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Computer Crime Articles - 2001

  1. Advisor Radar How Pervasive Is Cyber-Crime?
  2. Bob Balzer Two in Reserve: A Policy for Countering Cyber-Terrorism
  3. James E. Just Some Useful Capabilities in Countering Cyber Terrorism
  4. Walter Tirenen White Paper for a Strategic Cyber Defense Concept: Deterrence Through Attacker Identification
  5. David Penfold Cybber Crime and Human Rights
  6. Chetan Nagendra Cyber Crime - It Could Happen to You
  7. Barry C. Collin The Future of CyberTerrorism: Where the Physical and Virtual Worlds Converge
  8. Mark M. Pollitt CyberTerrorism - Fact or Fancy?
  9. Vladimir Golubev The Training of Experts in Investigation of Computer Crimes
  10. Elena Kupriaschina (CCPRC's expert) Fraud in Internet - The Ways of Solution
  11. Phil Williams Organized Crime and Cybercrime: Synergies, Trends, and Responses
  12. Terrance Roebuck Packet-level Denial of Service Attacks
  13. Steve Gibson. The strange tale of the Denial of service
  14. Susan Brenner Is There Such a Thing as "Virtual Crime"?
  15. Vladimir Golubev Using of computer systems accountability technologies in the fight against cyber crimes
  16. Vladimir Golubev Peculiarities of investigating cyber crimes
  17. Vladimir Golubev Business trip to the USA by the Ukrainian researchers(Part II) ...
  18. Vladimir Golubev Business trip to the USA by the Ukrainian researchers(Part I) ...
  19. Vladimir Golubev, Vladislav Gavlovsky, Vitaly Cimbaluk . Security Information: problems of struggle with crimes in sphere of usage the computer technologists .– Zaporozhye.–“Prosvita”, 2001.-257p.

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