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Cybercrime will be in rise

Stop Cybercrime and Syberterrorism According to the forecast of foreign experts, the situation with on-line crime will increase and threaten almost everyone.

Today cybercrime damage is tens millions dollars^; economic harm by the end of 2004 will increase in 10-100 times.

Law enforcement bodies wouldn't help, and so, you need to rely upon own system of cyber security.

Large thefts will be the most popular, thousands people will become victims of the crime in one time. Thus each victim will lose small sums, however the common damage can be estimated in millions dollars. Quite often such thefts remain unnoticed, and it is extremely difficult to fight them.

Source of the main threat, in expertsí opinion, is the countries with the undeveloped economy, which, nevertheless, have well-trained IT experts.

For example, recent attacks on the commercial sites were launched from the territory of former Soviet Union.

FBI experts say, the stolen identities of credit cards, most likely, in a result, falls into the hands of the local organized crime.

Law enforcement bodies do not have enough training and financing to fight cybercrimes effectively.

In particular, the U.S. government assigned means for fight cybercrime less than one hundredth from the whole law enforcement financing.


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