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Discussion : What is a hacker?

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2009-01-10 04:31:09 -

2008-02-15 08:16:17 -
Hackers are some kind of people who don`t like standart rules and whants to make their world more fantasy, they have they another world with another rules.

2008-01-17 21:33:29 -
Who can tell me about HACKERS?

2005-09-24 21:30:43 -
what is computer crime?

2005-08-26 21:47:25 -
A hacker is someone who build things, while you are prouble talking about a cracker (don't get offended, it computer lingo, not meant as a racial slur) is someone who breaks things. As in when you hear about computer hackers on the news, they are really talking about crackers. You can find this out if you have every looked up what a hacker is on the internet ask them what a hacker is and you'll find out what i mean, if you don't understand.

2005-06-26 12:00:22 -
Well for me hacking is a master of programs.I realy idol those people who is a master of programing

2005-03-08 19:04:08 - #1hacker
i think hackers are people who need a life!!!!

2005-03-08 19:02:15 - candy
hackers are people who still!but you know everyone has their own thing they want to do weather its still or playing sports or getting a job to buy your own stuff

2005-02-28 22:51:30 - anlino
great text. Everybode thinks that a hacker is someone who destroys anything they get their hands on, that they are the one making the world driven into wars and so on. Bull-shit!

2004-12-07 17:01:03 -
well to my athoritie the termenonly to a hacker is the substanical amount of crap in computers,watch the movie hackers its pretty good, my weekend was pretty boring . i am in school now, anyone ever play need for speed underground 2 for ps2 its awesome, yeah i guess it.

2004-12-07 16:59:04 -

2004-12-07 16:55:15 -
Yah my definition of a hacker is someone who breaks into someones computer and stealing data. Thats right.
I feel they should be stopped

2004-12-07 16:54:51 -
Yah my definition of a hacker is someone who breaks into someones computer and stealing data. Thats right.

2004-07-08 15:27:23 -
Being that I am American, I feel that I have the right to express my own personal opinion of any topic I see fit.

It pains me to see that you three seem to display the combined IQ of a four year old.. congrats.

Who posted this here anyways?

2004-06-07 05:34:41 -
If i didn't haft to do a project on one of these articles i wouldn't be back. After i do this article , i won't be. I know you don't care and oh well, whatever, i don't either. Kiss my American Ass

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