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Discussion : The Reshipping Scam

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2006-03-02 14:07:40 -
As a detective for a municipal police department, I have investigated several of these scams. The most recent is a young lady who met the suspect on the website. Just for your information: The FBI has informed me they will not accept this type case at this time due to a lack of cooperation by the Nigerian government with regards to extradition. If you have been scammed, make a report to the Internet Crime Complaint Center ( and alert your local law enforcement agency. I will be contacting the credit card companies and merchants associated with my case to arrange the return of the items already received.

2006-01-18 15:31:12 - me
there is a reshipping scam being ran on yahoo... his name is leximoo2004 but he also has others with the same name. It is the love scam, and people are correct companies do not seem to care I have called several and the do not care because they have been paid. I talked to the police and I have done nothing wrong by receiving these items. I have cut all ties to this person, but and still afraid. He knows my address and I worry he may show up to claim these items. Follow your gut, if it doesnt feel right-it probably isnt. He asks to send you flowers and then starts to send you the other items.

2006-01-03 22:19:40 -
This is an absolutely outstanding site! I have been contacted via internet by a woman name Mina who says she is from Ghana. We exchanged several emails bridging a relationship. I became suspicious when some parts of the later emails alluded to being lovey dovey for months, as if they were canned messages she had saved on her pc. We've only been talking a week at most. And, of course she eventually asked if I would help her with money to get to U.S. so we could meet and marry. Tab is $2000 for visa passport and round trip tix/ As in the other bulletins the photos are professionally done which she claims here grandfather helped her buy. And, she is blindingly beautiful. She had me call her grandfather to make the arrangements a couple of times. The first time was like he was checking me out as a potential suitor. But, afterwards when I seemed suspicious in my next emails with her, on the next call, he was not checking me out at all like a parent sending his child off to never never land. He was all rush rush about the money and at that point said he would put up half of the $2000. Even still he was insistant that I send $500 right away which I am not goint to do. Per this forum this sounds like the new big thing in dating game scams.
Thank U much.

2005-12-14 13:30:30 -
well, i cant even tell you where i should start. Many of those women claiming to be from ghana are in fact nigerians. they do give ghana a very bad rep now. there are very very beautiful women in ghana and alot of them are indeed models or are trying to be models. I have been asked a number of times by theese women to send money, buy things to send to them, marry them and all sorts of things. But i know the scams very well.i can tell you people that i have been talking to a very nice woman from ghana and yes we are very much in cummunication with each other. never has she asked me to send ANYTHING TO HER AT ALL. WE TALK OF LOVE , MARRIAGE, FAMILY, JOKE AROUND , JUST ABOUT EVERY NORMAL CONVERSATION YOU WOULD HAVE ON A REGULAR BASIS.Now since we have established our feeling for each other she has now talked of marrying.hmmm is this a scam? but not once has she asked to send anything to her or her send anything to me. She is awesome in beauty, flawless. and has explained why she is single too. but alas, i am not unattractive , i am very attractive man. So meeting a beautiful woman like her is common for me. she has only asked that i send a letter to her family asking for her hand in marriage as part of her village rite . sounds legit. Yes all her pics look modelish too, but she does do modeling and is in college they for music and catering. hmmmm. do she sounds suspicious to you so far? her name is Mary Opoku, tell me is this name familiar to any of you guys as a scam woman?

2005-11-13 19:18:21 -
I have been talking with a young lady from Nigeria by the name of Debbie . I recently sent her 500.00 dollars to help her get her visa. 200hundred was for the lawyer and two hundred for the visa papers. She has told me that she has a balance of 200.00 with the lawyers. Also I am suppose to send another 1700 for air fares and fees. After looking on other sites her pictures were posted on different sites and under different names

2005-11-04 06:07:58 -
Now that i have these packages, i want to return them. But i yet don't have any proof of fraud and like you all here no-one i talk to gives a flyingpoop. I will try to call the merchants to see if these visa charges are legit . If they are then i can file a police report, until then any input or suggestions?

