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November 2003
  1. Virus-writing hackers are biggest threat
  2. Cyber-Attacks: easy to launch
  3. Japan Police Arrest Brazilian Teenager^;Alleged Cybercrime
  4. Man gets 5 years for Internet, bank scam
  5. Peorian gets prison for computer crime
  6. Hillsboro's cybercrime unit breaks up
  7. They catch cyber criminals
  8. Ukrainian Hacker has been caught red-handed
  9. EC site to combat IT crime
  10. Crooks stalking net banks
  11. Cybercrime strikes U.S. economy
  12. Congressman Puts Cybersecurity Plan on Hold
  13. Cyberterrorism: More sophisticated than past worms
  14. Internet more dangerous than ever
  15. New Zealand Under Attack of Cyber Swindlers
  16. $5m-fists up against viruses
  17. Officials declare open season on child predators
  18. Al-Qa'ida Website Issues Ramadan Warning
  19. E-police unlikely to get bigger budget
  20. RIP tribunal dismisses 470 privacy violations
  21. PC security audits for businesses?
  22. Senetas more secure than ever
  23. Foolish CEOs flunk security test
  24. The Guardia di Finanza, Milan, neutralized a dangerous computer virus that defrauded users of 104,000 Euro
  25. Ashcroft takes on foreign government hackers
  26. Hackers in attack on RBS credit card firm
  27. Hackers: is it so bad?
  28. Police investigate Internet stalking
  29. Many Think Banks' Anti-Fraud Safeguards 'Inadequate'
  30. Ukrainian Hackers Attack Royal Bank
  31. Whiz-kids on attack
  32. New warning on credit card fraud
  33. Singapore tightens Internet security laws
  34. Cybercrime - it's the outsiders wot's to blame
  35. Cyber terrorism or Traditional Terrorism
  36. Cyber terrorism or Traditional Terrorism
  37. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?
  38. Innovation time for India's cyber crime
  39. Zombie machines fueling new cyber-crime wave
  40. Is government ignoring the threat of cyberterrorism?
  41. The Fourth Annual Conference "ITS-2004" Partenit, Ukraine - June 21-25, 2004
  42. Parliament grants government powers tightening Internet surveillance
  43. Gartner labels cyberterrorism a dud
  44. Thwarting the cyber terrorist
  45. Cybercrime Conference 2004
  46. Computer hacking: potentially a new kind of war in the Middle East
  47. Cybersnooping to thwart terror deserves support
  48. P23-M US package to fight cyberterrorism for RP
  49. New Zealand police warn about gold credit card scam from China
  50. Al-Jazeera site hacker sentenced to community service
  51. U.N. group seeks control of Internet
  52. Annual losses from pirated copies in the Russia make about $3 billion
  53. Bush Asks Senate Approval to Ratify Convention on Cybercrime
  54. Internet predators
  55. 'Mischievous' e-mail to Kiwis: cafe located
  56. Phishing for Online IDs
  57. Austin man pleads guilty to criminal sexual contact with granddaughters
  58. Telecoms ministers combat cyber crime
  59. Credit Card Scammers Attack East End
  60. Cyberterrorism: a new reality
  61. Cybercrime sweep nets 125 arrests nationwide
  62. Legal regulation of the Internet
  63. Oakridge pair arrested in federal 'Cyber Sweep'
  64. Jail for internet identity fraud
  65. Congress reaches antispam bill accord
  66. Justice Department announces ‘Operation Cyber Sweep’
  67. Singapore cyberterrorism laws raise fears of abuse
  68. Hacker attacks on firms are rising
  69. Cyber Terrorism Targets Brunei Bank, But No Cause For Worry Says GM
  70. New European hi-tech crime agency
  71. Internet fraudsters sentenced to 15 years
  72. Tulsa Police's Cybercrime Tip of the Week
  73. Singapore takes war on terror to the Web
  74. Cybercrime Agency gets the EU Go-Ahead
  75. Deakin joins cyber-terror battlefield
  76. ISP's "Black Box" is accessible to Law Enforcement
  77. Russian e-commerce targeted by blackmailers
  78. Man Stole Computers
  79. Internet Security & Fraud: The Wild, Wild West Online
  80. Ukraine Takes War on Pirated Copies
  81. Suspected thief arrested
  82. Cyber watchdogs to get stronger teeth
  83. Nigeria fights online fraudsters
  84. Computer theft in businesses becoming a growth industry

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