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Computer Crime Articles 2004

  1. Dec 24 Russell G Smith Trends & issues in crime and criminal justice (Part II)
  2. Dec 13 Russell G Smith Trends & issues in crime and criminal justice
  3. Nov 23 2004: Year of the global malware epidemic - Top ten lessons
  4. Nov 22 Brian Krebs Phishing Feeds Internet Black Markets
  5. Nov 18 1 arrest in local burglaries
  6. Nov 15 How real is the threat of cyber terrorism?
  7. Nov 08 by James Jay Carafano, Ph.D., and Paul Rosenzweig Protecting Privacy and Providing Security: A Case of Sensible Outsourcing
  8. Nov 01 By Jim Kouri, CPP THE GLOBAL UNDERWORLD: Terrorists, Drug Traffickers and Organized Crime
  9. Oct 28 By Steven Branigan, Seth Fogie High-Tech Crimes Revealed: An Interview with Stephen Branigan
  10. Oct 26 Chris Goddard Rise up against globalisation of child porn
  11. Oct 12 Patrick Bellamy Interviewed by Patrick Bellamy
  12. Oct 11 Maya Babu, Mysore Grahakara Parishat What Is Cybercrime?
  13. Oct 09 Kathryn Kerr Putting cyberterrorism into context
  14. Oct 06 Robert B. Fried The Internet: A Breeding Ground for Online Pedophiles
  15. Oct 01 Andrey Belousov Significance of documentary evidence in cases of copyright and adjacent rights violations
  16. Sep 30 Vladimir Golubev Computer crimes in CIS countries
  17. Sep 30 Roberta Bragg Stopping Computer Crime, Part 2
  18. Sep 28 Dmitri Kramarenko Hackers or cyber-soldiers?
  19. Sep 28 Prepared Remarks of Attorney General John Ashcroft at the High Technology Crime Investigation Association 2004 International Training Conference
  20. Sep 27 Rajkumar Dubey India: Cyber Crimes “an unlawful act where in the computer is either a tool or a target or both” – In Indian Legal Perspective
  21. Sep 27 Louise I. Shelley Organized Crime, Terrorism and Cybercrime
  22. Sep 07 Victor Sabadash Planning and forecasting of the suppression of cybercrime
  23. Sep 01 Natalia Akhtyrskaya Ensuring the observance of civil rights while collecting of information using technical means
  24. Aug 31 Vladimir Golubev Cyberterrorism: concept, terms, counteraction
  25. Aug 30 Andrey Manoilo Methods of psychological warfare research
  26. Aug 21 Yvonne Gomez Singapore to implement national anti-terrorism strategy
  27. Aug 19 Denis Pankratov, Dmitri Kramarenko SMS spoofing - Q&A with CCRC staff
  28. Aug 13 Andrey Belousov Methods of evidence collecting and assigning in cases of copyright and adjacent rights violation
