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Discussion : OEM software scams on the rise

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2004-09-27 06:25:10 - David
On 8/2/04, I submitted a comment about not receiving the software I purchased, nor having a way to contact the company. Since then, I have received the 2 items I ordered -- Office Pro and Windows XP Pro. Both arrived in good condition (from Moscow), both work fine, and my credit card was charged the correct amount.

2004-09-27 06:23:49 -
After reading the below, I was for sure I was taken, like the rest. Not sure my case is greed, but niave, as I have seen WinXP on sale as low as $79.99. The first thing was contacting the Credit card company to reverse the charges, couldn't do that, i was too late. But I was amazed that this thread did not warn all to CANCEL the Card, as this will stop future fradulent activity, they have your card info you know!.. Like the rest, the website disappeared, and I was inquisit to put there email to test. So I did just that, and to my surprise, they responded within 3-4 hours, with the weblink.... (withheld as not to promote this) which is up and working for now. I am just wondering, will the software make it here, probably not, but why would they jave responded to my inquiry of the shipping number? Well again, this is a test, and I dont have any other vices, like gambling, so this will be my first $50 risk. Will let the thread know if I do get a product...Thanks all

2004-09-27 00:29:09 -
sent 50 dollars to oemcdroms on 28 09 04 not seen disc or news 28 days later

2004-09-25 04:45:54 - Lurch
I prefer to get my pirated software from more reputable sources, like my geek friend Chico. Why pay even $50.00?

2004-09-21 21:48:27 -
Please check this article before buying any OEM software:

2004-09-21 19:46:53 - Andy
Hmmm - I ordered without researching it a few weeks ago. I received Microsoft Office Cd but it was unusable. 15% of the silvering had been sratched off so it was transparent. It did not look genuine at all. I was imagining the Cds you get when you buy a computer. It was far from that.

I emailed them three times and got a response as soon as I threatened them with being reported. They said seven days before it arrives, I have yet to see it - they have not been using my email address though as far as I can see.

I have not posted my email address to this article.

2004-09-21 19:15:04 - David Ko
The scam has repeatedly change their website domain name very often, ranging from a few days to a few weeks. I have bookmarked these websites frequently. last time it was now it is unaccessable. All of these scam websites have the same format and the same software CD offering price.

Please be careful

2004-09-21 00:09:00 -
We received an email from a company call them selfs and we tried to two different credit cards both said bank denied so we thought the order was denied, two day later we recieved multiple email telling us the order had been processed. I have tried everthing to contact this company with no results. I am hoping we can cancel these orders with our credit card company. Lesson Learned email the company first.

2004-09-20 03:31:46 -
On 7/27/04 I ordered a WIN XP pro cd from the oemcd website, the software I was really interested in was the $4100 auto cad software for only $120, I admit that the deal sounded way to good to be true,so I ordered the XP cd as kind of a test to see if it was indeed a scam. On the 28th I recieved e-mail conformation that my order had been "dispatched" to my address, along with an order ID# and an e-mail address if I required any more info.
It took the XP cd about 4 weeks to arrive, it came with a functional cd key, my credit card was charged the correct amount, I have installed and been running it with no problems, I use ZONE ALARM PRO internet protection which monitors all out going program activity and have not seen any unauthorized programs trying to access the internet, no bugs, no bots,
no virus, in all I have had none of the problems described here, I stumbled on this site during a search for the oemcd site as I had forgoten to bookmark it when I placed my XP order.

2004-09-18 09:31:48 - Mark N
I think I just got taken too. I saw the oemcd ad with Windows XP Pro at $50. Luckily I found this thread and went to my bank right away. They may get the $50 but at least they won't get any more. I also thought it was odd that they insisted on my phone number, so I gave them an old one that has been disconnected. If they are spammers I imagine what they what they are really after is my email address. Time will tell.

2004-09-18 02:34:16 -
oemcd, Inc is offering Windows XP and Office XP for $80. It seemed like a good idea. When I got the CDs the Office XP CD contained another copy of Windows XP, not Office XP and the Key was useless. They have no e-mail, but when you go to their web page and go to 'More Software' there is a place to add comments. This seems to be the only way to contact them. I complained about my problem a couple of weeks ago, and again recently. No response.

2004-09-18 00:51:11 -
I tried out one site, My credit card was debited by a russian operator, but the software never arrived, having complained at the clearing operator, I was promised that the amout was credited, but after a year I still wait.....
Lesson to learn, by it in the shop and pay when you can feel a real box with CD's in your hand.

2004-09-17 16:46:07 -
I received an e-mail from saying I had placed an order. And that it would arrive "from 10 up to 14 days." They say: "We thank you for your order of Special Offer 31, order ID being LB1318640596."

Their e-mail says: "We are glad to inform you that the product was successfuly dispatched to your address on 09/16/2004."

I have not placed an order and have no idea who these people are.

I believe this to be a scam.

They DO have a correct mailing address. Evidently, they have access to someone's database.

I have not ordered anything on the Net for quite some time.

When I go to, I'm given a message "Web Site Not Responding.

A. Silver
Newport News, VA

2004-09-16 23:37:38 -
I purchased XP and Office XP. I never received a confirmation or anything. I'm afraid that my card will probably be charged several times. They haven't sent me anything yet as far as a confirmation #.
I am contacting my bank and am going to wait to see what happens. Gotta be careful of these scam artists.

2004-09-16 17:29:20 -
On 08/19/04 I placed an order for Mac OS X version 10.3 "Panther" with Soft-For-Sale. The order was confirmed by an e-mail from on 08/21/04., Also a second e-mail from on the same date gave the link as the source of shipping and transaction information.

Recent attempts to the latter result in a not available message.

The credit card used for the purchase has been charged. I am going to contact the credit card company for information et al.

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