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Discussion : Nigerian Puppy Scam

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2010-02-17 19:49:07 -
yes.they just got me also with the same thing.This person name was juliet smith and from victoria island,lagos in nigeria and i paid her 150usd for a maltese puppy was free they said but caost of shipping fees and crate was 150usd.this was suppose to be my daughters birthday present friday and now i have no money and she has no gift.I want you to catch and lock these people up.

2010-02-15 22:07:14 -
I just posted below.--beware..heres the email I received from these SCAMMERS!! ARREST THEM!

I quite appreciate your interest towards my puppy.I have gotten your full shipping information and have fowarded it to my shipping agent for shipping arrangement to commence immediately pending when payment is been made for the shipment. I don"t want you to worry yourself at all, the puppy will be in good hands,i promise.I will like you to know that is not the money that really matters to me but the care of Nina and i will like you to promise me that you will take very good care of her when you get her.Also Nina has no defect and she is very healthy so you have nothing to worry about.Meanwhile payments will not be made to me but my shipping agent who will taking care of the shipping.Payments has to be made through any Westernunion close to you.Immediately the payment is been confirmed,shipping will commence immediately and by 5.30 tomorrow evening,Nina will be at PHoenix SKY HARBOR AZ International Airport,for pick up by you..Meanwhile you will have to go immediately to make payments for shipment to commence.So below is the informations needed to make payments through Westernunion:

NAME: Paul Madee
ZIP CODE:23401


SENDERS NAME................?
SENDERS ADDRESS...............?
AMOUNT SENT....................?$300

Immediately the payment is been confirmed,shipping will commence immediately.pls ensure to be at PHoenix SKY HARBOR AZ International Airport, before 5.30pm tomorrow evening to recieve Nina.Also i will be waiting to hear from you.

Contact phone number You can reach me..... Call Now +234-702-9446-926 or you provide me yours.

Rev Chris Evas

2010-02-15 22:03:02 -
yep, advertised a standard poodle on wrote them it was a middle man...immediatly Rev Chris Evas contacted send him all demographics and the loving puppy of 3 mos old, potty trained et al..would be shipped to my home for 300$...the dog is free..just send $300. then called my home---2 hours later sent me an email...i still have not rec'd your shipping was 8pm at nite! how could I? Right then and there...i knew it was a scam!! WATCH OUT they're using all the great dog sites!

2010-02-14 22:44:12 -
I seen a ad in the express newspaper here in washington, D.C in I believe oct. 2008. It said that these people have yorkie pupies up for adoption. I showed the ad to my fiancee' he knew I really wanted a yorkie, so anyway all these days go by we are exchanging emails with this guy "Robin Peter" and he is calling us and everything. So one of the emails says something about a shippin fee long story short my fiancee sent 600dollars via western union I had started having a bad feeling about it and was like baby let's just forget it and he's like naw its gonna be ok but guess what it is Feb 2010 and. Robin Peter still got them damn dogs and my babys 600.NEVER AGAIN IF ITS NOT FACE TOO FACE I WILL NOT DO IT IF I WERE U

2010-01-14 14:34:17 -
man I wish I had seen this sight before all this had happened!

2010-01-14 14:31:51 -
I believed that i was just scammed. Pastor Samuel Verdine recent citizen of tucson az now living in nigeria ( and 2 beautiful english bulldogs needing help cant survive in the weather in nigeria has been e-mailing me to get me to send him more money after I contacted a Tammy Conlon ( an ad i found on advertising pups for $550 she gave me his e-mail and said he was looking for someone to adopt the pups they got my brother and I for about a grand that was $600 dollars for the puppies and $400 to get them shipped here I have to admit I am young and naive but hey I was always told I have to learn the hard way and so I have Fool me once shame on me!

2010-01-11 23:55:42 - me
This scam is still going on. He just got my friend. His new name is Robin Peter...

2009-12-11 00:24:25 -
This man is awful! he even sent us pics of two very cutie puppies! i attached his first e-mail to us so you will not be scamed by this man!

Date: Mon, 7 Dec 2009 00:44:57 +0100
Subject: About My Bulldog Puppies.

