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Discussion : The Reshipping Scam

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2006-07-21 14:35:42 - troika-gru
marina,k has been dispatched.
he has no chances left, she never fails,to complete contract.If he reads this he is as they say in amerika "dead man walking!"

2006-07-21 13:18:59 -
I got this email and was researching before making a decision as to whether it was legitimate.

2006-07-20 08:50:22 - smith
having checked on interpol's site, by searching "armenia"
avertisian artur is most likely to be gyulnazaryan artur
wanted by police in armenia, poster of this evil man is on interpols site hope this helps, if he contacts you send the wanted poster and then block his e mail adress he should be stopped.

2006-07-16 12:16:25 -
This just happened to my friend. She is really hurt by the entire thing and grieving for the lost realtionship she thought she had. Her guy was supposed to be in Australia with a son in Nigeria. He got ehr address and sent flowers then sent 3,000 computer cartridges to her house and asked her to ship them. Her name is ladylaker. I'll see if I can get her to come in and meet you folks. She won't feel so stupid then.

2006-07-15 05:58:16 - Smith
Avertisian artur has multiple adresses and identities of females he pretends to be with the intention of ripping you off.
dont fall for it.Located in Armenia 's capital "Yerevan"
uses "western union" to get the loot under the auspices of being the girl your interested in claiming her grandpa is helping her.

2006-07-13 16:49:25 -
hi my name is valerie hunter and i received an add saying needing us workers and to go to like 4 different web sites and see your resume and if you didn't have a resume send your name and address and tell why you should be considered for the job well i feel i should be considered for the job of working on line since i was almost a victim myself i can relate and would love to put them scammers where they belong behind bars my home phone is 580-379-4382 my home address is 1511 scott street altus oklahoma 73521 and i am very much interested in this job for sure thank you

2006-07-13 16:28:40 -
hi my name is valerie hunter and about six months ago i was trying to sella 57 car on the internet and this man kept writing to me as if he was interested in purchasing the car and this went on for about 8 months well when it finally came down to the purchase he sent me a bogus money order which i was suppose to had sent him money to have the car supposely shipped so people need to be very careful of scam artist and predators on the internet because i myself was almost a victim but i had friends telling me to have the money order verified and when i did it was bogus so it goes to show you you cant trust everyone thank you

2006-07-07 23:06:08 -
Beware of a internet dating scam from Yerevan, Armenia. His name is Artur Avertisian. his address is 17/9 37th Street, Masiv district, Yeravan, Armenia. He will say he's a russian lady wanting to come to America. First he will say that he doesn't have all the money needed for paperwork, then he will ask for money to show customs, then promises to give it back we he/she arrives in the US. Look under the name Bella in the Black book of known Russian dating scams.

2006-06-30 14:13:08 -
I have been contacted by guys before off of singles sites and within a couple of days they are giving me the story that they love me, want to marry me and that the only way they can get home to the USA is for me to 1) send them money 2) cash the America money orders their companies paid them with and send the money back or 3) allow them to transfer money onto my credit card or paypal account. Believe me I've gotten really wise in my old age (I'm 38). This latest one gave me a lot of conflicting information. I work for an attorney so I did research on things he told me. He said he graduated from a christian college in Virginia...I contacted alumni relations at the college...he never went there. He said he lived in Honaker, VA....later he gave me an address in Virginia Beach. Guess he never looked at a map of VA and could have plainly seen that Honaker is inland VA near West VA and that Virginia Beach is along the Atlantic Seaboard. He tried the need money to get home ploy...when I nixed that he tried the reship scheme. I have given FedEx the account number he wanted me to use and the address where he wanted it shipped. FedEx has picked up to return all the packages they has UPS. The ones that came through the US Postal service have been returned and all information given to the Postmaster at my post office. I also filed a report with my state police I guess Karl Banks or Denis Bank or whoever he is won't be too happy when they catch up with him.

2006-06-23 01:41:15 -
business ladies who send photos then want gifts which really mean send them money or bring them to USA

2006-06-13 01:06:09 -
i have sent money through western union to purchase a english bulldog that is "originally" from the US. western union called and told me there have a been a few complaints. so if you plan to purchase a dog. get one you can drive to pick up. they wanted be to send the "remaining balance" so they can ship the dog. BS.

