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CCRC: The First Anniversary

On June 8, 2002 the Computer Crime Research Center celebrated the first anniversary since it has been opened (Crime-research org.) – the noncommercial research Internet project.

Briefly summing up what has been done over a year, Vladimir Golubev, CCRC’s Director and Candidate of Juridical Sciences, has addressed with a salutatory word to his colleagues – scientists, post-graduate students and students, and the all visitors of the site

“The project is first of all an exchange of ideas and information on fighting against computer crimes which are known to be borderless. One of the main lines of the Computer Crime Research Center activity is to explain the gravity of that social danger hidden in the cybercrimes which are assuming more and more transnational and organized character.

The annals of the CCRC’s history are very short – in April, 2001 we registered our domain name “Crime”, since June 8, 2001 we have started operating and late in June, 2001 the Center became a member of the National Cybercrime Training, Partnership project created under the US Justice Ministry patronage to exchange the experience and interact in the field of fighting against cybercrimes. At the beginning of 2002 we became equal in rights participants of the Russian Information Society Network program.

The main result of our activity is that we managed to establish a very useful cooperation in exchanging the scientific information with many interested organizations and Internet projects, create the electronic library constantly renewed with scientific publications, arrange teaching of the profession discipline “Technique of Computer Crime Investigation” on the basis of the Humanitarian University “Zaporozhye State and Municipal Administration Institute” (ZSMAI) and hold some international practical seminars and conferences in 2001-2002.

Our Center also set up a collective of volunteers consisting of scientists and practical workers, law enforcement body officials, experts in fighting against computer crimes and cyberterrorism. We have to work in uneasy conditions, so for example only 20 resources in 505 ones displayed on June 2, 2002 at>Computers>”Security and hacking” where can be found as well, dealt with security and others were presented by such typical titles as “Everything for hack-beginners”, “Hacker”, “Everything for lamers and hackers” and etc. Thus protection and attack ratio is 1 to 25 not in our favour and the given example is typical for the whole information network “Internet” where unfortunatelly the most relevant words are “hack”, “sex”.

On the results of 2001 the Internet project “Computer Crime Research Center” has got the winner diploma of the Ukrainian contest on the information technology security “IT-Bezpeka 2001” in the nomination “Information technology security web-sites”.

I would like to tell some special words of gratitude to the Center employees – Denis Pankratov, Technical Director, Michael Gutsaljuk (Ukraine President-based coordinating committee on fighting against corruption and organized crimes), Candidate of Juridical Sciences, Natalia Ahtyrskaya, senior lecturer at the Humanitarian university “ZSMAI” and Candidate of Juridical Sciences, Vitaly Kozlov, senior lecturer at the Byelorussia Academy of Ministry of Internal Affairs, and many other dear colleagues.

Summing up the activity of the Computer Crime Research Center for the first year I can safely ascertain that despite many still unresolved problems we have not spoiled before we span!

I wish sound health, good luck and creative successes to my colleagues, all the visitors of our web-site and those who are not indifferent to the computer crime problem!

Vladimir Golubev

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