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What is a hacker?

Date: May 07, 2004
Source: DevNull.Phreak2000

There are hundreds of definitions of hackers, crackers, phreaks, script kiddies, and any other name use to social classify those that live, work, and play in the underground. Just like punk, goth, jock, and emo, these classifications are used by the general public to put a state of thought into a neat little box so that the moral majority can better understand that which they have no real interest in than to bash it or to say how wrong it may or may not be.

Some say a hacker is someone that obtains access to a system without authorization for no other reason than to gain knowledge and to know they can do it. A cracker to most is a hacker that destroys everything they can possibly get their hands on. Phreaks are hackers but uses telephony as their playground. A script kiddy would be a person that uses scripts that hackers write to easier gain access to systems using the exploits they have previously found without the wanting or need to actually learn how and why it works. Those are all definitions that I just came up with off the top of my head.

Do you fall into any of these classifications? If so, you’re an idiot. Why do you wish to fall into a definition that I came up with, am I so important to your ego that you will do anything that I tell you? Or act in a way I suggest you should? If your answer is yes, I personally suggest taking a short jump off a tall building, you serve no purpose to me, or the rest of the world that I in many ways more enlightened than you. Megalomaniac? Perhaps, but it’s the truth.

I remember when I first got into the so called hacking scene. Back when the internet was traveled by the very few and far between, back when there was no difference between hackers, crackers, and so on. We all had our reasons, we believed in our reasons, and the single, simple, and only reason was because it was something we wanted to do. You wanted to be malicious? Fine, go for it, don’t get caught. You wanted to learn? Great, good, whatever, who gives a shit, just do it instead of talking about it.

I am personally sick of seeing hundreds of follow the leader children fresh out of Jr. High School getting their hands on some remote admin utility such as NetBus and calling themselves a hacker. Its saddening, but most importantly its pathetic. But I suppose that is what most of you live for, what is cool, what someone else says you should be.

But welcome to America, the land of the free time, ruled by the popular student body‚Ķ yes, in my mind, American’s are just a bunch of idiots that never mentally graduated from high school. “Well if you don’t like America than why don’t you move!” No, I pay the fucking taxes here, I deal with your idiotic governing system every fucking day, I have every god damn right to tell you than you’re all a bunch of dolts. Free speech doesn’t protect the speech you like, it protects what you don’t want to hear. Don’t like it? Move.

Stereotypes, social classifications, whatever you wish to call them, they are not pert of my world, nor have they ever been. Act the way you want, do what you want to do, and welcome yourself to the real world around you. Now I know what you’re going to say; “But Lucid! You make fun of people and classify people all the time!.” You’re right, I do, why? Because I want to fucking do it and not a soul on gods forsaken earth could stop me from doing it. Its my choice, and if you wish to put me into some stupid fucking classification you may, but more than likely, you’re wrong, you always are.

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