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Discussion : Banks sending scams

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2006-07-31 12:53:40 -
I appreciate your efforts in this area of SPAM. But permit me to say that the heading or caption is to a large extent not true.

The mails you talked about actually do not originate from the banks, they are just a new wave in cyber crimes. Criminals are now using IT experts to carryout their crime business. What they do is to employ the services of an IT expert to design a web site using a popular bank's name in any country like Bank of America, send the bulk mails to people within that particular region, and as usual, people respond to such mails without calling their banks to confirm the mails.

In every bank, there is a customer service desk, it is expected that every customer should store the direct number of their banks and make contact when necessary.

One of the reasons why cybercrime is not going to be prosecuted easily is the fact that must people are always in haste to do their own thing without adequate consultations.

Lets save the financial institutions and other good agencies and face both the victims and variants of cybercrimes.

I am putting an article together on "HOW NIGERIANS DEVELOPMENT IDEAS IN CYBERCRIME". Every needs this article.


Total 1 comments
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