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Law faces child sex computer challenge

Date: October 31, 2004
By: Nigel Hunt

LAWS relating to child pornography will need to be crafted to keep pace with the changing nature of the crime, Police Commissioner Mal Hyde has warned.

Mr Hyde said it was doubtful existing laws covered such emerging trends in Internet pornography as the creation of pictures of children using a computer, known as "morphing" and "virtual" images.

They fell into a grey area of law because there was no actual victim portrayed in the images – even though they may be pornographic – creating a potential loophole open to exploitation.

Morphing involves the creation of one image using several images while high-quality virtual or animated images were able to be created with modern software.

The current legislation, which defines a child as a person under or apparently under the age of 16 years, was out of date and did not cater for the problems emerging through the use of the Internet.
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