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Discussion : A new online fraud, beware!

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2006-07-08 16:22:29 -
wow... i was typing way too fast, please excuse my terrible .

2006-07-08 16:20:06 -
Thank you all for saving me for buying from! I became suspicious when my mozilla browser warned me that the website might not be secure... something about the site certificate not being regesterd to "just-fares" but rather somthing named "nozone" somthing or other. I then searched all around the site at all their legal links trying to see if they had some parent campnay that their site would be regestered under. I found nothing, and the info i did find apeared genaric, (their customer help wasn't even specific to their company!). At that point i tried to google for their company name, and couldn't even find their site again. I then switched to yahoo and found this site. Someone needs to get google to link this site to the word serch for "just fares" to save people from this scam! I found the site int he "sponsored links" side of a google search!

2006-07-07 22:30:25 -
You guys should report the crime to the FBI. Here is a link to file an internet complaint.

2006-07-06 03:37:08 - tina
I just "bought" an airplane ticket from and after the message that my payment did not go through I became suspicious. I googled them and learned from this site that I was tricked. My card was not yet charged and I canceled it immediately, but I am furious about the incident!

2006-07-06 01:49:41 -
Same think as last post
took money from credit card, and asked for money to be wired to austria for payment of tickets.
What can we do!
This web site looks and operates like you are purchasing tickets!!!!

Is anyone out there to help us with this stuff?

2006-07-06 01:45:35 - no name
I just got scammed by They said they couldn't process my credit card and that I would need to wire money to a bank in Austria. Sounded fishy so I started researching this company. It quickly became evident that this was fraudulent. I immediately called by credit card company to tell them what had happen. I was told that a wire transfer had been done. I had not even requested a wire transfer! All of this happened in under two hours. How do these sites stay active???? BEWARE!

2006-07-06 00:43:48 -

2006-07-05 21:21:40 -
Watch out for they'll get you!!
I just got taken for $2100 in a matter of minutes! I selected my flight and gave them all of my information and then I got a wierd message about having to transfer funds to Austria and I knew something was up! I called my credit card co. within two minutes and they told me there was a Western Union charge for $700 and several others coming in as we spoke- for a total of $2100. What can anyone do about it? I got the Ticketsavers website on The Atlanta Journals Travel website. You would think that they would do some research before recommending readers to buy airline tickets from a bunch of thieves!

2006-07-05 19:42:30 -
couple quick questions. I just got done with ordering two tickets from and they tried to western union the money. I believe the western union transfers did not work have the western union transfers worked on anyone?? I did not wire transfer any money and I called western unoin. I also cancelled the credit card and did all of that. We need to do something about this.

2006-07-05 17:18:00 -
Why are these sites STILL ACTIVE after more than a year???

2006-07-05 10:55:07 -
I also saw a flight tickets almost 20-30% cheap at cheap ticket and gave my debit card info. They then asked for wire transfer the money to Austria since they are holding the ticket and all their customer care numbers seems to be fraudelent.Beware! Before purchasing air tickets online, if it is bargain, deal or cheap, always make sure that thes ite is trusted. Do some research on google about that site.

Never Trust , sites look genuine and authentic!!!!

2006-07-05 03:28:18 - John
sorry MISTAKE!!!!!!! I ment to type TICKETSAVER.NET, not

2006-07-05 03:26:14 - John
I was looking at, the prices were so cheap it was unbelievable! I was looking at a trip that cost about 1600 on, but had it for 1100. About 11 people were going on this trip and I wanted to call the number and try to ask for a bigger group discount, never could get through....RED FLAG!!! I looked up the area codes for there contact numbers…..the main two different numbers are from two different cities, NY and TX then I looked up the fax # and it came out as a NY City cellular? I almost got scammed out of $12,000. Please others do your research before you buy from specious sites. If it was too good to be true it probably is.

2006-07-04 14:02:56 - Joyce
I just found the site I was skeptical of the prices so I did some research. I found this site thank goodness. The Houston Chronicle had advertised in their travel section. I have contacted them and provided the information from this site. Thanks for your posts. It saved me a huge headache.

2006-07-03 17:29:22 - Sasha
HI Lynn, I just got scammned by just also the other day. I told the people at western union about it and they canceled the transaction. They said that the money isn going to austria,so where does the money go? who's name was on the page who I was supposedly sending money to?

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