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Discussion : Law faces child sex computer challenge

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2007-03-30 19:55:14 -
quisiera ver videos de promotion de child incest algun tipo de material para comprar

2006-06-17 09:29:48 -

2006-02-16 14:12:27 -
I wanna have sex!!!!!!!!!

2005-09-02 09:20:28 -
Very nice blog.

2005-01-31 20:31:15 -
And what is wrong with such "fake porno" pics if there is not a victim?

What is the purpose of the law? To protect victims, or to create victims out of nothing?

Are they trying to stop kids from being hurt, or prevent people from expressing a certain idea?
Pedos exist, the idea of pedophilia is a reality, the fact that some pedos want sex with kids is a fact...why try to outlaw the facts and the truth? That is wrong. Once they make the expresion of the facts and the truth illegal, either through fake pictures, works of art, or by printed words, then they make an idea itself illegal. How can an idea be illegal? Ideas are free. Expression of ideas is supposed to be free. Even if the majority of people and the prevailing climate finds it objectionable.

They are killing freedom. If someone wants to make a story or a picture of a kid having sex or displaying their stifled sexuality, or a nigger being enslaved, or a jew being gassed, or an american in iraq being beheaded - then they have a right to express that fact in pictures no matter how disgusting it is (as long as it is not real, and no one is hurt in the making of it), even though it is wrong that such things ever happened, and most people don't want to think about them or be reminded of them. It is like books being banned in communist countries - it is wrong, and it shows that the government and law are wrong, and dangerously out of control. People should control the law and their government, not the other way round.

It is the difference between democracy and dictatorship, when pictorial and literary expression of even the worst idea is made illegal.
They are telling us what to think!
If we can't even think about pedophilia, not even talk about it, read about it, or view pictures of it, then how can our kids be safe from the worst of it? How can we define a danger to our children, when we are not allowed to think about it or examine it? Ignorance is a vulnerability, silence is a killer, and failure to understand the "bad man next door" is like the cold war: there is no threat, as long as you understand him.

Total 5 comments
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