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Discussion : Children's department worker charged with porn offences

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2006-07-15 20:19:45 -
i think it should be legal to have sex with children i mean hell it is legal to have sex with animals so why not children? they make great sex partners, if it was legal to have sex with children, than there would'nt be so many child rapes and murders, now dont you thing? leave the worker alone child pornogrephy is a wonderful thing..............

2004-11-01 17:19:35 -
What are you talking about, cuddlesz.? It says not that the man taken away self asteem of the innocent childern. What potent crime has he commited exactly? The article is saying the man had child pornography pics. It is not saying he did the thing with any childern himself. Again, what are they naming as child pornogrephy? Was it dirty abuse pics or just the innocent pics of childern in the beach, as some of people think this is pornography? There are no enough facts for you to judge and condemn a man. I would like to have something done about pedophobic attitudes of the people who make the decision on little facts. right away.

2004-10-25 05:16:22 -
This just down right STUPID!!! This man is nothing but a "DIRTY DOGG" and should be delt with harshly. This man has not only taken away the self-esteem from these innocent children, he has also committed a crime so potent that it is surprising that he can still live with himself. For me as a parent, my personal pouint of view is that he should not only be charged with fines, but also be sentenced to at least ten-years in prison!!!. My feelings towards this topic is very strong and very firm.

i would like to have something done about this right away.

THANK YOU for your support.

Cuddlez. (not real name)

Total 3 comments
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