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Discussion : A new online fraud, beware!

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2006-07-13 11:53:35 -
Permission to come aboard. Yep, I did it too. is a scam. I got taken for $477.

I tried to stop payment through my bank and they said no since I authorized it. They told me that the $$ went to Western Union. WU stopped the transaction (destined for Bulgaria). Just maybe we did it in time.
I have filed with IC3 and FTC at the following links:
FTC -$com.main?p_lang_seq=1
IC3 -
Thanks to all, especially Tina & Elle for the links.

Check this out:

There was an error processing your payment with reference number 9059355996. Your card has been accidently overcharged by our billing system. The amount has been credited back automatically and the card
payment has been cancelled. Due to this recent system error we are
currently unable to accept any online transactions. At the moment we
still hold your tickets for the same price. Please complete your
payment by a wire transfer to our bank account listed below:

Bank Name: Raiffeisen Bank
Account name: Martin Michev
Account Number: 12-099-297
Bank code: 32000
SWIFT/Routing Number: RLNWATWW
IBAN(for direct payments within EU): AT53 320000 0012099297 Bank Branch Details: 1010 Vienna, Seilergasse 8, Austria Wire transfer comment field: etix9059355996

Our company is going to cover all bank transfer fees, so please mark
this option when filling the payment form. Thanks in advance for

You can then track your status by going to:

and use this key - 8f739bb85d93af56aba2ee238bf3bb06 .
The system will refresh your info automatically in a few
hours, as soon as we receive the payment.

Thanks for chosing our services!

Best Regards,
Monica staff

2006-07-13 11:33:58 - nbe
oh no i feel like the worlds biggest dork....should have done my research. i think i might just have lost 500 bucks to, my 'eticket' is supposedly going to be sent to me in a few hours (for the third time). i will file a complaint with the site, and any other place i find to report this. does anyone know if i have any real legal recourse? or am i just plain out of luck? man i'm angry, but glad to see that perhaps others will be forewarned.

2006-07-13 09:13:47 -
So we are not the only ones. We just (last week 7/6/06) got scammed by Same rountine that everyone else is reporting. WU caught the transaction and stopped payment thankfully!!! You will be covered by both your bank and WU for reimbursement, it takes some time and it's a pain but we did get all our money back. I emailed "Monica" from the webpage with some strong language and she emailed me back, "Jessica, Please calm down." and that was it. She also emailed a few days after that saying, " we have not received payment yet, please wire the money to some bank in austria". I told her she was a crack head and I was going to make every effort to stop them!!! I believe in Karma and their time will come.

2006-07-13 02:25:35 -
I have filed a report with WWW.IC3.GOV - I REALLY encourage you other victims to do the same. IF there is volume IC3 might give this special attention and shut this outfit down. Hopefully INTERPOL would get involved sooner rather than later.

2006-07-13 01:27:21 - stupid
Well I have joined everyone else and just lost $2000.0 for "buying" air tickets on I am so annoyed and feel so stupid!I wired the money to Austria to Martin Michev

What can be done?

2006-07-12 00:11:49 - Janis just took me for 400.00. In one of several live chats they said that they have offices in NY and TX. I was given both numbers. The one in TX doesn't work at all and the NY number is always busy unless you pretend that you are intrested in buying and want their phone number. This only worked once though. I had instant messaging conversation via their live chat after I found out that they were a scam. They basically admitted that they were a fraud and if those just-fares bastards are reading this (and I hope that you are) I want you to know that I am going to report you to everyone that i can untill you are caught. PLEASE DONT BUY FROM JUST-FARES.NET THEY ARE A SCAM AND THEY WILL STEAL FROM YOU.

2006-07-11 16:02:12 - tina
To report the fraud Google suggested:
"You can take action by alerting
the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), which handles complaints about
deceptive or unfair business practices. To file a complaint, visit$.startup?Z_ORG_CODE=PU01, call
1-877-FTC-HELP, or write to:

Federal Trade Commission
Washington, D.C. 20580

If your complaint is against a company in a country other than the United
States, you can file it at"

2006-07-11 10:27:07 -
My wife and I got scammed - we're usually very good on seeing fraudulent mails etc but this site is VERY good at faking you out. DO NOT DEAL WITH THESE PEOPLE. We lost about $1700 and will be asking our bank to do a trace. We will also report them to IC3.GOV as the person below suggested. In addition to the sponsored link suggestion by Google (see below) Google also suggested reporting this site to the FTC. We also had to cancel our credit card - fortunately no charges had been put on it. Have also been monitoring our bank account just in case. I did a Google on Martin Bichev (the guy on the wire account) - came up with him being associated with Travel Agency BETZ in Bulgaria. Best to let the IC3 folks take care of it - I hope they have good relations with INTERPOL to nail these people.

2006-07-11 01:55:12 - K
Oh my gosh! I wished that I read this before the same happened to me as to all of you! Now I'm worried about my identity. I just cancelled my credit card but there weren't any charges. I'm so mad. I would like to report this but how do I go about it?

2006-07-10 23:46:30 -
I almost lost money. Within 5 minutes of the suspicious processing screen I was on the phone with my bank. $737 US had been Western Unioned to Bulgaria witout my consent or knowledge. Then today I got an email.

"We did not receive your payment yet. Please log-in to
the 'My Stuff' section of our website and complete your
payment for departure date 08/17/2006. At this
moment we still hold your ticket at the same price.

You can then track your status by going to:

and use this key - 40b0031dc...............
The system will refresh your info automatically in a few
hours, as soon as we receive the payment.

Thanks for chosing our services!

Best Regards,
Monica staff"

The nerve!
I cancelled my cash card and called WU to let them know of the scam.
What else can we do??

2006-07-10 21:28:14 - tina
I contacted Google to remove from its sponsored links.

2006-07-10 21:16:19 - tina
I reported to Google. Here is what they recommended: "If the site in question appeared as a sponsored link, please
report this at Search
results display on the left side of our results page; sponsored links
appear on the right and in the colored box at the top.

2006-07-09 16:48:12 -
BEWARE "" tried to scam me out of $1400. Stay away from this site. It appears very inticing and friendly but it is very dangerous. I had to cancel my credit card and put a fraud alert on all 3 of the major credit information companies.

2006-07-09 00:13:39 -
Does anyone have experience with "

2006-07-08 16:25:05 -
please excuse my terrible spelling and inability to finish my sentence. I am just so frustrated that the site is allowed to continue business!

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