs he does complete (almost always little cut and paste mods)will make him look good and he'll be able to bid on large jobs that will rake in large cash deposits. It's actually a brilliant scheme because GAF appears to look like a legit service. They actually rely on this scam to boost profits and go out of their way to ignore any questioning regarding their policy.

The company I dealt with had 40+ positives and seemingly perfect feedback, but since I've gone through this there have been 2 buyers that did manage to complete their payments and have since left scathing feedback. I can only imagin how many people this and other companies have actually ripped off using this method and for how many 10s of thousands of dollars.

Shame on GAF who provides a haven for such obvious thievery!

2007-12-22 14:46:09 -
Just a warning... the company is CSSAGlobal and their site can be found by adding the dotcom on the end. Has anyone else dealt with this scam company?

2007-12-22 14:39:02 -
After going through the motions of settng up as not only a buyer but a provider on GAF I settled on a company to write a software program for me. They had near perfect feedback and had a long list of projects that were similar to mine. Everything seemed great...

This company signed my very detailed contract and agreed to use escrow for payment. They then said they needed a small good faith cash deposit to begin (RED FLAGS) and I complied by sending them $200 of a $1500 project. They started programming and even set up a site on their HOSTED (RED FLAG) server for me.

The project was to take 2 months, 5 months later and $650 in cash payments I received nothing but a shell webpage with stolen graphics and cut and paste programming.

I refused to make any payments outside of escrow and all emails stopped. I had been ripped off!

My logic was, FINE I'll post bad feedback on GAF...right? WRONG to post feedback a project has to be PAID IN FULL in order to post feedback!!! WHAT!!! Thats right folks, all that good feedback for these companies is there because anyone who finds themselves being scammed usually find out long before the project is paid in full, and guess what? They can't leave negative feedback!

The bottom line s that is setup to allow any company to make any deal they can. If you get a good honest company you'll be lucky, but if you get ripped off you won't be able to let anyone know about it and the providers all know this and exploit it. Good feedback is all but representative of the actual level of service a given company provides. GAF is perpetualting their ability to steal from buyers and happily do so for their 15% cut of the loot. BEWARE of GAF!

2007-12-02 09:35:04 -
I just got scammed by I just got a mysterious charge on my credit card.

2007-10-02 04:33:05 -

I want to know if this web site is real



2007-09-15 10:25:04 -
hi this is luli,
Pls advice me on the following:=
1.Is & genuine
or scams.
2.Recommend any other genuine freelancing site.

3.What is average income for a freelance(dataentry,

4.Is a fraud.

5.Recommend genuine home-based-work site.

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