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Computer Crime Articles 2005

  1. Dec 24 Bob Felton Cyber security breaches threaten, 2006 forecasts
  2. Dec 22 The CAN-SPAM Act is working
  3. Dec 12 Computer crime trace: finding and evaluating
  4. Dec 07 Mohamed Chawki Cybercrime in France: An Overview
  5. Dec 02 Terrance A. Roebuck Network security: DoS vs DDoS attacks
  6. Nov 28 Sandra O’Connell Fraud: Online security concerns
  7. Nov 25 Scott Charney, Kent Alexander Types of computer crime
  8. Nov 23 Chuck McCutcheon Viruses, hackers and other cybersecurity dangers
  9. Nov 21 Arati Bechtel Howto avoid phishing scam
  10. Nov 18 Spyware howto
  11. Nov 15 BarkerJr Cyber crime
  12. Nov 10 Jack Kapica E-fraud: damage increases
  13. Nov 02 James Plummer New Patriot Act revisions affect computer industry
  14. Oct 28 Iain Thomson Internet safety approaches
  15. Oct 24 Jim Kouri, CPP Cybercrime: Threat increasing
  16. Oct 19 Dan Herbeck Child porn: State goes easy on child porn offenders
  17. Oct 18 Paul Meadowcroft, head of transaction security of the e-Security activities of the Thales Group Credit card fraud, IT Observer
  18. Oct 16 Daniel Thomas Specialist police units tackle computer crime
  19. Oct 12 Aarti Security issues: find the enemy within
  20. Oct 04 Michael Arnone White hat, gray hat, black hat
  21. Sep 29 Controlling spam
  22. Sep 21 Jeanne Sahadi Credit card breach: Tracing who dunnit
  23. Sep 07 Top ten viruses and hoaxes reported to Sophos in August 2005
  24. Aug 30 Peter Brookes The Art of Cyber War
  25. Aug 28 Federico Biancuzzi Silence on the Wire: A Field Guide to Passive Reconnaissance and Indirect Attacks
  26. Aug 25 A flaw in the child porn witch-hunt
  27. Aug 16 Internet Stability, Security Must Be Maintained, U.S. Says
  28. Aug 09 Steve Coll, Susan B. Glasser and Julie Tate Terrorists Turn to the Web as Base of Operations
  29. Aug 08 compiled by CCRC Computer crime: Malware Quarterly Report, PandaLabs
  30. Jul 29 CCRC staff Computer crime: the most significant case
  31. Jul 21 The true cost of computer crime
  32. Jul 19 CyberArk Computer crime: Data breaches
  33. Jul 18 David Bank and Riva Richmond Where the Dangers Are
  34. Jun 29 Vladimir Golubev Fighting cybercrime in CIS: strategy and tactics
  35. Jun 09 Protect your Mobile Workers from Wireless Hotspot Phishing
  36. Jun 03 Jaikumar Vijayan We have stopped 96% of all the attacks on Microsoft
  37. Jun 03 Vladimir Golubev Credit card frauds, an interview with Vladimir Golubev
  38. May 23 Kapinus O.V., Mihailov I.Y. Smart-cards research as a part of computer-technical expertise
  39. May 16 Tony Krone, PhD A typology of online child pornography offending
  40. May 11 U.S. Cyber-Crime Unit Focuses on Russian Hackers
  41. May 11 Mohamed Chawki A Critical Look at the Regulation of Cybercrime
  42. May 05 Bill Machrone Secure Instant Messaging
  43. Apr 29 Vladimir Golubev Criminal legal description of computer-facilitated crimes
  44. Apr 25 Ahmad Nasir Mohd Zin with Zahri Yunos How to make online banking secure
  45. Apr 25 Art Jahnke A hacker story
  46. Apr 25 Criminalization of computer wrongdoing prerequisite for combating computer crime
  47. Apr 21 Michele Derus Mortgage fraud takes heavy toll
  48. Apr 20 Tim Phillips Kevin Mitnick and the art of intrusion - Part 2
  49. Apr 16 Vladimir Golubev International cooperation in fighting cybercrime
  50. Apr 15 Carrie Kirby ONLINE CRIME: A Booming Business
  51. Apr 11 CCRC staff Fraud in the Internet
  52. Apr 11 Simon Moores Opinion: Is cybercrime unstoppable?
  53. Apr 06 Douglas Schweitzer Be Prepared for Cyberterrorism
  54. Mar 30 Michael Sisk A Phish Story
  55. Mar 25 Tim Phillips Kevin Mitnick and the art of intrusion - Part 1
  56. Mar 23 Gary Craig How dangerous are those who find pleasure in child porn?
  57. Mar 17 Robert Louis B. Stevenson Plugging the "phishing" hole: legislation versus technology
  58. Mar 16 Vladimir Golubev DoS attacks: crime without penalty
  59. Mar 14 Eric Beauchesne Spam losing inbox battle, polls suggest
  60. Mar 07 Rise in internet child porn arrests
  61. Mar 07 Nate Mook From MS Anti-Spam to Vaccines
  62. Mar 05 Judge Mohamed CHAWKI and Dr. Mohamed WAHAB Technology Is a Double-Edged Sword: Illegal Human Trafficking in the Information Age
  63. Feb 27 Arun Srinivasan Combating Cyberterrorism
  64. Feb 07 Nick Turse and Tom Engelhardt Resisting the Homeland Security State
  65. Feb 01 Marion Baillot Bribery greases terrorists' path
  66. Jan 22 Portsia Smith Local eBay seller has money, ID stolen online
  67. Jan 19 Vladimir Golubev Peculiarities Of The National Cyber Crime In Ukraine
  68. Jan 17 Robert B. Fried The Internet: A Breeding Ground for Online Pedophiles
  69. Jan 14 Chronicle Staff ON THE RECORD: Stratton Sclavos
  70. Jan 10 Trenton Albrecht Combating Computer Crime
  71. Jan 03 Computer crime: cyber fraud
  72. Jan 02 Vladimir Golubev Problems of counteraction to cybercrime and cyberterrorism in Ukraine
  73. Jan 02 Robert T DeMarco Kids get lesson on Internet predators

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