2005-11-04 05:20:47 -
I too was sent packages, six to date since 10-28-05. This company called coretown located in hawthorne, nj. This guy goes by the name of robert a. mcgowan, email (, ( The packages came shipped with someone else's name, all where computer parts with invoices stating paid by visa and one was bill third party. I have made copies of invoices and took pictures. Now he emailed me today wanting to me repack into one box and ship express mail service (usps)and give him tracking # and he will pay me for the shipping cost plus $160 via western union.
I have been researching and had some good threads that this was a scam. Or i thought until i got to reading the email headers and html from this guy. Using i connected the dots and realized that ( ip address is the same location they want me to ship to. Yerevan, Amenia

2005-10-29 06:22:40 -
man i met this women on the internet and she did a good job or her company or accomplices? She got some money but not enough to make a person rich!But i guess it's so poor over thier that any type of money more than $50 is rich in thier world!!Watch out for the women in ghana they can be deceptive but not is all her faught if it's not in person it's too good to be true!

2005-10-25 13:50:38 -
I was just scamed! I was keeping on contact with this lady in Lago's Nigeria (atleast that is where she says she is from), she had this puppy that she was trying to sell. This person is far from female, and this person is also pretending to be a breeder under a different name, and claims that they have a shipping company also. This person juliet has told me that she is from London, but transferred on a mission to Nigeria, but then she tells a friend of mine whom was interrested in Monkeys that she was trying to sell also, that she was from Nebraska USA, and she was in Nigeria on a mission.
I have saved every Email all three have sent to me. My fiance' had even wired $350 to this person for the puppy to be sent. then they come back to us saying that we have to fork out more money for shipping, that they didn't realize that the puppy needed all these custom papers in order to be sent to us in the U.S.
we are looking into now trying to figure out whom this person really is, and how to get our money back..
If anyone has any ideas....Please let me know!
The puppy was supose to be a wedding gift, but instead we probably just suported some strangers habit(s).

2005-10-17 20:50:22 -
I have met someone online who gained my trust. He recently started shipping computer packages to me at work. He told me they were for his business and wants me to repackage them and send them off to someone in Montreal, Canada. I dont know what to do. Am I responsible know for the Im afraid that I will be charged and have to pay for all of this..what should i do. He says he is coming here..but im not too sure what to believe. Im scared.

2005-10-11 12:52:29 -
hello well i think these west africans are bad pple then......ive been in ghana for a month now its a nice country as for nigeria i know they are experts in doing these things but a cop here in ghana told me that the pple who will do this scam thing in ghana may not have jobs and they may be youths even though they have not caaught anyone yet ....hope none is fron here or i will have to pack back home

2005-09-16 21:01:40 -
Your site is realy very interesting!

2005-09-02 20:09:38 -
Good blog with interesing information!

2005-08-20 19:20:44 -
Wow this is scary, I have met many of these scam artist. Let me tell you in the last month I have been contacted and IM'd me often. The latest one was this morning. Prior to that one day ago. One with a shipping scam just as described above. The other was a money order scam. I hope some one will contact me from the FBI would love to have them tracked down.

2005-08-05 15:37:11 -
I have met someone online who has tried the q-checks and is now sending me packages....however i do not reship them....and no one seems interested in me returning the products i am continuing contact as a scam baiter to keep him busy with me and trying to avoid him getting an extra victim.....hopefully more scam baiters will work at this and the scammers will tire of their unsuccessful endevours and give it up alltogether.....i keep the merchandise in case it needs to be returned....alas the bank did not even wish to notify a customer that their acct number had been compromised on a counterfeit sad is this?.....well eventually i will probably give it up i cannot save the world.....and my question is will i be charged for conspiracy or fraud ...i never asked for this and i have tried to do something about one seems to give a damn.

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