  29. Aug 05 Victor Sabadash Governmental Organizational Legal Measures to Protect Information Processes in Ukraine
  30. Aug 04 Eric Steven Raymond How To Become A Hacker
  31. Aug 02 Jonathan Peizer The Great Software Debate: Technology and Ideology
  32. Aug 02 Margaret A Healy Child pornography: an international perspective
  33. Jul 27 Natalya Aktyrskaya Technical and Legal Protection of Information
  34. Jul 20 Ben Wyld Cyberterrorism: fear factor
  35. Jul 20 Dmitri Kramarenko Phishing expedition
  36. Jul 19 Victor Sabadash Regulation of Social Information Legal Relations in Ukraine
  37. Jul 12 Andrey Belousov Definition of Computer Piracy, Carrying Out Expert Examination
  38. Jul 12 Vladimir Golubev Computer crime: threats and forecasts
  39. Jul 12 Patrick Bellamy JonBenet Ramsey - Exclusive Interview With Stephen Singular
  40. Jul 05 John Leyden Enforcement is key to fighting cybercrime
  41. Jul 03 Andrey Manoilo Psychological warfare management
  42. Jun 26 Natalya Akhtyrskaya Cryptographic Protection of Computer Information
  43. Jun 21 Gartner Group Inc. Phishing on the Rise
  44. Jun 16 Vladimir Golubev International Cooperation in Fighting Transnational Computer Crime
  45. Jun 09 Victor Sabadash Criminal Legal Description of Computer Crimes: Methods and Practice of Investigation
  46. Jun 09 John Blau, IDG News Service Viruses: From Russia, With Love?
  47. Jun 07 Dennis Fisher Fighting Back Against Cyber-Crime
  48. Jun 03 Andrey Manoilo State information-psychological warfare regulation
  49. Jun 01 Dennis Fisher Cyber-Cops Outgunned
  50. May 27 Natalya Akhtyrskaya Investigating Computer Crimes
  51. May 26 Peter McCutcheon Internet ushers in cyber crime age
  52. May 23 Andrey Belousov Organization of Information Security at Enterprises
  53. May 19 Brad Stone Soaking in Spam
  54. May 19 Vladimir Golubev E-Terrorism: problems of counteraction
  55. May 11 Andrey Manoilo Information psychological war
  56. May 07 What is a hacker?
  57. May 01 Victor Sabadash Subject of criminal activity in the sphere of computer technologies
  58. Apr 30 Lawrence Gordon, Robert Richardson Economics of Cybercrime
  59. Apr 27 Interview with the CCRC director
  60. Apr 26 The Council of Europe Cybercrime Convention
  61. Apr 23 Serge Krasavin, Ph.D. What is Cyber-terrorism?
  62. Apr 23 Natalya Akhtyrskaya Methods of proving guilt of suspects in cases of computer crimes
  63. Apr 19 Dr. Charles C. Palmer 'Hacking is a felony': Q&A with IBM's Charles Palmer
  64. Apr 19 Emmanuel Goldstein 'Hackers are necessary': Q&A with Emmanuel Goldstein of 2600: The Hacker's Quarterly
  65. Apr 19 Andrey Belousov Protection of Copyright and Adjacent Rights on the Net
  66. Apr 14 Vladimir Golubev, co-authored with M. Litvinov, S. Rogozin, E. Ryzhkov and others Activities of Criminal Investigative Units in the Sphere of Use of High Technologies: Organizational Tactical Basis
  67. Apr 13 Andrey Belousov Legal Control of Use of Internet Technologies
  68. Apr 09 Natalia Akhtyrskaya Collecting evidence while investigating computer crimes
  69. Apr 09 Robert Smith IT expert warns of cyber-crime threat
  70. Apr 08 Dr. Mudawi Mukhtar Elmusharaf Cyber Terrorism : The new kind of Terrorism
  71. Apr 07 Thomas Claburn Virtual Detective Tracks Scammers
  72. Apr 06 Victor Naumov Liability for computer crime in Russia
  73. Apr 06 George Negus Internet and crimes
  74. Apr 05 Victor Sabadash A Latency of Computer Crimes
  75. Apr 01 Michael Sasso Web Fraud Stings Couple
  76. Mar 18 Vladimir Golubev Criminalistic description of interference with work of computers without right
  77. Mar 16 Vladimir Golubev Problems of counteraction to computer crimes and cyber terrorism
  78. Mar 10 Judge Mohamed Chawki The Digital Evidence in the Information Era
  79. Mar 06 Victor Sabadash IT and organized crime
  80. Mar 04 Vladimir Golubev Criminal and Legal Aspects of Fighting Computer Crime
  81. Feb 16 John Thompson SYMANTEC CORP. On the record: John Thompson
  82. Feb 15 Vladimir Golubev Information protection in automated systems
  83. Feb 13 Victor Sabadash Criminalization of socially dangerous actions in high tech field
  84. Feb 12 Michael Smirnov Technology of counteraction to falsification of credit cards
  85. Feb 06 Guardian Unlimited Footprints on the disk
  86. Feb 02 Anna Mayorova 2003 year - the beginning of a new civil cyberwar
  87. Feb 02 James Thompson Cyber crime crackdown
  88. Jan 29 Vasili Polivanyuk Some aspects of international counteraction to crimes committed by using information technologies
  89. Jan 27 Andrey Belousov Problems of Software Market in Ukraine
  90. Jan 26 Looking at Cyberlaw
  91. Jan 25 Cyberterror: Clear and present danger or phantom menace?
  92. Jan 16 Victor Sabadash Criminalization of socially dangerous actions in high tech field
  93. Jan 16 Vladimir Golubev Computer Crime Typology
  94. Jan 15 Kim Tae-gyu Hackers Crack Cyberspace
  95. Jan 15 Maxim Serkov Swindlers caught red-handed suspected in stealing 0,5 million dollars
  96. Jan 12 Anna Mayorova 2003 year – the beginning of a new civil cyberwar
  97. Jan 09 Vladimir Golubev Computer Crime Typology

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