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Discussion : Lottery scam comes back

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2008-04-29 03:56:25 -
I received a letter today stating I had won 815,710.00 Euros.. I would like to know how they got my address!!! The post mark on the letter is from Spain, so who found my address and name??

2008-04-12 09:16:35 -
i received a euromillones lottery primitiva s.a letter stating have won 615.810.00 and they need my bank details to tranfer the money and the company responsible for this will take 10% of the lottery money. To me it's all bullshit cause i'm lot better than that rather to fall into some scam shit.

2008-03-03 13:21:11 -
I'm from perak. I also received this letter telling me that i got 785.760.00 euro. I don't know whether this is true or not.

2008-02-25 20:31:53 -
thanks god i found this page... im from pahang malaysia, my wife receive this letter from spain date 11 feb 08, said that winning a euromillones lottery primitiva s.a amount of euro 78579000.00
how did they get our address? please beware this spam, and please do not feel so lucky winning a lotery...

Jgn terpedaya beb, surf dulu any info....

2008-02-19 22:05:27 - ed
this is a sic joke. euromilliones lottery primitiva goes to toronto saying i have won 815,810 euros. ha-ha. i will donate 50% of the cash prize to anyone who could deliver it to me and spend the other half to try to prosecute those people behind this scam.

2008-02-08 12:58:27 -
I received a letter dated 08.01.08 to my address in LONDON UK, stating that I was a EUROMILLONES LOTTERY PRIMITIVA S.A recipient of 785.790.00 euros. I rang the Mr GOMEZ who sounded friendly, (pos. african, tv on in the background, child sounds) who eventually congratulated me on my surprising win considering that I had never purchased the ticket. My concern is how we were selected? Am I on a register of fools some where?

2008-02-08 12:47:19 - loulou
I received a letter from the so called euro millones in spain they even gave me there fax number, office number but still something just wasn't right, they say I win 5800.
I couldn't beleive this I said woow thats big.
still something wasn't right.
and of cause there so called babk called me and said I have to pay an insurance for the cheque to be delivered to my address 850. I said no way.
finally I got another call the same date. we have your cheque we just need the money. ye right.
I said take the money out of my cheque if you are real. and to this date I have heard nothing from then since.
people must be careful ask questions, if they are going around it and begging you for your money then the company is not real.
i know it sounds so tempting but don't be fooled.

2008-02-07 22:00:11 -
i also receive the letters of lottery... its is a scam only.. and do not trust it...

2008-02-05 23:03:48 -

2008-01-24 08:18:44 - Amal
Yes, I just recieved a letter as well stating that I won 985,950.00 Euro's. I looked it up online just like everyone else and now I know that it is a scam.

2008-01-21 07:11:24 -
I recieved this letter in switzerland wher they told me i won EURO 750 000.-. I call Mr. Don Tom Navaro and he told me they need a taxfee document and for this i need to pay 870 EUro..
Then i start to wonder and on this page i was ensured that this is scam. THANKS for the warning...

2007-11-24 14:10:56 -
My father has just received a letter telling him that he has won 985,950 Euros on the Euromilliones lottery draw of 26th October 2007. Unfortunately he died on the 26th October 2004! Luckily my mother had the sense not to follow the instructions but asked me about it. I checked on the Internet and found this is a regular scam.Surely something can be done about these posts as they could be very upsetting for elderly widows like my mother.

2007-11-23 16:46:31 - ayle
I receive a letter today from euromillones lottery primitiva s.a. I think this a scam but can some one know how to reported this scam so they will get them.

2007-11-06 07:07:21 - nadia
The same happend to me in Vienna!! I got this letter from which said that I won 985,950.00 . . . allthough I never bought any lottery-ticked.


2007-10-29 09:09:18 -
hahahhaaa, im from malaysia. I was so shocked when i received a letter from spain, with my mum's name on it. It is stated that my mom have won 785,790.00 euros. My mun did not trust it and she said only a fool will believe it. Then, i checked it in the internet and i found this site. She is very clever.
This is a super scam so please do not be drawn in. If you receive one of these letters just put it in the bin. u just wasting ur time. Thank U!

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