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Discussion : A new online fraud, beware!

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2006-07-03 02:01:58 -
phew I was almost buying tickets from ticketsaver

2006-07-01 10:34:42 -
i purchesed a ticket from and they took money off our credit card and now want me to wire some money to austria. gave me information where to send. I refused to send any money and they emailed saying they are holding this ticket. Where can I file a complaint and why arn't these people stopped. The credit card company says i have to wait until the transaction is complete and then cancel the card. I can't believe i was so stupid and did not read into this scam before it was to late. should I report them to the better business bureau right away or maybe the federal goverment or fbi or maybe all of the above. These people need to be stopped, before they rip off someone else. Please respond

2006-06-30 03:21:29 -
tnx guys, i was about to press "submit" but got suspicious and google it. you spared me a lot of trouble.

2006-05-24 16:26:40 -

2006-05-17 03:12:23 - Paul
Thanks to your advice i did not get caught. I was suspicious as their airfares were around 30% cheaper than anyone else. I managed to contact their live help and asked if i could buy tickets from the UK. They replied that I could but would have to make a bank wire transfer to their European bank account or pay online. When I asked why I could not pay by credit card and if they could verify if they were genuine I got no further reply. They do not answer their contact phone numbers.

2006-05-13 16:50:36 -
My dad was trying to purchase a ticket from and they took his cc info. and charged $240 5 times! He called the cc co. and they told him to call back on Monday, has anyone else experienced this?

2006-05-12 14:22:58 -
Just like Mr. Morgan before me, I went through this EXACT process with My credit card co even called me to ask if I authorized the transaction! But, I could not cancel it at that time and I will have to pursue a dispute.
They ( can not be contacted by phone, always busy. I finally got them on a chat for support and they cancelled my order, however, I don't think they really were making any orders, just taking money! Once they asked for my SSN to make the CC purchase, I said NO WAY. Now I have to get reissued CC's and I am too, worried about further identity problems.

What REALLY gets me, is that I knew once I saw the web site that it "might" not be legit, but I went ahead anyway. What the hell was I thinking? Just stick with Expedia or Travelocity people!

2006-05-10 19:21:01 -
BEWARE OF JUST-FARES.NET!!! This site is a fraud and I almost fell for it. The things that got me suspicious are; the Itenary Flight schedule is cheesy looking, the credit card page is not secure, they ask personal info like your birthdate and a secret password reminder, then you have to go to email to link to a site that will Western Union your payment to a private individual in another country. If I had not gotten suspecious and called my credit card company, who reissued another card, then Western Union, who said the transaction was not verified (that's when I backed out), they woulo have burned me for over $900. I'm still worried about my Identy, but they didn't get my SS Number, whatever consolation that is.

2006-04-25 13:30:40 - Dan
Thank you... I was going to purchase tickets with ticketsaver and was having a difficult time contacting a human out of the UK? It sure is easy to get scamed into the best price, hopefully more people like my self get the info you guys are posting.

thanks again!

2006-04-04 17:10:28 - Mary Kate
Beware of! They say that they have low airfares, get your credit card info., address, date of birth etc. and then claim that there was a problem with the credit card and that it can't be processed. They then refer you to send the payment by Western Union to somewhere in Tokyo! Their customer service line is continuously busy and there is no "online help" available. I had to call my credit card company and close my account. Hope this info. helps someone!!

2006-04-03 14:54:35 -
I bougth some airline tickets from TICKETSAVER.NET. I gave them my credit card information, day of birth and mather maiden name. Then they asked me to send Western Union, their customer service phone #, live chat or e-mail are always dead. I did no do that and I cancel my credit card and I inform the Credit Bureaus for watch!!!. Hope this information will help others.

2006-04-02 13:07:18 - markus
Now I know that they are scum but now its to late.
and more ....
They are all the same type of scammers but different sites

2006-04-01 10:38:32 -
Just-Fares.Net is also a scam. It is the same exact website as They sent me a messages saying I had to call some weird number that was disconnectd, so I tried calling the 800 number which was busy. It was then I realized that I was being scammed. I called my credit card company right away. They informed me that there were two cash advances pending for $149 for westernunion. I never confirmed my payment with Just-Fares, and I received another email today saying that my payment is still not confirmed so I'm hoping it won't be processed. I have already let my cc company know what's going on but they can't do anything until the transactions are posted. I'm going to have to cancel my card as well since this "company" has my information. This scam made me physically ill and I hope no one else makes the same mistake. BEWARE OF JUST-FARES.NET!!

2006-03-29 22:40:07 - markus
I have been scamed for buying tickets online. I lost 4000$ and im wondering if anybody ever received their money back. And what actions will be taken by the government in order to catch those people. What is my next move? What should i do next.

2006-03-27 12:42:52 - Deb
I have found at least 2 additional websites that mirror this one: and I researched before ordering the tickets because the prices were cheaper than the airline itself and found everything that you all have previously mentioned. I believe they are out of the United Kingdom. One of their sites even has the secure symbol on the bottom but the rest is the same. I did actually converse with someone ONCE on their "Live Help" function but was never able to reach them again, either that way or by phone. They claimed to be able to seel so low because they were a Trade Company. I'd rather spend a little more and be guaranteed my tickets than take this chance.

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