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Discussion : Two Romanians arrested on Internet fraud charges

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2006-09-02 09:37:15 - NORA TIRON
Nora Tiron from Galati is a big bitch !!!!
Send her pics with number, city and all her information in all WEB!!!!(motpheus...kazaa...)

2006-08-07 13:38:11 -
Nora tiron from galati is a big bitch !!! she take money from people ..a big bitch !!! don't send money to her !!!

2006-07-15 13:10:38 -
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2006-05-28 21:45:22 -
usa people must work hardly so Romanian hckers stole the money from your account or usa people are Romanian slaves..because they work and we(Romanian hckers) take the i have one think to say in the brave you chiken(usa persons) because after all i will cut you!!

2006-05-28 21:42:33 -
Hey american people!! wake up!! I really enjoy when i stole money from usa credit cards!! from usa banks...usa...the stupid nation!! ahahahha:))) so i like when you(american person) work hard monthly so i can take your money from your credit card or from your bank usa people are Romanian slaves:) hahahahahha:))

2006-05-21 17:56:35 -
nora tiron from galati is a big sammer

2006-05-10 00:12:56 -
Dick how many money you lose?to see how stupid you are. HA HA

2006-05-02 12:40:15 -
So basically you're too lazy to work and that is why you steal?

You better hope that you don't bring North America closer to Romania. If you do, some of you scammers might be held accountable on a PERSONAL level. We'll just give $50USD to the police so they look the other way.

2006-03-26 17:53:36 -
when you will earn 103 USD dollars a month for a decent job, come and speak to me,and we will find out then if you wouldn't rather scam some american idiots rather then work 12 hours a day. And by the way your life is based on stealing, you stole your land from the indians, you stole people from Africa and turned them into slaves i think I dont have to go on and on and on and on.If you are stupid enough I hope that we steal North America and we bring it altogheter to Romania

2006-03-25 04:42:57 -
Indeed Romania start to be on the #3 place after Russia and Nigeria in matters of scams.

2006-03-20 20:20:33 -
hi im a scammer

2006-01-03 15:20:36 -
Just this: Keep visiting websites and we'll keep on frauding you. It's nice when you can drive a BMW and spend money on romanian bitches... It's even better when it's not my money, but yours. M'kay see ya!
Oh, just so you know, the two "Romanian Rats" got off the hook, you just haven't been told yet. expecting your inquiries!

2005-12-18 23:43:07 -
Hey, you Romanian criminals...
Does your mother like the fact that you steal for a living?

We were taught here in the USA that you just came out of the cave of communism. 15 years in one of your prisons isn't a joke. You'll likely die - which is what most of you deserve.

Say hello to the big fish.. When I bust you personally, shut down your escrow sites, cancel your credit cards, and kill your intermediate wire transfer accounts - I make SURE I tell the big fish which stupid little scammer was dumb enough to cause him all that trouble. I hear he's broken more than a few legs.

Eventually, we'll get the big fish too... And all the fish that follow. Some of your "brothers" prefer to give out your names rather than face the big fish or the Romanian police. The police may not take you to jail.

2005-10-29 12:40:38 - gary
's or getin rapped in the chower, they make the decision.

2005-10-29 12:39:23 -
i hope your not homophobic, because your gonna get bummed so bad in jail

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