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Discussion : OEM software scams on the rise

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2004-08-11 21:41:41 -
More info on cheap software, hope this helps..

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Domain ID: D7125836-BIZ
Sponsoring Registrar: INTERCOSMOS MEDIA GROUP, INC. D.B.A.
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Registrant ID: IMG-551756
Registrant Name: Michelle Marco
Registrant Organization: IT department
Registrant Address1: 63 Grange Road
Registrant City: Sale
Registrant State/Province: Not Applicable
Registrant Postal Code: M33 6RZ
Registrant Country: Great Britain (UK)
Registrant Country Code: GB
Registrant Phone Number: +44.8702248800
Registrant Email:
Administrative Contact ID: IMG-551756
Administrative Contact Name: Michelle Marco
Administrative Contact Organization: IT department
Administrative Contact Address1: 63 Grange Road
Created by Registrar: INTERCOSMOS MEDIA GROUP, INC. D.B.A.
Last Updated by Registrar: INTERCOSMOS MEDIA GROUP, INC. D.B.A.
Domain Registration Date: Wed Jun 09 14:52:57 GMT+00:00 2004
Domain Expiration Date: Wed Jun 08 23:59:59 GMT+00:00 2005
Domain Last Updated Date: Thu Jun 24 14:45:50 GMT+00:00 2004

>>>> Whois database was last updated on: Wed Aug 11 18:25:19 GMT 2004

2004-08-09 07:31:37 -

1. If you realy want to handle this then all you have to do is start a retaliation group, then go to gamming web sites and recruit hackers, arrange an international/offshore patern that will be hard to track and start making a game of seeing how many times a week you can crash their server. But I doubt you want the legal entanglements.

2. You should not be petitioning some third party web site forum but rather getting a copy of the illegal software and presenting it as evidnece to a law enforcement organization such as the CIA who since the patriot act can act in ways that would be illegal for anyone else to act if they as much as suspect the money might be sponsoring terrorism and they can suspect that about just about anything.

3. All of you that posted your e-mail on this site gave it to any spammer that didn't already have it because this site lacks the simple feature of sending e-mails for its users and rather just gives your e-mail to anyone who clicks on the link.

2004-08-09 02:06:13 -
I've been receiving annoying spam from the likes of

Like Kelly G suggested doing a Registar Whois search and I get an email for someone in Russia - I tried forwarding the pathetic scam spam to that email, but it just bounced back - saying it was spam. Then I sent just a text email to the address and it came back too.

However, maybe if we send email to the other email that pops up when it claims that the message is rejected as spam:

We should complain to them - they're abusing us!!!

2004-08-08 07:16:07 -
I received this but figured something was wrong so I checked it out. I sent a warning to all on my contact list.

2004-08-06 09:19:15 -
I received the e-mail today, there are a few companies doing this online. It is a company usually out of the states that will illegaly make copies of the most popular brand name sofware.

I own a software company and know the rules and pricing, they are international becasue microsoft, symantec, macromedia the manufacturers would shut them down and take legal action if they were in the states.

The only thing I can recommend is to contact the manufacturers they all have piracy teams that handle companies like these. The products will arive, but in a white sleeve with cd. The funny thing is you can't register them or get support because they are fake copies.

2004-08-04 06:14:02 -
I was tempted (but luckily broke!), and felt suspicious when the link to their homepage was not there. Did a google for oemcd, Inc and here I am. Tempting offers, though, aren; they?

2004-08-02 06:52:12 -
I received and order ID number, plus a reference of how the bill would look on my statement. So tonight I decided to track the order. I went to the web site and couldn't find a way to track the order -- all it said was that if I didn't receive the order within 4 weeks to contact them. One problem, no address or phone number to contact them!!

2004-07-08 00:22:01 -
they are using my address to send out spam too. if anybody has any advice please let me know. i own a company and do not want to put my customers at risk.

2004-07-06 23:07:04 -
oemcd, Inc. is using my email to send out spam as well... I'm so annoyed. Any advice would be much appreciated.

2004-07-06 04:38:53 -
These people are using my email to send out spam. Can anything be done about this?

2004-07-05 19:51:34 - Gary (Ft. Myers, Florida)
These are spamming bastards!

oemcd, Inc

2004-07-02 05:45:24 -
OEMCD INC got my e-mail address and is spamming people with it -- I found out from bounced undeliverables. What can I do to fix this?


2004-07-01 06:31:38 -
heres another scam I believe. Same deals as some listed below. from a company called OEMCD INC, located somewhere in eastern Europe. No contact info. heres the address.

2004-06-30 18:06:12 -
Nice one Brian!

We get hundreds of bloody emails from these guys and it's driving me way to remove yourself and with the constantly changing email addresses no way to block em!

Dam Rusky's!

2004-06-30 05:19:23 -
After seeing the contact info for them posted here by Kelly G. and getting quite tired of the oem spam, I put 42 of my employees on the task of flooding all of oem's inboxes for 8 hours. They volunteered to do it without pay because their inboxes are flooded too. 8,128 emails oem received from us today. Next time I'll double it. Sick of spam.

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