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Discussion : Lottery scam comes back

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2007-05-25 10:11:07 -
i want to get my money and send it to my work sahran cafe in 6october or my home egypt elminia bany mazar tambo village

2007-05-15 04:42:58 -
last week my grandmother have received the same letter of loteria it dangerous after we gave them the bank and our details?

2007-03-29 10:03:26 -
Malaysian descent...
Received a letter adressed to my deceased father stating that he won a chunk of money from a lottery...My father don't do lotteries let alone a lottery from,anyone who's thinking about corresponding to the scam,forget it..some people end up losing more than just money sometimes...

2007-03-05 13:27:31 -
yaaaa....... me tooo.. i got the same lottery offer from david brown.. i even called this number.. he told me tht i m the winner of i million us dollar... he even send me the payment claimable form.. HAH.. NOTHNG COMES FOR FREE IN THIS WORLD.. ITS ALL BLOODY JOKE.. WHY MICROSOFT IS STILL SLEEOING...???? WAKE UP MR. GATES... ITS TIME.

2007-02-28 00:08:44 -
my sis also got the same letter exactly like what you all first,i was overjoyed, luckilly i checked in the web and i found a lot of sites featured all these nonsense-lottery-things.Thanks God, i guess all the victims are well educated and i guessed no one can be fooled easily...especially when it comes about money.....erm....but i wonder how did they know our full name as well as the address ????

2007-02-27 06:23:34 -
Im from malaysia. I guess the letter from euromilliones lottery is out there reaching out for its prey.
everybody please watch out there are so many people out there just waiting to cheat somebody. before any of you get excited think ten times.Why should anybody so easily want to give huge some of money for nothing?
Don't get cheated.

2007-02-26 23:06:50 -
hi, i'm from malaysia. my mother also got same letter from EUROMILLIONES LOTTERY PRIMITIVA S.A. (said that she won 785,790 euros) i told her that was fraud letter but she not agree with me at first. then i search about it in internet many of people said that they also get the same letter but no one said they have win hehehee.... and some also get cheat because been trap by the amounts.... so becarefull... no one will give you money just like that...right!!!!!

2007-02-20 22:51:09 -
i just recievied a winning statement from euro millons and they sent me a claim for and asked me for nothing so far what should i do?

2007-02-17 21:46:35 -
i knew this was a trap. so please do not entertain this matter. just send the papers to recycle bin.easiest things wont stay for long.

2007-02-15 12:37:36 - scammed
I received a letter from Laprimitiva europea euromilloones loteria international s.a stating that I had won 815,960.00 us dollars as the result of being in the Euromillones Sweepstake Lottery/end of year highstake international program held on the 5th of November 2006. Like a fool I responded to the letter. Right now a Terry Makai, is the official lottery representative handling the winnings that need to be transferred into my checking account. He sent me 2 money orders in the amount of $950.00 each to deposit into my checking account to cover the cost of the wire transfer of the winnings. I am in process of taking all the paperwork to my bank as well as reporting it to the police department as well as seeing the postmaster.

The notification letter I received was dated Jan 15, 2007. I responded by phone the first time on February 4, 2007. Several days passed and several phone conversations between Terry Makai and myself transpired. I told him I had no money to put in the bank for the wire transfer etc. etc. therefore, he arranged for the $1900.00 work of money orders to put in my account. The money orders look official. They are marked with a Wal-Mart Financial Institution title on them. As I said, I'm taking them to my bank so the proper channels to file fraud papers will be followed. The money orders are signed by the purchaser name of Susan Mitchell with an address in Memphis Tenneessee. These are dated November 28, 2006. Anyway, I'm into this pretty far at this point and am trying to get out of it. Hopefully the bank, police and postmaster can help me accomplish this.

2007-02-15 05:03:06 - nura
hi, i'm from malaysia. i just get this euro millones letter and at first i thought its a legible one.huhu..just don't get easily swayed by the fraud letter.its an 'invitation to treat!' [lawyers should understand this term;-) ]

2007-02-14 04:37:30 -

2007-02-10 06:29:37 -
yesterday I received a letter stating i had won
985,950.oo euros . from Euromilliones lottery primitiva s.a
The letter was a cheap looking photo copy which I thought was suspicious . Today I found this web site that confirmed it was. Thanks for all the information.

2007-02-06 07:06:56 -
my mother in law received a letter from euromillions, and win a big sum of good butis it true or this is a only a crime....please help...

2007-02-01 17:38:25 - Shams
We won I millon, yes

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