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Discussion : Nigerian Puppy Scam

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2009-03-09 16:42:43 -
answered ad in small town paper...Springtown and Azle paper..."James Walter" a west african missionary w/a family of 3 kids and a wife couldn't keep their 2 yorkies cuz of health conditions, etc....we all know the story...too many red flags went up for my husband and me...I finally told him after 2 days of scrapping w/him...{he is persisitent}...send the pups to me and I will send you my half of shipping costs $425 upon receipt of pups...he said he had to have half of the payment up front for "Good faith" or would not send them...I told him...send them and I'll pay when they arrive...he suddenly didn't want to talk anymore.....

2009-03-09 16:29:58 -
Almost got scammed by "James Walter" missionary w/ wife and 3 kids....2 yorkies suffering from the hot weather etc. etc. I needed to pay 1/2 of the shipping costs $425 before he could ship them...after much messaging there were too many red flags for my husband and I...I finally told him I would send him the $$$ after I received the puppies....after all their health was in danger...he sent one more message saying he would not do that for his own peace of mind on receiving the payment and that was the last we heard from him...he advertized in small town newspapers...Springtown and Azle Texas...BEWARE

2009-03-05 22:24:41 -
THERE IS NO YORKIE. DIVILO4REAL@YAHOO.COM is a well-known and exceptionally STUPID pet scammer located in CAMEROON AFRICA. This idiot scammer will ask interested buyers to pay for the dog's shipment, down payment, inoculations and any number of other miscellaneous fees. The victims wire money for the dogs but only get excuses for the delay. Instead, they're repeatedly asked for more money to cover additional "fees" invented by the scammer

2009-02-20 14:40:16 - Alicia
i almost got scammed.
dont trust these people, dont send any money at all.
This was the last email i took from these people, behind finding this website.

You sound skeptic from your email , and thats very wrong, if you are thinking that I just wanted to take your money for nothing. When I known how people worked and earn their money, I will never think of taking some advantages over you and your money, please take that out of your mind, that is really awful thing on the earth that I will never think about doing. Please understand me better, I was not trying to lure you into this, everything about me and my puppies are 100% real ok, i will like you to know one thing i am a man of God and i such much believe in his words and i wouldn't do such a thing when i have blood running through my vain.You will have to go to the nearest western union to go send the money to the information of the agent i sent to you in my earlier email.
I await yur soonest response.

2009-02-15 13:59:48 -
My friend did this and almost got taken so I am writing him now and he is telling me the same thing, How is he allowed to keep doing this.

2009-02-12 12:03:47 -
Heres the 2nd part and heres when I really started to think this wasnt right

I am really happy that i found a good parent for my lovely babies,The cost of adoption and shipping of one puppy is $250 that mean if you are adopting both babies will cost you $500 including shipping the babies back to John F. Kennedy International Airport,You can go ahead and send the payment to the shipping agent incharge of shipping the puppies back to united state.all you have to do just go to any Western Union Transfer or a Grocery Store around your location and send the money to the name below.

NAME.................. JAMES THOMAS

Email me with the western union details after you have send the money,so that i can forward it to the shipping agent to confirm your payment then your puppy will be shiped next day available flight to your will have to pickup the pups at the airport if you have a valid id card but if you dont have just let me know so that they can just bring the babies down to your address.Please make sure you take good care of the puppies.

I will always remember you in prayer

Thanks and God Bless

2009-02-12 12:01:16 -
I'm so happy that i looked up all stuff b4 sending them any money but I was a little worried about this as well

First of all, I must thank my living Lord that I found an intending
parent for my babies, I also give thanks to the breeder that directed
you to me. I`m giving them out for adoption. They are 3 months
currently and Akc registered all their shots are up to date.They are
$250 each shipping included.I got relocated to west africa recently
and could not take care of the babies anymore. I want a great home for
them because they are my real babies.The weather here is not conducive
for them that is why I want to get them out as soon as possible and I
will be very happy if you will be one to take them as your babies.I
have a male and his name is Micah while the female name is Cindy they
are both very good with kids and love to play alot this is one of
their many character, I never wanted to sell them but the weather here
in West Africa is not helping matter at all. If you are interested
kindly get back to me with your full contact address.such as your full
name.address and phone number also the nearest airport to your home
asap. so that the babies can be on their way to their new home as soon
as their shipping arrangement is concluded! I will be making use of
the agent that shipped them into west africa for me for there
immediate shipping back to the USA . All the papers work of the
puppies are complete and the puppies will be ship out as soon as your
payment is confirm by my shipping agent.Get back to asap to tell more
of your apartment where you going to keep my babies indoor or outdoor?

