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Discussion : Top world ISPs unite in fight against hackers

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2005-04-04 18:56:07 -
like some1 mentioned on forum, once you're in a cyberspace you lost your privacy. Well, IMO fight five top ISP is nothing but another bubble for media to swallow. if 10-15 years ago there was a border between white/black hackers. now, it had done. Forget about script kiddies (push-buttons)kids. they download IP sniffers...grabbing IP and....end up with nothing.

2005-04-03 10:53:27 -
whatever you slashdot hippies think, a hacker
is not only a geek who never crosses the line...
all your lame definitions back from the 80s are outdated... even back then when we hacked from c64
we actually *hacked* and not tried to stop other hackers.
nowdays all those fucking whitehat slashdot hippies
think they can change the world by cooking up patches..
wow what an effort grow up most if not all hacking technics are invented by the darkside. crackers are
those who crack software protection etc. you ppl
always refer to blackhats as script kiddies or crackers although most of the interesting code you
see is made by us :P so STFU !
all those whitehat fags who code PoC exploits bah what for ? why code an exploit if your not using it ?
the whitehats are the really bad ppl since on one side
they bitch about script kiddies and how they only use
our work without knowing what it does and blah blah while on the other side they feed them with new warez
all day long. real hackers keep their shit private and only release stuff if it gets old..but whitehats and the security industry do much more harm as the darkside. yet we have to take all the blame for script kiddies,crackers and whoever does stupid shit ..
in fact we are always one step ahead since what you see out in public is mostly known for ages in the underground.
and by the way ever heard of encryption ?
global monitoring my ass ..
we are watching all of you anyway..

2005-04-03 02:44:38 - KIP
Its irrelevant, the whole thing is nothing but a ruse. It is already in play. And the world hasn't known it until now. Script Kiddies, Hackers, Crackers, makes no difference, you are all numbers, you all have an IP address, you are all, ALL capable of being tracked. And what you do is only what you are allowed to do. This whole debate is pointless, because, there is no freedom on the Net, don't believe me, release a nice virus, or some spam, and see how long it takes before your ISP sends you a message saying, "Hey, you are doing something you shouldn't." Try scanning port 139 across 4 or five subnets in you ISP range. Watch as they freak and say you have a virus that is doing port scans. You wanna hack, you have to THINK better than they do. Now you have to think of ways to do it withou being seen, those cameras at the Library see you enter the room with the computers, and the Mall has cameras pointing at all those free internet terminals. You are being watched. You are being monitored. And you will be policed.

2005-04-03 02:12:57 -

I dont want to make this like some sort of SF story, but I think that this ISP thing will go deeper as it can, but where!?.
They tried to monitor e-mails with carnivore, but is not so much effective because cryptography is now learned by many individuals around and it can be applied quick end effective. Of course, cryptography is ilegal if is not reported and limited with key strength by government regulations, so they can broke it if needed. ( I realy can't figure why some terrorist will use e-mail coded as plain text as primarly communication channel so this carnivore thing failed in start as it work principals ).
They wannt something bigger, descriptive and effective.
United ISPs should function with principles to gain as many 'different users' so it will classify us in united
databases. If I browse securityfocus, sans, giac and of course participate in their certifications I'll be some kind of potential whitehat or if I browse packetstormsecurity, metasploit and/or others exploits-code zines I'll be some potential blackhat geek and should be classified with other n bro's around a world. If I comunicate with other geeks with the same 'sufring-interest', level of warning increases and classification goes to the next level. If I use my own chat program spawned to udp:65535, with my own blowfish implementation and key management to communticate with my girlfriend or wife, then what!? Me and my girlfriend or wife are going to other member classification group also, maybe by catching us, processing / harassing, for what?
For the liberty to communticate freely with my friends?
How should I explain them that maybe my chat program
cant be broken by me & all code served? No way!?
Is not this prohibition of liberty and open mind?
Maybe, some local news paper will characterize me as terrorist because I code my own chat program!? Or if I wrote my own cam channel so I can freely strip naked
and consume cybersex with my girlfriend if she working in Zimbabve ( on elections ;-) ) for couple of days.
What whit other 'regular surfers or surfer habbits' which are classified as good and honor citizens, they accounts will be taped, they buying habbits, they
driving habbits ( by paying parking with mobile phone ). What they eating, what they listening, about what they dreaming, are they happy? So many fields to manipulate with them, fake them, lie them, or maybe to help them?
Why Terri Schiavo isn't sponsored and helped by united pharmacies to be their person for future brain recovery experiments to make she parents happy leaving her alive?
Because, for them, there is no interest in making someone happy or giving life another chance without chance to be payed for.
Interest makes perfect.
For what interest we will pay?
For this ISPs shit there is a bigger chance to go in wrong direction instead of catching script kiddies and harassing them.

