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A hacker committed to ethics

(By Sue Cant)

"MY son left home a few days ago. We do not know where he is, but we are communicating with him through e-mail. Can you locate the place where he is staying?" a despondent mother asked a young 'ethical hacker'. She got an immediate assurance from the ethical hacker that he would find the address of her son soon.

"Many people, including software personnel do not understand the very purpose of hacking. It is not only for destroying websites, but also for doing good deeds," says 17-year-old Ankit Fadia, a renowned ethical hacker and author of two books on hacking.

A 12th standard student of Delhi Public School, New Delhi, Ankit got the idea of hacking at the age of 13. He released his first title "Unofficial Guide to Ethical Hacking", an international best-seller, at the age of 14.

"I was gifted a personal computer when I was 12. After enjoying video games, I learnt hacking on my own for a change. At that time I was unable to get books on hacking. Then I started recording my experiences and later released my first book into the market," he said.

The book had caused wonders and changed his lifestyle within no time. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and several defence organisations started seeking his help in cracking difficult cases. Now, he is a consultant for a number of national and international organisations. ''Consultancy fee depends on the organisation and the nature of the case,'' Ankit said.

"There had been a rapid change in my lifestyle during the last three years. Work, work and work is the only mantra that I have been chanting," says the hardcore cricket fan and a music lover. "I am enjoying the work, so that I never feel bore or stress," he added.

Disclosing his future plans, Ankit said that he would pursue his B.Sc (Computers) from a US University and get settled in India as a consultant.

"In association with my friend Zaki Qureshey, I started E2 Labs in Hyderabad. We will start training classes in ethical hacking soon. We will also set up an Incident Response Centre to combat cyber terrorism," Ankit said.

Source: www.newindpress.com

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