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Banks sending scams

Date: July 29, 2006
Source: THE STAR

The next time you get an e-mail that your bank is upgrading its website and needs details of your accounts, call your bank first to verify.

A syndicate operating an Internet scam called “phishing” has tricked customers into giving details of their bank accounts and then fraudulently withdrawing their money.

Since the scam was first reported last month, 15 victims have lodged reports at the Federal Commercial Crime headquarters. The highest loss suffered was RM18,000.

Federal Commercial Crime chief Comm Datuk Ramli Yusuff said the syndicate had sent out e-mails to victims to update their accounts as soon possible, claiming the bank was upgrading its website.

“After the victims give their personal identification, password, account number and user ID, syndicate members would withdraw cash or use the information to purchase items,” Comm Ramli said.
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