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Discussion : A new online fraud, beware!

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2009-10-15 12:24:05 - took my money and never sent my things, just like everyone else. I went through paypal when I paid, so I'm hoping to get my money back. I cannot believe that this site is still operating if it's been stealing money from people since 2006. Isn't there any way that we can stop these people? Is there any government agency we can report them to? How do other fraudulent sites get shut down?

2009-08-25 23:43:06 -
i wish i knew about this site before i ordered from they need to be shut down. like others have said.. they dont respond to emails, take your money, and dont ship the items. this is messed up.

2009-06-27 16:56:48 -

You should contact your bank's fraud department to dispute the charge that Hotwire charged you. If you have all to documentations to support the claims, your bank should be able to reverve the charge. Otherwise, you may want to contact a consumer fraud attorney, many of whom will take the case on a contingency basis provided that you have a strong claim.

Chicago Lawyer

2008-09-16 08:25:00 -

2008-08-05 15:57:08 -
Hotwire charged my bank account for a flight I did not authorize. I did call them to complain about thier pricing scam online. It doubles the price after it gets all your information, I was not charged double the price, however I was charged 465.50 and didnt even know it. It had to be the Hotwire Rep that I called.

2008-06-23 17:28:29 - is in Seattle. I just called and spoke to a (west coast accest) person. I used the 206 area code.

is connected in anyway with the scam you are talking about?

2008-05-19 11:12:31 -
I used there service last June and had no troubles. Got the tickets just fine.

2008-05-16 23:29:49 -
Hi everyone.. I am a little bit confused.. Are you guys talking about JUSTFARES.COM, or JUST-FARES.COM, or JUST-FARES.NET, or JUSTFARES.NET ???

BEcause I have been using JUSTFARES.COM and they were not scamming me.. (At least not 3 years ago when I was using it). but now I am purchasing tickets $3000 for 2 persons, and I paid already today and havent got the e-tickets yet like he told me he would send me in half-hour after the payment. So.. you got me really worry... Which website is that you guys are talking about? Please let me know....


2008-05-16 12:30:17 -
I was taken in by too! Thankfully not for a ton of money ($55.29) however, after repeated unanswered emails to SurpriseHim and Sunshop (the online merchant they use I guess) I noticed my credit card began to get hit with random odd charges that thankfully my bank canceled without incident. Though I had to cancel that card to get the charges to stop, its ridiculous to think that with all these previous acts of fraud that this site still exists. Hopefully there'll be a way for us to get the site down and get reimbursed as well.

2008-04-28 09:36:24 - Robert Obear
I am responding to the travel website set up illegally in my name. I am also a victim of fraud. I tried to purchase airline tickets at a really great rate and the sale would not go through. Apparently they got my personal info and set it as the owner of the site. I tried to follow up with the local and state police but got no assistance from either. Sorry to all those who feel I wronged them, but it wasn't me.

Robert Obear

2007-10-24 12:54:00 -
Just started to purchase airline tickets from Attempted to pay with Discover Card, was advised there was a $45.00 surcharge for people using that card and they asked if I had another card. I provided them with BOA credit card number..they then said I would receive a form to complete and that I should return that along with a copy of my credit that point, I refused and advised them that I would purchase my tickets from another business. However, the person has my credit card number. I called both discover and BOA and advised them of this and will watch my BOA account very carefully over the next few months..BEWARE///I do not know if it is a scam...but,I have never been asked to send a copy of my credit card to anyone before and am taking it as a danger signal. thank you.

2007-03-17 03:32:14 -
The Justfares site is still up and going and completely professional! We just have a bid from them--and now I'm reading it's a scam...SO really, seriously, it's a scam? It's so sad--cause they are so cheap!

Anyone else to recommend on round the world tickets?

2007-03-09 17:02:38 -
Don't order from, they charged my credit card and didn't ship the items. They won't answer any emails.

2006-12-05 09:58:20 -
I cant believe it, i've been scammed.....
This site is still up and running, you can still order goods now - they are fraudsters i cant understand why this hasn't been closed down.
These people are verified with paypal and verisign so how can they continue trading and stealing peoples money.
I used my bank card as i knew the whole thing could be traced with that and now i'm being told that if i'd used a credit card then ok no problem i could maybe get it back but because i've used my debit card then no chance. You guys have posted in july 06 about these people and still in december 06 they're in business still.
What on earth is going on, if i did this i'd have been closed down why are they allowed to get away with it.
Sorry but i'm very angry at all this and right before christmas, well i sure hope that have a nice christmas and an intresting new year.

2006-10-28 22:15:00 -
Add me to the "" fraud list.

a month ago I ordered something from "". The funds were credited to "" (SH) shortly thereafter.

I have written to "" four times. Each of my emails going unanswered.

I am emailing every website that appears to be an affiliate of "SH" informing them of "SH"s blatant lack of servive and theft.

Thank you for you attention to this matter.

Tony Nadino

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