Thank you very much and i'm very very happy to read from you about your response on taking good care of the babies. they are 10 weeks old and both home trained and outdoor trained also playful with other animals and kids. The male named (Max) weigh 10 Pounds and the female named (Bella) weigh 9 Pounds and will weigh big when fully grown. they are both A K C registered and shots are given up to date and both home trained. both of them are my darling sweetheart and super spoiled! They both have a sweet personality and loves to play and be carried around.
But i'm very sorry to tell you that it is too late for you to get the babies now. What really happened was that i just left the state for Africa in some few days ago after i posted the the ad on the newspaper and before i left, i did not get any response from anybody that could take very good care of them for me. So i got a missionary call from our missionary headquarters in Africa, then i have to bring the babies along with me here in Africa since i couldn't find someone to adopt them before i left the state.
I'm still willing to give the babies out to someone who can take very good care of them for me forever. All papers will accompany the puppies when shipped to you, Due to our long staying over here in africa, and the bad weather my Wife and I have concluded to get good home and care for our babies. We are not charging or selling them to you for money but to save their life's saved and care for them so this means that, you and i will be paying for the shipment of the puppies to you. they are VET checked, but right now we are in Africa on a Christian mission with my wife and 3 kids together with Bella and Max,
we have the puppies right here with us.
We are going to ship to you via a Dispatch Courier Service Company with Express Delivery on next day delivery, if you are really interested in having my little babies, i want you to get back to me with your full Name , Home Address, direct contact phone number and name of the nearest Airport to you. Please if you know that you are not capable of taking very good care of my babies, do not reply me because i am giving them out because of bad condition and we're
spending months for the christian mission and i don't want Bella and max to die in this bad weather. And because we don't have time to take care of them due to the missionary work before us here. They are priceless to me,therefore i am giving both for free, so i will like you to get back to me with the Above information i can find out shipping cost to your Nearest Airport, and we both responsible for the shipping cost
I've attached pics of Bella and Max.
Thank you and God bless you and your family.
Yours in Christ.
Pastor Chris Evans.

2009-12-03 16:56:50 -
Please be careful with newspaper ads for english bulldog puppies for sale for $500 or less. This is a scam today there were 5 ads in az republic for english bulldogs less then $500. I called all the numbers listed and they were disconnected except one was to a business. DO NOT SEND THESE PEOPLE MONEY!!! If anyone knows any information pleas report the scam to the attorney generals office so we can stop these people from steeling our hard earned money!!!!

2009-12-03 13:03:05 -
I answered a add in my local news paper about Free english bulldog puppies. only was to reach them was e-mail so I emailed & when he answered said was a pastor & just left IA for Africa & the weather was to bad for the 9wk old puppies 1 male & 1 female and didnt have anyone to leave them with in the states so all we needed to do was pay part of the shipping 400. of the 895. I asked if I could pay the company on this end he gave me info nut had to call Ken Wood with dispatch courier service & I couldnt find anything out about this co. so I just email Chris Evans that I will take the puppies if he wants to pay to have them shipped to me & when I recived them I would send him the money other wise forget it. I also called my local newspaper & infored them of this add & they are going to ck into the matter

2009-11-22 21:51:26 - Melody
Okay, so this is the latest ad......
The puppy advertised has been bought by one of our customer and the puppy is doing quite well with her and her family according to her recent update me about the pup welfare at her home.But it is very unfortunate that the puppies i advertised has just been bought by one of our customer from the USA because our puppies was rushed this month So i would like to refer you to one of our customer,i want to refer you to Rev Geoffrey Rybiski he is a very good customer,He bought two puppies from me as well.He has been transferred to (Ike re,Ekiti) in continuations to his Missionary Work.He went there with the two puppies he bought from me.Unfortunately,(Ike re-Ekiti) is not the place for these types of dogs.He contacted me few days ago so that i could find a caring and loving parent that will adopt the pups to a caring and lovely home in the USA.

Contact Rev Geoffrey Rybiski asap and tell him I refereed you to him He will be excited if he knows that i directed you to him.

Write Rev Geoffrey Rybiski on his email address Below:

Get me informed as soon as you adopt the pups from him.
Best Regards

Same story... different names.... same picture and ad....

2009-11-18 12:54:15 - melody
so i just looked on the newspaper ads and the same picture is up again that was used to scam my friend with bulldog puppies. Nice try dumb asses ashley celestino/reverand noble/stephen are at it again. Avoid the 500 dollar christmas puppies on the arizona republic website

2009-11-13 23:17:22 -
ashley celestino,reverand william noble jr, and stephen from the london health organization are the latest and greatest to hop into the puppy scam. I responded to Ashleys ad in the paper, when she responded back she gave me a sob story about reverand noble jr. having to move to nigeria with the two puppies and now needing to get rid of them. I emailed the reverand and he kept making up price after price i needed to pay him because he tried to ship me"his babies" as he referred to them, and they were stuck in london and needed to be quarantined and insured and i needed to scan a copy of my drivers license to stephen at the london health organization, otherwise they were going to send the puppies to the zoo. Needless to say after i looked up this website i decided to tell them to go to hell.

2009-11-05 23:05:47 -
hi i was just wanted to say that i was onlime on pupys for and i saw a cute german sheppard and emailed the supposed owners but when then emailed me back i had seached there names aand all that came up was how they scam people all the time. her supposed name is Serena Jonson and his name is Robert Kinoshita thank you please arrest these people

2009-10-26 12:56:54 -
I believe I'm in the middle of a scam right now. So far I have sent 200.00 for the shipping fees. Now they just told me that they are being held in London and that I have to pay another 750.00 to get them out of London. The are 2 English Bulldogs for free in the paper. The name is Rev Johnson Carey.

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