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Discussion : Lottery scam comes back

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2007-10-23 05:47:08 -
I have received a letter EUROMILLONES LOTTERY PRIMITIVA S.A that I have won 785.790.00 euros. After providing them with my bank details, they wanted me to send 950.00 pounds? commission fee for transfer through WESTERN UNION. My claiming agent was SNR.GOMEZ tel.:0034675476438, then called me Mr.Alberios tel.:0034691750688 claiming that another woman from Southampton (? I am from Southampton), no from West Yorkshire, old lady 50,60 years old and ill cannot come to Spain, so she just paid 950,00 pounds, and she will receive money in 2 days.

I was so excited, dreaming all 4 days. Now its gone. Please be carefull.

2007-10-20 04:46:46 - three
my father got the same euromillones lottery letter from spain..
we live here in south east asia..!!
and my father never ever buy a lottery ticket..
this is funny, yet sickening..

2007-10-17 17:56:29 -
im a winner also ”” i was so pleased to reiceve a letter from . a carlos luis antonio today saying i have won loads of dosh from euro millones. 615.810.00euros i was so happy i got myself a pizza and a bottle of diet coke. so you can imagen my dissapointment to learn it is a scam. but as i live on my own and dont get much mail.i desided to look on the bright side .at least ive gained a first class spanish stamp .free of charge, and as i have a fax number for them im going to fax them a photo copy of a old pair of pants.,

2007-10-16 20:33:34 -
Hello, I live in New York and just received a letter from Global Loteria International Euro Millones: La Primitiva Europea. Thank God I went with my gut, because I had a feeling, not only from the quality of the letter, but the format and words used. The names also sound a little general. My claims agent was SR Juan Miguel, Foriegn Operations Manager, CENTURY 21st SECURITIES S.A. Something should really be done about this.

2007-10-13 05:44:24 - nick
recieved the letter today im gonna fax the bank details off and everything else they want but just make it up as i go along, itll give them something to do for a while

2007-10-02 07:18:20 -
I received a letter today saying I had won the eurmillones lottery primitiva s.a
It stated I had won 615,810.00 euros My first thought was excitment as It stated I would only have to pay an agent 10% of my winnings When I had received my winnings. However alarm bell rang when it stated in the last part of the letter I would have to pay a clearance charge.This is a scam so please do not be drawn in if you receive one of these letters put it in the bin. and do not respond.My concern regards this scam is they are asking for personnel information such as your bank details.

2007-09-05 08:44:02 - Harry
...received the joke letter from Euromillones Lottery Primitive S.A. Whilst it took me less than a second to realise it was a scam, I will take a few minutes to log on here and add my comments! You should use the letters as toilet paper or lining in the guinea pig or bunny hutch! Who are you DR Carlos Smith?? ...Anyway, back to the real world of business for me!

2007-09-03 13:43:19 -
Can somone tell me about this bank? CHO HUNG BANK, hvwat kind of bank is it?

2007-08-30 06:54:27 - Colin
From the U.K. the scam continues yesterday I received a letter stating I had won 985,950.00 euros . from Euromilliones lottery primitiva s.a
The letter was a cheap looking photo copy which I thought was suspicious. Anyone found out how they keep getting home addresses even down to the postcode?

2007-08-28 15:56:46 -
We have today received at letter claiming that we've won 815,810 euros. I called the number and asked to speak to Luis lopez, however he refused to confirm the address. The letter looked very amaturish. How do they get our address?

2007-08-22 14:29:32 - Andrew in Canada
Received the same kind of letter in Canada today. Felt it was a scam and and now quite certain. Going through everyones postings I find it interesting how the value of our collective winnings increase every month or two. Mine is 985,950.00 Euros. Ill check back in a couple of months to see if it has gone above the 1 million

Please people dont let them burn you. How can there be a multi-million dollar lottery that you didnt pay to enter or dont remember been in Spain

2007-08-12 09:38:01 -
Hello, i get two letters from them! I must colecte the money in Madrid befor the 20 of Agust
And thay will have 2600 for it befor thay give it to me!

2007-06-25 10:40:17 -
I|am from Russia, living in Moscow.
Today I found this web site that confirmed it was. Thanks for all the information.
....that this was too good to be true.....

2007-06-22 10:20:52 -
when i first saw the envelope i thought it was from a friend, i received this letter today, and i just knew that this was too good to be true, i mean c'mon, it was one of a thousand photocopies, not even with my name and address on the paper!. Another thing that threw me off completely was when they wrote
' .....we ask that you keep this reward from public notice until your claim has been processed.............'. i dont even do the lottery, let alone from spain! if they wanted to make this more real, they could have at least, wrote me out a cheque (let it bounce and they pay) placed it in the letter and sent it via recorded delivery! we are so forutnate these days that we have access to the internet that allows us to share our experinces and help others not to fall into this scam.

2007-05-31 12:49:52 -
I want to know MICROSOFT GLOBAL E-MAIL LOTTERY is a draw or not?

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