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Discussion : The Reshipping Scam

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2007-08-02 15:36:13 -
Is DHL Mailcorp a scam?

2007-05-10 06:27:24 -
do u think this a real job or just a scam?email me please!
Thank for your inquiry of work on My name is
Willner. We open new service for our international clients and we
workers. Our company is ready to offer you a high paying work at home
with no special requirements.If you are seeking an extra income to put
your spare time in to use, If you have a computer with internet access
then this job offer is for You.

We have two vacancies:

Work at Home, Shopping assistant.(part-time employees).

Full age· USA resident. 6-7 free hours per week (mainly in the evening
non-business hours), printer.

Job description:

1. Receive the correspondence to yours residential address;
2. Report to me.
3. We send you the special document (Mailing Label), you print it
(therefore you should have the printer). With this document you go to
office and send packages free-of-charge. We send you detailed
4. Ship the package out using the specified shipping method (at this
moment we use mainly EMS /every USPS office can ship it with EMS Global

The salary:

We pay 25 dollars/for each received package. You will receive the
at the end of each week. For example, you have received 20 packages,
salary - 20packages * $25 = $500. We will send to you your salary via
western union in the end to week.

Work at Home, Financial agent (part-time supervisors).

Full age. USA resident. 6-7 free hours per week (mainly in the evening
non-business hours). Computer, e-mail adress.

Job description:

You will be receive payment for online-shop. The owner of this shop is
Europe, but he wants to work and in USA also. The task of our company
to minimise the risk of non-payment by the buyer and/or to make sure
the supplier delivers the ordered goods.

Details of work and the salary:

1. Receive funds via money orders or western union.
2. Tell me: sum of money order, money order #, sender FULL name / for
everyone money orders!
3. Your salary from total sum - 5%
4. Send the remained part of money to our client in other country.

As will occur transaction, for example:
You have received 10 money order, total sum - $3000. Your salary from
sum $150 ($3000 * 5% = $150). You should send other part of money to
client via Western Union. Western union fee: $168. You should send
$2682. ($3000 - $150 - $168 = $2682).

Before the beginning of work you should open a PO box, you will receive
more money orders. PO box is necessary only for your convenience.

You can work on two vacancies simultaneously!

We are included into group of companies DHL International GmbH. As a
part-time employee, you'll have access to the following benefits:

Training and skill building
Promotion from within
$2,000 per year for tuition assistance (part-time employees)
$3,000 per year for tuition assistance (part-time supervisors)
Comprehensive medical and life insurance for you and your dependents
Great starting pay and annual raises
Set work schedule
Variety of shift options
Paid vacations and holidays

You need no money to start working with us. If you agree for this work
you have additional questions, please tell me. Thanks and we look
to working with you!

John Willner
DHL Mail, Corp.
Thank you for reading this document. Good luck.

2007-04-15 06:41:06 -
I think he`s just done it to me, I was emailing a women, called valentina! Ive just been stiched up! He`s posing under the name of Valentina, in Yerevan. I thought about it being a scam, but I`m too trustworhty! Be careful out their

2007-04-15 06:40:19 -
I think he`s just done it to me, I was emailing a women, called valentina! Ive just been stiched up! He`s posing under the name of Valentina, in Yerevan. I thought about it being a scam, but I`m too trustworhty! Be careful out their

2007-02-20 17:00:44 -
having checked on interpol's site, by searching "armenia"
avertisian artur is most likely to be gyulnazaryan artur
wanted by police in armenia, poster of this evil man is on interpols site hope this helps, if he contacts you send the wanted poster and then block his e mail adress he should be stopped.

2007-02-19 12:38:54 -
With respect to Singlesnet, you may find the following blog, which recounts my experience on that site, to be of interest:
"The Sirens of Cyberspace: Sailor, Beware!"

2007-02-18 06:24:28 - Unknown
Hi, Glady... If your comment question? is for my comment of what i said,,, Yes she is.

2007-02-17 13:11:17 -
I wanted to know if she is a scam artist?

2007-02-17 00:17:20 - unknown fool
It only cost me $2200 USD to sleep with this girl.

2007-02-13 13:59:30 - Unknown
Another thing I forgot to mention... she also has a rose tattooed on the lower of her belly. Ether the left or the right.

