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Discussion : OEM software scams on the rise

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2004-06-15 19:55:30 -
Has anyone got contact information for OEMCD? Those (!)s are using my email address on their damn spam, and I want it to stop!!!

2004-06-15 16:02:10 -
I received the same spam (
You know what they say, if it seems to be too good to be true it probably is.

2004-06-15 00:16:44 -
Get even with these clowns.. I do! Copy the html to a file, modify the form fields with phony information and submit. I sometimes sit around for 4 hours, occassionally submitting phony information all afternoon. The phony information will grab the bankers attention.. trust me! I worked in the banking industry as a web programmer for online processing of payment requests. Stuff like this grabs the attention so that the banks do their own research into the matter. :)

The Lone Ranger

2004-06-13 22:27:47 -
The marketers from OEMCD,Inc. are spoofing my address to mail their junk. The "undeliverable" messages come back to my inbox. This screams "scam" to me!

2004-06-13 18:48:42 -

Im from Germany and Ive got the same E-Mail two weeks ago. It is exactly the same text but another link on it.

Have you ever tryed to visit the homepage again? Im sure it will not work any more because the link Ive got was active only about one week and now it is not connected any more.

It seems not to be very respectable!!!

Sorry for my bad English...

2004-06-04 16:43:50 -
I received the following email offering tempting software prices. I wonder if you could inform me if it is legitimate.
The URL is A copy of the email follows.
James Weston

Get all the software imaginable for prices substantially lower than in stores.
Our software is 2-10 times cheaper than sold by our competitors.


$80 Windows XP Professional
$60 Norton Antivirus 2004 Professional
$90 Adobe Photoshop 7.0
$60 Red Hat Linux 7.3
$80 Windows 2000 Professional
$200 MS Windows Server 2003 Enterprise
$120 Microsoft Office 2003 Professional
$90 Adobe Pagemaker 7.0

Categories: Security, Business, Antivirus, Internet, etc.
And lots more...

Please visit us here!

Andrew Miller

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