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Computer Crime Articles - 2003

  1. Vasiliy Polivanjuk Computer Crime: New Kind of Professional Crime
  2. Andrey Belousov Software Legalization in Ukraine
  3. Vladimir Golubev Criminals in Computer Related Crimes
  4. Jack M. Germain Computer Viruses and Organized Crime
  5. Natalia Akhtyrskaja Criminalistic Analysis in Computer Crime Investigation
  6. Fighting the worms of mass destruction
  7. Questions for CCRC Director Asked and Answered
  8. Vasiliy Polivanjuk Interrogation of Suspects in Investigating Computer Crime
  9. Andrey Belousov Information Resources Security
  10. Timofey Saytarly Fighting Child pornography
  11. Vladimir Golubev Criminal and Legal Aspects of Fighting Computer Crime
  12. Questions for DoJ IP Attorneys Asked and Answered
  13. Crime Victimization About the Same as Last Year
  14. Vasiliy Polivanjuk Legal Problems of Information Security
  15. Vladimir Golubev Computer Information Is an Object of Legal Relationship
  16. Natalia Akhtyrskaja Secret Search in Fighting Cybercrime
  17. Kevin Coleman Cyber Terrorism
  18. A.J. Surin To catch a cybercriminal
  19. No State is capable of opposing cybercrime without help today
  20. Andrey Belousov Legal aspects of e-commerce
  21. Vladimir Golubev Some problems of investigating cybercrimes
  22. Natalia Akhtyrskaja Manners of misappropriation in the bank computer systems
  23. Vladimir Golubev Interview: "No State is capable of opposing cybercrime without help today"
  24. Vladimir Golubev Interview: Computer Crime Research Center director Vladimir Golubev
  25. Vladimir Golubev Cyberterrorism as a new form of terrorism
  26. Vladimir Golubev Plastic cards in Ukraine – fraud classification
  27. Timofey Saytarly, Vladimir Golubev Typical schemes of outflow of capital and money laundering in Ukraine
  28. Vasiliy Polivanjuk Cybercrime criminological researches
  29. Natalia Akhtyrskaja Fighting crimes committed in the bank computer systems
  30. Andrey Korotkov “Computer war” FBI vs. Russian Federal Security Service
  31. Andrey Belousov Government regulating Information Technologies
  32. Mikhael Gutsaluk Fighting Cybercrimes
  33. Vladimir Golubev Computer information has to be protected as a proprietary
  34. Vitaliy Nomokonov Vladivostok Organized Crime Research Center
  35. Andrey Belousov Some aspects of investigating computer crimes
  36. Vasiliy Polivanjuk Ways of committing information technology crimes in the banking system of Ukraine
  37. Howard Schmidt The Interview
  38. Alexandr Baranov Digital Legislation
  39. Vladimir Golubev Fighting computer crimes in Ukraine
  40. Vasiliy Polivanjuk Legal expertise in investigating cybercrime
  41. Vladimir Golubev Computer Crime Research Center: two years in fighting cybercrime!
  42. Andrey Belousov Features of investigating copyright and related right infringements
  43. Natalia Akhtyrskaja Typical inquiry situations and expert ways of their settlement
  44. Vasiliy Polivanjuk Some questions of specialists’ involvement into computer crime investigation
  45. Natalia Akhtyrskaja Concept of “information monitoring” should be fixed in Ukraine’s Criminal Code
  46. Vladimir Golubev Tactical Features of Inquiry Actions at Computer Crime Investigation
  47. Alex Dyatlov Authorizations of data transit between interconnected networks
  48. Andrey Belousov Criminalistics Characteristic of Crimes Connected to Copyrights
  49. Timofey Saytarly Internet-security: interests should be balanced
  50. Remarks by Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge To the National Press Club
  51. David Canton Cyber attacks a concern
  52. Dmitrie Chepchugov Chief of “K” department is interviewed on cyber-crimes
  53. Natalia Akhtyrskaja Improvement of Ukrainian Criminal Law in Fighting Cybercrimes
  54. Valeriy Cherkasov Information Technologies And Organized Crime
  55. Timofey Saytarly Homeland Security: National Critical Infrastructure Protection
  56. Vladimir Golubev Criminalistics Characteristic of Cybercrimes’ Committers
  57. Joan Quiglry Cyber-safety or cyber-snooping? Software shows parents what kids are doing online
  58. Richard Power How difficult is it to quantify the effects of cyber criminal activity?
  59. David Canton Internet filters pose challenge
  60. Kristy Westphal Steganography Revealed
  61. Andrey Belousov Software Legalization in Ukraine
  62. Vasiliy Polivanjuk Crimes' Criminalistics Characteristic
  63. Natalia Akhtyrskaja Problems of juvenile psychology of persons committing crimes in the sphere of information technology
  64. Natalia Akhtyrskaja Peculiarities of search tactics during investigation of computer crimes
  65. Vladimir Golubev Some questions of computer crimes investigation
  66. Richard Steinberger Proactive vs. Reactive Security
  67. Vasiliy Polivanjuk Some aspects of international counteraction to crimes committed by using information technologies
  68. Andrey Belousov Legal software in Ukraine: Problems of the making Computer piracy in Ukraine is prosecuted
  69. Vladimir Golubev On-Line Fraud
  70. Natalia Akhtyrskaja Forms of Counteracting the Cyber Crime Investigation
  71. Andrey Belousov Computer Piracy Fighting in Ukraine
  72. V. Bachila, V. Kozlov A High School Professional Training in Sphere of Computer Criminality Counteraction
  73. Vladimir Golubev New forms of the information exchange and arrangement of the interaction in fighting against transnational computer crimes
  74. Roman Gorbenko Computer piracy in Ukraine has become “cultured”
  75. Judge William H. Webster, Arnaud de Borchgrave Cyberterrorism and cyberwarfare thus become a plausible alternative
  76. Jack Karp A Novice Tries Steganography
  77. Andrey Belousov Recommendations and technique on prevention of plastic cards crimes
  78. Vasiliy Polivanjuk Prevention of Computer Crimes in Banking
  79. Zikun N.I., Maksimenko E.V., Zharov A.V. Security of information systems and problem of detecting computer crimes in the practical activities of the operative departments fighting against crimes in the field of intellectual property and high information technologies

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