2005-04-02 22:23:52 -
ISP's have the right to protect themselves just as much as we have the right to protect ourselves. I do not think that a Global monitoring system is the answer to stopping cracking. ISP's need to get off their lazy ass and secure their networks. That will stop 70% of the unwanted traffic! It is that simple. SECURE YOUR SHIT.

On a second note. How effective would a global database be of network activity? How big do your own log files get from a weekend of latenight browsing? That would take tetrabytes a week to maintain and is not logical. What concerns me is the 'information sharing'. If I browse a porn site, I dont want to feel that that site could be requesting my infromation from the ISP to setup billing. I dont want to feel that they have the ability to even know who I am. Where is the line drawn and who will monitor what information is being requested and authorized? This is not just a way to protect your systems. This has the potential of being a Pandoras Service. A service with no regulations and no jurisdiction with information stored for the highest bidder. Who will regulate such data?

2005-04-02 04:59:59 -
Since when does Russia or any other eastern country prosecute for cyber activities?!? More than 50% of malicious content comes from the east, yet few have been caught and prosecuted.

This proposed system does sort of look like a big brother attempt, depending on how its is structured. It could EASILY be more than that.

Let's set the record straight for all the media organizations.
Hackers = individuals who know about computers; love to tinker and figure out stuff
Cracker = a criminal hacker; aka blackhat
Whitehat = individuals in charge of protection strategies in information security; defense against black / greyhats
Greyhat = between a white and a black hat

2005-04-02 00:10:32 -
well nice, but why dont you guys unite together and stop the cause that why they are doing this? you have any idea? US & Bush Government made them do such things like muslims hackers around the world doing this for peace.

2005-03-31 20:25:24 -
Double-speak/Jedi Mind Trick.

What they meant was, "We are setting up a simple way for the government to watch everything you do and all we need is to get a warrent from one of our bought/0wned DA's for one ISP".

This has absolutely nothing to do with stopping attacks, monitoring script kiddies, etc...

I had suggested to checkpoint a few years ago that if a database were maintained by an independant organization and had the proper privacy regs in place, then you could in theory reduce some of the attacks and in some _rare_ cases find the true or almost true origin of the attacks. They argued stating that no ISP would ever cooperate on that level unless they saw financial gain in doing so, or if they were pressured by the government to do so. This was also agreed upon by several other security vendors at the time. I do not believe anything has changed to suggest otherwise.

The good thing is, that every time someone tries to side-step privacy laws, it spawns some creative genius and we end up with some really kewl open source software that allows annonymous communication and/or other.

Don't get me wrong. I am all for big brother watching everything I do. I really brings the exhibitionist out in me. I tried to put on a show for one of the unmarked vans but they left. :(


2005-03-31 17:49:24 -
well, good, they will build some 'blackbox' technology
to defeat hackers!?
I'm not sure what will be that super technology, maybe sniffing over any kind of internet session like http, https, ftp, chat and any of clients that YOU can imagine / USE. ( in fact, which is already developed, but with slow prediction factor )
How it will work ( or it works right now )?
By checking any frame of data which is sent over network ( what if the frame is crypted - good, then they will encrypt it )! What about privacy? How they
will identify 'new kind of species which's ready for war' nested in some nice chat session?
They building databases of our habits or minds if you like it.
Why Yahoo giving us 1GB of data in they storage?
To control you ( by simple math )!!!
Any chance to be free of pricks which are fumbling us is to control them!!! ( gave them what they needs but faked ).
Build autonomy systems ( learn cryptography and you have some chance to wake up happy tomorrow )!!!
I'm not approving any kind of destruction, but also discussion about our life's stinks.
Greetings pals.

2005-03-31 17:00:30 - omg no
"The guy that builds the bomb is as responsible for the destruction as the guy that pushes the button."

right, so whoever invented the gun is responsible for every single bullet killing a live being?

2005-03-31 15:13:23 -
I second that! Crackers are the criminals, Hackers Unite.

2005-03-31 14:45:20 - thecreep
Don't you mean CRACKERS?

2005-03-31 14:41:21 -
Where would the script kiddes be without 'Hackers' releasing code/tools/scripts to them in the first place?

The guy that builds the bomb is as responsible for the destruction as the guy that pushes the button.

2005-03-31 13:31:09 -
Excuse me but: it's script kiddies not HACKERS that are the threat against internet infrastructure.

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