I will always remember you in my daily prayers

God Bless You

2009-02-11 23:40:38 -
omgosh im so glad i di what i did and WOW what a hecktic day - this guy tried seeling us the pup saying the same thing. we cashed the money lol then we came home and got a second email exactly the same on a teacup chihuahua so we went allll the way back to walmart and thankfully we got our money back and then he wrote back as i got home and i started believe him and im good at hacking into things and i tried to hack into his email but i couldnt do ittt, im stil working on it. and i wonder if there is somthing that we can do about this email me back met me knw wut ut hink! we have to stick togther n bring this guy down!

2009-02-10 21:04:43 -
Here is the last message from ablegod101 aka John Miller or Dr. Miller

"No you have to pay for the adoption fees so that I can be sure that you are really instrested in it "

Dr. Miller could not afford a cell phone that is why he is using an answer service at 772-617-0519.

I spoke to Dr. Miller and his accent is pretty strong "Nigerian" accent.

2009-02-10 20:58:55 -
Here are a few email addresses of the "Nigerian" and Cameroonian Puppy Scam!

It is a network of scammers because two AFRICAN accent guys "jhn.kgn03" called me with their broken English.

2009-02-10 19:51:58 -
My husband and I just got scammed by these people. They did the same thing to use. And we sent $200.00 that is what my husband told him we can afford. Now we are out of $200.00 dollars. We recieved a email from Tudorfreight that we owe still $500.00. I am very mad and so is my husband. We have 5 kids and really couldn't afford it. But did it for the kids. too good to be true. we saved all of the phone numbers and emails that were sent.

2009-01-29 19:39:18 - Too mad to scam
This guy also goes by the name of Rob Elliot contact number 234-187-2454 and claims to have two Yorkies...same exact to good home....abut I am stuck in Africa.... just pay shipping....he plays it up good and tugs at your heartstrings with heartfelt stories about being a Christian missionary....nice!

2009-01-29 14:43:46 -
Hi I was almost scammed by Reverend Robin Peter who has many aliases and many email address. He has been trying to sell pretty much every type of highly sought out dogs. He is also on craigs list for three homes across the U.S. saying he will rent for 600$ 3 bedroom 2 car garage since he is going to Africa. The only way to stop them right now is to get the word out. Also if you can use a different address and play with them. IF they are worries about sellign to you it may prevent them from scamming someone esle. A woman on another website blog said she played along with it and sent him a fake western union code I guess they are like 10 digets long. He said it didnt work and had her try again she did this for a week. She talked to him for 2 weeks so for 3 weeks he was destracted by her. Just think if every person he tried to scam did this? I was sent pics of Terra anc Cached also and almost fell for it. Thanks to people putting the word out on the web it saved me 500$.

2009-01-29 08:43:10 -
I saw on the internet a Maltese for adoption. I was contact through email with the following reply.

Hello, Thanks for your interest in my pet.The little puppy is still very much available for adoption. This Baby is a Purebred little girl, she is potty trained and friendly with children She is fit in the palm of your hand.She is AKC registered puppy .....Adorable and sociable with great Personalities and very good bloodlines.She is vet-checked, up to date on shots and deworming,and are health guaranteed... All the papers will accompany the puppy,But right now I am in Africa on a Christian mission with my wife and we have the puppy right here with us.we are going to ship her to you via express delivery on next day delivery after shipment through a shipping agent,so if you are interested in having the puppy, I want you to get back to me with your full name, Home address including the nearest airport to you. Please if you know that you are not going to take very good care of my baby, do not reply me because I am giving her on adoption because of bad condition or anything I am only giving this puppy out because we don't have time to take care of the puppy again due to the mission work before us here. She will be going for free so I will like you to get back to me with your Full name,Full address, contact phone number and your Nearest airport . so you can have this darling baby join your happy family.

I told them $200 for shipping cost was too high and they stated they will pay $100 for the shipping and the balance for me was $100. Since this was too good to be true I did some Investigating online about scams to Nigeria and found your website. Thank God for second feelings. I reported the Ad as a scam on Kijiji Website.

2009-01-26 18:35:23 -
He almost got me but for my husband keen foresight he had me do some checking on the internet and i found your responses. He sent me the same letter that he sent Sanders, except a few little differences. I am glad I was able to find this. Thanks everyone for posting your responses to this scam. BASTARD I'll shove the cloth up his ASS!!

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