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Discussion : Top world ISPs unite in fight against hackers

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2006-06-26 11:07:57 -

2006-02-20 17:37:05 -

2006-01-13 04:53:02 -
how r u fighting against

2005-11-22 17:44:13 -
Where can I send copies of unwanted porn invitation Emails that I get every so often? I have one now asking me to go to a kiddie porn link and would Like to send it to someone who can do something about it.


2005-11-14 07:23:10 -
bring on the topics about the issue,,,they are most welcome

2005-11-02 12:40:43 -
You are the best!

2005-09-08 23:03:31 -
Right, I got s point to make, so listen up...
it's not like anyone's gonna stop hacking an cracking for good, so why even bother trying.
yeah. We sit ere at our lil computer desks with our stupid little anti-spyware and anti-virus stuff, but what good is it really doing?? I mean, the program you're using is probably a virus anyway, or spy-ware, and you know what? Nobody's doing a damn thing about it,and you know why??? because, NOBODY CAN! Whatever you try and do, somebody is gonna figure out some sort of way to get round it all and still glue themselves to your hard-drive and do whatever damage they can, "this whole debate is pointless"... true... because whatever happens, hacking is still gonna be around. For years to come, so stop worrying about it. Eventually, you'll get over it.

2005-04-14 16:48:17 - Jehoowah
"Hacking is like sex; some make love and some rape. And there are things in between them."

2005-04-10 05:22:37 - John S.
2005-04-10 05:18:31 - John S.
2005-04-07 12:49:37 - indebted_soul
lol at you man the Gov. does not do a d@mn thing for us against hackers i think hackers need to go screw with the site lol then the hackers can feel how to be fucked
yo i ment the fbi can feel how to be Fuck3d not hackers lol the feds i messed up

2005-04-10 05:18:31 -
2005-04-07 12:49:37 - indebted_soul
lol at you man the Gov. does not do a d@mn thing for us against hackers i think hackers need to go screw with the site lol then the hackers can feel how to be fucked

2005-04-07 12:49:37 - indebted_soul
Thank goodness the good people in our gov/ industry are protecting us innocent folks for hackers. Best of luck to them.


2005-04-05 21:37:18 - Discontent aka Anymouse ..|.,
Upon further reflection I say let them do what they wish. Monitor us, keep log files, write new laws, implement boundaries based on politics. Survival of the fittest and history shows that it will not work. Not to mention heavy handed control techniques always, without fail, create a hard backlash reaction among those that are not blind within the box ;)

Waste time and money catching the lower 80% and chasing will-o-wisps. The only ones impacted will still be the honest, the computer illiterate, computer semi-literate, and script-kiddies.

Look outside the Internet... Have we solved the Gang or drug problems? What happens each time we get tougher, spend more money and expend more resources? The problem grows as we are culling the bottom of the pond for them... rofl... Please disagree with me... I really do not care as reality is reality regardless of what you wish to percieve :P

2005-04-05 20:56:53 -
yo i think they should not do this i mean they well know w/e you do
everything from checking porn out or cracking porn sites or w/e
i think my opion i thinks ya hackers crackers should u know do time i guess but i mean hell i think the Gov. should use them to go take out all the Kiddie Porn sites to go bring their servers down hack the pedifilers uh Mob etc i mean hell , i would not want the gov to watch everysingle thing i do on my pc shit that is against our rights
and if bush is backing this i think if this pass's law we should beable to watch wtf he does on his f****** pc and the Gov's pc if they watch us we should beable to watch their @$$'$
i mean hell the Gov as you know it got
these hackers / crackers started they challenged all of them to hack crack the Pentagon back a few yrs ago
when they said Hack Us Crack Us you well not be in trouble so they were the 1's to get all thios $#!t started now they can't get it to stop

so you know they Messed up their beds so i think they should fix their own beds without watching us
i think this is the Sign of the Beast 666 to come when they watch all are movements
e-mail me a reply

2005-04-05 02:41:46 - Anymouse
ROFL... I noticed many comments about tracking IP's and lack of privacy and anonimity on the net. Keep on believing that!!! ;) It makes it easier for the rest of us with a slight hint of imagination and a clue.
I guess hackers cannot:
- Use a proxy
- Use an encrypted tunnel
- Use a library
- Use a box in an insecure location at your workplace that does not employ us
- Use your parents insecure Windows box (Do you really honestly think they would notice a covert channel/rootkit/trojan on their box? Oh yeah, their ISP will notice the encrypted traffic coming from the server in Lithuania or the UAE ;) rofl
- Use one of the countless wireless networks everyone gratiously abliet unknowingly provides to the public.
- Even more fun would be to use a network gratiously provided at a "security conference" aka Clueless Security Vendor smoke and mirror forum run by "Security exports" aka new computer users that purchased a book or learned how to use vendor security checklists.

- Use time based attacks from compromised hosts initially cracked and setup using one of the techniques above or one of the many countless techniques not listed

Tell me, how easy is it for the US authorities to trace a connection back through Russia to Lithuania to China to the US? Language barriers, economic barriers, and political barriers usually prevent this unless it is a very serious attack that has attracted the media and forces action.

Please, continue to tell yourself what you wish. Whatever makes you sleep at night :P

2005-04-04 19:07:57 -
the whole reason for fuzz is because since ivention of the internet. society had been divided into 2 parts: 1 computer literate (computer/software engineers, ect) and computer illetare. and unfortunately median play game of the dark side feeding public with 100% nonsense. just for info no Country has the real law that requires punishment for a computer crime (D0s, flooding). questions arises why? Since those 5 big ISP want unite against "hackers" they have to ask law makers to make the law.

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