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Top world ISPs unite in fight against hackers

Date: March 31, 2005
Source: Computer Crime Research Center
By: CCRC staff

Top world's Internet providers have announced the establishment of a global anti-hacker alliance (Fingerprint Sharing Alliance). BT Group, Deutsche Telekom, MCI, NTT Communications, Cisco Systems, EarthLink and others participate in the alliance which allows companies to share attack profiles and quickly stop internet attacks "as far from the target area as possible," said Tom Schuster, president of Arbor Networks, vendor of network integrity systems that protect organizations from destructive network attacks like Internet worms and denial of service, and operational vulnerabilities like peering issues and routing instability.

The system is brought to cope with DDoS attacks that take down websites and may paralize all the Internet soon. Though experts believe that technologies the Internet is based on will not allow a total victory over hackers.

"The operating principle of the technologies underlying the Internet will not allow hackers to be defeated," Informzashchita's Deputy Marketing Director Mikhail Savelyev said. "Users' web service may be chaotic, for instance, if somebody attaches a link to a tiny web site from a big popular site and a thousand of people rush there from all over the world, this might look like a DDoS attack to an outside observer."

According to the representatives of Russian telecommunications business, the alliance is not considering creating anti-hacker technology.

"The purpose of the alliance is not defeating hackers technologically, but to improve information exchange among Internet providers,"'s head of information protection said. "If there are common rules of provider interaction, repealing hacker attacks will be much easier."

"Cyberattacks are increasingly distributed, often spanning the entire internet and lots of providers," said Farnum Jahanian, founder and board chairman at Arbor. "Cooperation between different service providers is critical to tracing and stopping these attacks in real time."

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