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April 2003
  1. ACLU Attorney Fights Digital Surveillance
  2. The Organized Criminal Activity Becomes Transnational
  3. Cyberterrorism seen as future threat
  4. Little war-related hactivism reported
  5. Al-Qaida supporters hack into student's Web site
  6. "From Desert Storm to Desert Swarm"
  7. Blunkett in US talks
  8. Cyber Terrorism - is it a Serious Threat to Commercial Organizations?
  9. America Under Attack
  10. Transaction security harming web services
  11. Dawn of the Superworm
  12. A Strategy to Protect Cyberspace
  13. Worms, Attacks, Assorted Security Threats On Businesses Rise Sharply In 2003
  14. A Texan is accused of breaking into Yale University's computer system from home
  15. FBI Computers Enter the 21st Century
  16. Community college wins IT certification
  17. Democrats Demand More Anti-Terror Funds
  18. Question & Answer: Len Hynds, National Hi-Tech Crime Unit
  19. The cyberwar begins
  20. Australia leaves the hack door open to cyber sabotage
  21. Piracy case extradition closer
  22. Hacking Attacks Jump 37 Percent
  23. Gulf War II: The truth is out there - on the Net
  24. Spammers target war fears
  25. Spammers exploit conflict in Iraq
  26. The cyberwar begins
  27. Student's Web site hacked by al-Qaida
  28. FBI reports Internet fraud complaints tripled in 2002
  29. Fighting Cybercrime...
  30. Iraq, its domain and the 'terrorist-funding' owner
  31. Brown to be released from prison today
  32. UK.Gov Web sites get another bashing
  33. Perniciaro ‘guilty’ in child porn case
  34. Hoaxster hacker discovers infinite-wealth algorithm
  35. 419 scams clean out gullible US victims
  36. Farmington woman sentenced for Internet fraud
  37. Internet Security Systems: Internet Risk Impact Summary Report
  38. Online banking scam
  39. FBI tech money safe
  40. AACC to offer first certified security, cybercrime courses
  41. Two Years Of Imprisonment For Computer Piracy
  42. Computer Crime in Russia – Interview
  43. Fighting Cybercrime: Ukraine Develops Special Law
  44. What's the Biggest Security Problem?
  45. Court blocks how-to-hack seminar
  46. Defencebills.gov.uk Defaced
  47. Use a Honeypot, Go to Prison?
  48. Most Execs Don't Consider Cybercrime Business Risk
  49. Commit a crime, no network time?
  50. Expert Warns of Cyberthreats
  51. Partnership Made to Fight Cyberterrorism
  52. Anti-Arab Attacks Bleed Onto Net
  53. Parents of Internet surfers must be on guard online
  54. Hactivism and the power of TV
  55. Eldon Teen Arrested for Computer Fraud
  56. Galesburg man faces trial on two sex counts
  57. Beware of Cyber crimes
  58. Student faces hacking charges
  59. Parliamentary panel holding inquiry into cybercrime
  60. Net users try to reclaim privacy
  61. Howard Schmidt is leaving the White House
  62. "Cyber 9/11" risk warning
  63. A hacker committed to ethics
  64. US scoops cyber-terrorism pool
  65. Protecting IT Infrastructure High Priority
  66. Bogus Tiffany "Ring" is Cracked
  67. Latest Cyberstalking Statistics Released
  68. Business to fight cyber threat
  69. The paranoia that paid off
  70. Homeland department gets into the cyberwar game
  71. Cyber war game tests future troops
  72. NYPD Selects Lancope to Protect Criminal Research and Computer Crimes Investigation Unit
  73. Is There Such a Thing as 'Good' Spam?
  74. 'Frontline' exposes chilling threat of cyber attacks
  75. Trojan defence clears man on child porn charges
  76. Students flock to 'computer forensics'
  77. Scam artists use new technology
  78. A New Way to Catch a Hacker
  79. Networked Information Decisive in War
  80. e-Computer: Targeted by e-mail spoofers
  81. Cyberattacks Monitoring Points to U.S.
  82. Pakistan says to stop banned groups under new names
  83. Technology helps track crime
  84. Head hacker at Fluffi Bunni arrested
  85. Remarks by Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge To the National Press Club
  86. Cybercrime will be in rise

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