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Two Years Of Imprisonment For Computer Piracy

Recently in Russia a new amendment was moved to the Criminal Code. This law has been approved by the Duma and Council of Federation in March and now has finally come into force. The adopted law considerably toughens the responsibility for infringement of copyrights and, in particular, for musical, video and computer piracy.

Henceforth, the pirate, appropriated authorship and caused large damage to the owner of copyrights, is punished by the penalty in size from 200 to 400 minimum salary. The penalty also can be paid at the rate of salary for the period from two to about four months. In case the damage is considerable, correctional labor for the period of 180 – 240 hours and imprisonment for the term of about six months can be added to the penalty. Similar measures are taken for illegal use of objects of author’s or adjacent rights and for any actions the purpose of which is selling of counterfeit production. In this case maximal term of imprisonment can be till two years.

The punishment for being involved in organized piracy group is about five years of imprisonment with confiscation of property, depending on the caused damage. The crimes are considered to be committed in large size if product copies cost or property rights on the use of copyright objects exceed 100 minimum salary and especially large size – 500 minimum salary. The technique of damage definition has remained the same: the cost of the carrier is taken into consideration, but not the retail price of the product.

However journalists think the new law will not significantly change the situation. The technique of damage measuring has remained not changed that’s why it will be difficult to accuse of damage caused especially in large sizes. There are some laws that make the responsibility for piracy not so strict. Some experts make a conclusion that the number of pirates will decrease, but not considerably.


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