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Discussion : OEM software scams on the rise

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2004-09-14 04:02:26 -
Ouch! I don't know much about computers, but I believed that it was real and a bargain because you don't have to pay for expensive books. My older brother looked over my shoulder at the screen to see what I bought, and said it was too good to be true, and that I was buying useless stuff, and they just wanted to get my credit card number, and email address. I called the credit card company, sheepishly knowing that I had been duped, and they notified me that my card was hit SIX times in the last ten minuted for fifty dollars a pop. They stopped further hits (I have to get a new credit card number now), but the six hits will have to be formally protested, and that oemcd uses an American "proxy" service that acts like a firewall against reversing charged. I may have to eat some charges for being stupid. I was not greedy like my brother says, just naive.

2004-09-13 17:37:14 -
I ordered Microsoft Office Professional XP, on Aug. 24th. My account was charge Aug. 26. The CD arrived 8th (or so). The CD is blank. The web site says it is being shipped from Eastern Europe, the return address is: Min Li, 13535 40th road, Flushing, NY 11354. Has anyone been able to recoup losses?

2004-09-11 18:08:34 - john
can anyone tell me is this company legit or not??

hard to tell so im asking for help

2004-09-11 14:19:17 - SpamSlayer
By the way, the Russian Spam Gang IS OEMcd, and Pharmoze, and ErectionShop, and FreeMortgageQuotes.

They account for approximately 11% of spam worldwide. By boycotting their websites, and driving them out of business, we can reduce our spam load by 11%.

That, combined with the fact that you'd be doing business with organized crime, and the fact that they will either rip you off or infect your computer with a virus, should be incentive enough for anyone to avoid them.

2004-09-10 12:49:50 -
OEMCD Inc is changing web address every day

2004-09-07 06:54:14 -
I understand there is an "OEM CD" as a way of sell a
software with hardware. I bought Norton Anti-virus
as OEM from PC retailer in my town. However not all
software producer does this type of supply of product.
So be carefull what you get.

To stop spam, all of you need to be careful not to be
used as spammer. I think I am getting many spams from
you guys.

First you need a good firewall. Some stubid firewall
software has it own mail server which can be attacked
by spamer. I believe all of ISP have some type of
protection in thire system, so your PC is a target of
spamers. I was using ZoneAlarm, and now using hardware
firewall as an internet router for about $100. If
there is no PC spamer can use, there is no spam...
at least, less, I believe....

Hope you guys get some protection for your PC....


2004-09-07 05:21:19 -
I purchased on 8/9/04 MS Office for XP I got an ID number and it sifd if I have any questions to contact The charge was suppose to have been for $65.00 because the ad said free shipping but on 8/12/04 they took $77.04 out of my bank account and gave a phony telephone number. I am very disappointed I do not have money to throw away.

2004-09-04 01:17:36 -
On 8-12-04 I bought windows XP pofessional until to day I did not get it, I sent to them several e-mails to with ou answer now the website is down and could not claim more unfurtunatelly until yesterday I found this website that people is claiming abou them which is fake website but today I found that they are using the following website: if somebody can do something!!

2004-09-03 08:38:00 -
I placed an order with oemcd, inc. on 8/21. It gave me an order id and a support e-mail address of for questions. 8/30 e-mail request for info on delivery has gone unanswered.

Hoping software will just show up as others have reported at, but I am not hopeful.

Are people calling their credit card companies to reverse charges? What other courses of action can be taken?

2004-08-31 12:07:52 - Katie
I'd appreciate any contact details for the company. Maybe a buyer could post the details. I'd like to inform them of Australian privacy laws regarding the sending of unsolicited emails.

2004-08-31 11:55:50 - Katie
How can I block email from this company?

2004-08-30 03:49:20 -
Just to throw a small wrinkle into this thread, I ordered on July 20, total $79.84. Did not receive anything. Today as I am checking with my Credit Card company for additional charges I found a credit of $78.58 dated Aug 23. Customer service thinks the dif is for change in exchange rate. I don't know but can't beleive they did this $1.26 profit. By the way I did hear via email from them several times concerning my order and never requested a refund. Interesting

2004-08-30 00:35:46 - Jim cambell
I had no problem buying and install XP pro and getting it activated by Microsoft. If it isn't legal wouldn't they tell me?

2004-08-29 05:50:26 -
I purchased XP from this company before reading all the negatve comments on various forums. I immediately thought that I'd just been ripped off, but today 12 days after placing my order I got an OEM version with key, although I did pay $15 for 3-5 day shipping. But not bad for $65 bucks.

2004-08-28 12:37:30 - peter
while reading this article. ive noticed an ad by google on the top right hand side with the heading "low cost software"
and the link
thats site is run by oem solutions ltd.
one of the scam companies mentioned here..
whats the go there??

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