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Computer Crime Articles - 2002

  1. Natalya Akhtyrskaya The organized crime in sphere of information technologies
  2. Vladimir Golubev Struggle Against Cyberterrorism in modern conditions
  3. P.Berzin Bank Computer Crimes Classification
  4. Susan W. Brenner Brenner Articles
  5. I. Voronov The methods of determining the facts of modern special devices use by criminal groups in Internet
  6. Vivienne Fisher E-Terrorism: An online war?
  7. Robert Lemos Cyberterrorism: The real risk
  8. David Canton Legislation targets cybercrime
  9. Vasiliy Polivanjuk Criminal characteristic of crimes committed in the banking system by using up-to-date information technologies
  10. Vladimir Golubev Cyberterrorism as the new form of terrorism
  11. Andrey Belousov Plastic Payment Means Crimes: their Classification and Characteristic
  12. Natalya Akhtyrskaya The situational analysis of informatization development and the organized crime in Ukraine
  13. A. Sńhetilov Some problems of cyber crime and cyber terrorism fighting
  14. A. Shatalov , A. Parhomenko Cybercrimes' Criminalistics Charakteristic
  15. Dr. Stanislav L. Kataev Criminalistic and social aspects cyber criminality
  16. Dr. Mudawi Mukhtar Protecting Digital Information
  17. Vladimir Golubev Computer crime fighting problems
  18. Andrey Belousov Safety problems in the field of plastic cards use
  19. Vasiliy Polivanjuk Special knowledge in the criminal cases investigation on computer crimes
  20. Natalya Akhtyrskaya The classification of plastic cards crimes fulfillment mechanism
  21. Vladimir Golubev Criminological crime characteristic in the sphere of computer technology use
  22. Vladimir Golubev It is necessary to think of computer criminality counteraction today – tomorrow will be late
  23. Michael Vatis Can the U.S. Investigate a Cyber Attack?
  24. Matthew Devost, Brian Houghton, Neal Pollard Information Terrorism: Can You Trust Your Toaster?
  25. Pamela Griner Cybercrimes
  26. Pavel Berzin The Investigations Peculiarities of the Plunders Made with Counterfeit Bank Payment Cards Use
  27. Michael Singer Feds Launch CHIP To Fight Cyber Crime
  28. David Icove, Karl Seger, William VonStorch Fighting Computer Crime
  29. Vasiliy Polivanjuk Bank activity’s bases concerning automation of electronic payments
  30. Natalya Akhtyrskaya Crimes classification in the sphere of computer technologies as individual and pesthole
  31. Andrey Belousov Plastic Card as the Payment Tool at Clearing Settlements in Ukraine
  32. Vladimir Golubev The computer information as the proof on criminal case
  33. Vladimir Golubev The Justice Questions of Cyber Crime
  34. Vladimir Golubev, Alexander Golovin Problems of Iinvestigation of Crimes in the Field of Banking Computer Systems
  35. Vladimir Golubev Initial investigating actions related to detecting cyber crimes
  36. Greg Taylor The Council of Europe Cybercrime Convention
  37. Michael Morgenstern The Truths of Cyber-Terrorism
  38. Vikki Spencer Cyber Terrorism: Mass Destruction or Mass Disruption?
  39. Kevin Poulsen Lamo bumped from NBC after hacking them
  40. Bryan Robinson Taking a Byte Out of Cybercrime Evolving Crime
  41. John Leyden OECD updates network security guidelines
  42. Scott Charney, Kent Alexander Computer Crime
  43. Robyn Greenspan Cyberterrorism Concerns IT Pros
  44. Jay Lyman NIPC Asks for Help on Cyber Alerts
  45. Peter K. Yu What Businesses Should Know About Cyberterrorism
  46. Barton Gellman Cyber-Attacks by Al Qaeda Feared
  47. Matt Caterinicchia Training targets computer crimes
  48. Jeanne Albanese On-line violence often teen vs. teen
  49. David H. Freedman What eBay Isn't Telling You
  50. Sharon Gaudin Social Engineering: The Human Side Of Hacking
  51. Sharon Gaudin Tough Computer Crime Bill Clears Hurdle
  52. Paul Desmond Experts Warn of Cyber Terrorist Attacks
  53. Jack Karp Is computer-generated child porn really child porn? What could be a landmark battle makes its way to the Supreme Court
  54. Jaikumar Vijayan Experts predict major cyberattack coming
  55. Dan Verton Bill with tougher penalties on cybercriminals passes House
  56. Mudawi Mukhtar Computer Crime: The New Threat
  57. Andy McCue UK still not reporting cyber crime
  58. Chris Duque Cyber Crime Tips
  59. Sarah Granger Social Engineering Fundamentals, Part II: Combat Strategies
  60. Sarah Granger Social Engineering Fundamentals, Part I: Hacker Tactics
  61. Matt Berger FBI: Cybersecurity is priority No. 3
  62. Stephen Holcroft Incident Analysis of a Compromised RedHat Linux 6.2 Honeypot
  63. Peter Bylenchuk Organized transnational computer crime: the global problem of the third millenium

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