2006-05-11 23:00:34 -
I have met someone on a dating website talked for over 8 months or more, and thought everything was true!
I have been hurt, used, and SCAMMED!Now I cant have a bank account anymore, cant use my credit card. So, far nothing else has been touched. I ignored this person for long. Then talked again, cause I had a letter from my bank saying, it was being paid... back, but more was put in then "TAKEN" out!
What can I do or what can be done about these type of situations? As for me, I did learn the hard way but now I know, and research more on things like this!

2006-04-29 22:48:55 - B.F Gordon
Hi there all. Im not sure if this is the right place to post this.. but hey .. the editor can always place it whre it belongs.
I have been registred for a few years on a couple of dating sites.. among others Adultfriendfinder, Friendfinder and Since im very weak for black woman i have been having my searchlight on Africa.. Ghana and Nigeria.. Sweet jesus.. those women are gorgeous. I have been in contact with 10-15 of them now... and now its a hobby to collect conversations from them... they have all... without exeption been asking for... in one way or another.. for money. To begin with, when reading their profiles they have often staing homeadresses in London or USA or somewher else in Europe... studying.. running a small scale busines etc.. and when chatting.. (for some reason its ALWAYS Yahoo) they have in the most cases been stranded in Nigeria. Robbed from all and stuck as hostage in hotel for not being able to pay rent... ofcourse, the embassy cant help, the police is stupid, they have no money and and they cant coff up what flight they was supposed to travel "home" on.. still she could spend 3 hours three days in a row "stuck" at the hotel using internet...
Not mentioning "i have been diagnosed with malaria and cant afford the medicine", "my oncle is fasing been thrown out for not being able to pay rent" "my loved mother is ill and needs money for treatement" "i study lawschool on a church schoolarship and now i need to buy this expensive book in order to finish exams", "i have been robbed and are stranded in a camp in Nigeria desert run by church" etc. etc. etc. they never ask for much money.. just somewhere in the neighbourhood of 50 to 150 dollars. They all want to marry. Not one have asked me any question about whom i am. Not once. The goal is to, as soon as possible to get me hooked usually its a "sad thing that has just happen".. The record was 6 minutes worth of chatting..then she told me she had been robbed... The law student... i wastalking with here at saturday night.. and she revealed to me that she needed the expensive law book... written by a local dude in Ghana.. (i couldnt trace it) the same monday or she gets kicked from class.
The sad thing is that they truly beleive they are so damn smart.
I she doesnt ask YOU any question abbout who you are, what family you come from... what your work is.. the usual stuff you would expect to be curious abbout in a person.. and then the "sad news"... and you are expected to pay for it... then the scam is ongoing!

2006-04-14 23:04:59 -
I hope you like my picture when Im wearing my red dress. I was quite nervous. I took some more pictures that day, hotter pictures, and Im going to show them to you if I feel that I can trust you. About myself.
My name isleticia I'm an afro-american girl from Los Angeles. Im 23 years old and I am working as a nurse. My dream is to become a film star. My whole life I have been over protected from my parents, but now I have my own flat (I share it with two nurse friends) and I am starting to become more open minded if you understand me.
If you want to continue email me you have to send me another picture of you. I want you to hold a sign with my name (just like I am doing here for you) And I want you to look sexy and smile in the camera. For example take your
shirt of and show me some muscles, you told me you are strong. Can you do that for me baby
I took this picture for you and I expect you to do this for me. Im gonna show you more of my ebony body if you send me a good picture! And please dont wear a hat, I like to see your hair, I am curious. yeah i like the way you personalize the dress you that wore.
but i,m sorry that is the only pic i,m having as at now but don;t worry about my pic cos i will send to you one but plz sorry it;s going to take sometyme.
And how is los angeles too? i wish that, like i,m residing over there with you , honey.
And i promise that," your wish is going to be my command."
Also how is your neighbours too?thank you again for sending to me your most wanted pretty pic to me.Infact I LOVE YOU and i want to marry you if possible.
i will also like us to exchangre our culture and traditions too.
thank you once again and please iwant you to send to me your contact residence street address cos i may surprise you one day.
Thank you and it;s bye for now!

2006-04-12 23:32:37 -
I met a woman from ghana on line tonight--she did a lot of sweet talking and wanted to buy a computer in the US online, have it delivered to me --so that i could ship it to her. She was very nice but I felt like something was up. Please let me in on the possible scam.

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