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Discussion : A new online fraud, beware!

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2006-08-30 17:56:15 -
So, did anyone of you get their money back? I did not, I tried everything...I made a report, I talked to a lawer, no chance. That can't be true that some people can make money that easily? May I ask you how much money you transfered to this account?
I still can't belive it!!

2006-08-16 16:29:27 -
i ordered a fer products from the money has been taken out of my account... when i sign on to that site it says i never ordered anything from them... i have e-mailed them 6 times with no reply from them at all... yes a few of the e-mails were a tad mean because i have grown tired of dealing with the matter and no response at all from them... i wrote them another email earlier today explaining to them exaxtly what i was about to do and they still have not replied.... do NOT order from them... i WILL b having this matter looked into by the law and my bank.

2006-08-06 15:18:42 -
I tried to purchase two airline tickets from All seemed to go well until the next day.....I received an email saying my credit card was overcharged......they put the money back but another online transaction could not take place. They wanted me to wire the price of the two tickets to a bank accound in Vienna......I certainly didn't do that and emailed them back but never heard another word. My brothers and I thought it might be a hoax and evidently it was. Live and learn. No money was charged to my credit card and that was the end of it.
Lynne Hunter

2006-08-06 09:33:55 -
I booked a ticket from Germany to the US 2 weeks ago with "ticketsubmit". I transfered the money to Austria like they told me. Now this website has been closed for abuse. I am searching for a way to get my money back. Is there a chance?

2006-08-04 12:53:04 -
BEWARE of ……….I also got scammed on 7/28/06. I called talked with my bank but it was to late. I Filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and with People beware of this site.. I Agree with each and everyone of you “IF it’s to good to be true than it isn’t for real” I should have stayed with my inter voice that says’ STAY AWAY” but as they say hind sight is 20 20....So just BEWARE of this site……

2006-08-01 12:11:45 - the Weable
They don't work anymore
Isn't that a shame...

2006-07-31 14:07:48 -
I almost got scamed by thanks to my credit card company they notified me before any money was sent to them. please beware of

2006-07-27 20:50:22 - ks
BEWARE!!!!! BEWARE!!!! This company is also now selling tickets on the Net at
Same thing.....wire transfer.....emails from "Monica"...
DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS FRAUDULANT SITE.....I have reported them to everyone possible - stay away from them.

2006-07-27 14:21:43 - Mary
I was scammed by this same company almost 2 weeks ago.

I refused to let my bank tell me no and I am going to be getting my money back that I had lost. After I found out the company was fraud, I called my bank and put a recall on the wire I had sent out. I then filed a claim for any fraudulant activity and had them investigate into this company and my purchase. After a week of calling my bank everyday and getting no information on the investigation or my money, I called today and pushed until I got what I wanted. I spoke to the branch manager of the bank I had placed the wire in until he called Wire Services. According to wire services, my money was being held in suspension until the Austrian bank signed a release to send it back to me. My next step to call that bank and push them until they sign the release and my money can be refunded.

Keep trying and keep calling. I really hope everyone else who got scammed can get their money back, especially those of you who had spent thousands of dollars.

2006-07-23 16:35:17 -
My B/friend and I got scammed $1050 US bucks from And yes! Monica was of course the name of our rather "helpful" cusomer service rep.

Rather embarrasing AND not to mention expensive experience!!! I contacted police here in Australia, the Min. of Fair Trading and registered the scam and also tried to stop the funds - too late. So I decided to contact the couple of overseas banks that were receiving these stolen funds and atleast one got back to me. I decided to pass on all the information before the site shut down completely to these banks and asked them to do what they could by passing it on to their authorities. Whether they did or not is another story, but it was worth a try to stop other people from being caught up in it. Nasty lesson to learn, but we eventually got a ticket through a more reputable travel agent.

We should have listed to our gut feeling (like we were going to) but like to old saying goes - if it's too good to be true, it probably is!!!!! :(

2006-07-22 11:01:13 - tonya
thanks guys reading these messages haas prevented me from ordering flights from prices seemed way too cheap so i did some digging and came to this site.SORRY FOR ALL YOUS THAT GO SCAMMED

2006-07-22 01:54:53 - karen has also been closed for abuse.

2006-07-22 01:00:49 -
hey everyone!
I lost 300$ buying tickets from
Also the same name Monica and The wire transfer that I made hoping to get cheap tickets it took me 5 hours sitting on the computer and trying to find cheap tickets and to save some money.But now Im losing even more!Im very sad!Please Lets think how to get our money back because people lost 4-6 thousands dollars in their cases and Now we have to suffer?

2006-07-21 05:09:00 - has been closed for abuse.

2006-07-20 18:49:17 -
I was just on the the website . It is the same exact web page as Just-Fares.Net. BEWARE!!!! They are running the same scam watch out for

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