2007-02-13 13:45:05 - Unknown
Hey everyone here's a scammer to be warned about!!! she's a Russian in her age of 20s with brunette hair and blue eyes. She could change her appearances with different looks by hair color or maybe even with wigs and or possible eye color changing with contacts. she is likely to be on dating sites for whatever purpose reasons she has stored in mind. She could be persistent, greedy or patient and calm to let things run her course if things to her goes as planned. this girl like most Russian scammers are very smart and very unpredictable and will stop at nothing to make you fall in to there little scheming world of trapes. There is more words said that meets the eye. but this is one girl not worth falling for! Trust me!!! you can see her on this site to a direct link page to her It is a scame site to submitting scammers on. you will see a similar letter to Jamie's letter submitted on the site that is published here. Plus photos you will see as well. all submitted by Alexandr Domrachev. owner of Agency Scams is by Jim. for my opinion. About this girl... I don't think she is a very independent person as she said she is at all! matter of fact I think of her as a harsh, selfish, bitter. excuse for a person. I think behind her little rule is she never means what she saids. and she wants takes and have. All that from her to you is like saying. learn it, live it. and like it. of my 2nd opinion. I would prefer to just forget about her and not to waste any time with this girl!!!

2007-02-12 04:40:37 - noname
I am a single dad of 3 boys, living in Newcastle Australia, self employed This an account of my dealings with Lyudmila Chernysheva aka Natalia Kirilova aka Natalya Kiriilova aka Natalia Kerillova

address 601428 Vladimir
Vjaznikovsky area
Settlement Edon
Street Soviet H10

I was contacted through and no mention of money at this time but a sob story of hardship after her husband and parents were killed. Looking back now there were many things that should have alerted me that something wasn't right but I fell in love and well , yep it cost me $2,500USD.

2007-02-11 05:39:53 - Warren

== ORIGINAL LETTER =============
Good evening. And can be and day. And can morning is simple. But I
want to tell to you, And my friend can whisper HI!!!!! I am very glad
that you have responded to my message Also have written to me the
answer. Hope we shall find with you friendly relations Also we shall
understand that we search in this huge without boundary internet.
Now I want " if you do not object " to inform about the girl which Has
written to you... About ITSELF.
My name is Anna. This name me, has named, my favourite mum, in honour
>From my grandmother. To me of 25 years. Since the very first day of my
birth a life I at all has not gone right (at least about one today).
Still when I Was absolutely small my father was lost. I at all do not
remember him. And one year ago (it is very hurt to me to speak about
it) my favourite mummy has died of illness. I do not have anybody from
relatives except for my aunt, but she lives very much Far from me. Now
it is very hard for me.
To me all is very difficult for one in Russia, here to me Reminds of
my parents and about our family misfortune. All this time I thought
that I can forget it to mountain and find to myself the beloved, Which
would help me with misfortune, would help me to forget mine to
mountain. But at me has left nothing. Then I have decided to take
advantage of the help of the Internet and there to try to find the
favourite person. I live in Volzck town in Republik of Mari El in
Russia. It is situated not far from Moscow, in 900 km. I am 5 ' 7 "
with which my birthday 3 November 1981. My nation is russian. My
religion: the Christian. I work as the seller in a supermarket. I am
looking for an optimistic and joyful person. I hope to find a man whom
I would give all my love and care, and get his love, protection and
support in return Fine and the dear friend, it to be very pleasant for
me Acquainted with you. For me this fine time when I can speak with
The interesting person, the person who understands me, thinks of me
and Trust To my very big regret I have no computer and I write to you
from the Internet of cafe. I understand that it not convenience in
dialogue, but I can so to talk to you only.
I hope you were not upset. And to me will write your answer. On this
phrase I shall stop while to write to you. But tomorrow I again here
what shall see yours to me the letter. I shall wait for him. I wish
you pleasant day, and can good morning. I wait your letter.

I finish my letter here now.
I shall wait your answer, do not forget!
Sincerely yours Anna.

2007-02-11 05:39:17 -
I am single canadian male 47.
Using an international online dating service:
Received an unsolicited email from the USA, (later she said she lived in
Gorgeous sweet girl: Anna.

-We emailed a few weeks, then I got suspicious (her letters were partially
repeats, confused, used broken english, but also used the word
-Her Lavalife original personal profile was cancelled shortly after i got
the original email.

-Her EMAIL address #1:
-Her EMAIL address #2:

-Did a seach on phrases in her first email letter, I found similar letters
-Then she fell in LOVE with me, asked to visit me, and asked for money
giving me this address:
KAZAN, 420039

- not done yet, i wont send money..
- still decideing what to do.

Avoid this one!
signed, Warren

2007-02-07 10:13:30 -
I have been talking a woman that I believe I met throught for a couple months now. However recently she has been acting suspicious. She asks for $1250 dollars to help pay for her plane ticket. She asked for me to send cash through western union. And if I don't send it to her within a few days her down payment for the tickets will be taken and she will lose the plane ticket. Below are her details along with 4 of the suspicious emails.

Name of Scammer:

Rimma Grigorieva
Minskaya Street
House #32
Kazan, Russia

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