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Computer Crime in Russia – Interview

As it is known, in Russia the organization “K” Ministry of Internal Affairs of CIS is engaged in struggle against crimes committed in the sphere of IT

Computer attacks are made by various age categories and social layers of population. Only a small percent of criminals can be considered to be professional hackers. The level of computer sophistication of the majority of cybercriminals leaves much room for improvement. Though it turns out to be enough to obtain confidential information of some careless users.

Criminals are not afraid of the fact that they will get from six months to five years of imprisonment. According to the reports of law enforcement agencies last year there were 3500 of such offences, that means an increase in 3,5 times in comparison with 2001.

“And though intruders hack 10 computrs a day, we shall find anyone. It’s only the matter of time”, - says Anatoliy Platonov, the head of the press-service in organization “K” of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of CIS.


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