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Discussion : Russian Internet will be protected from computer crimes

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2004-05-27 19:17:55 -
What for a Surprise !
The "Happy Haven" russian Area for Hackers
as one of the MainsSources of Attacks and Basis for many Blackhats ,Intruders and Hackers against the international worldwide WEB
begin defense itself ?
But when will Putin attack the HAA (Hackers against America) Group ?
When will he stop the electronic spy on the industry coubntries ???
Because can Script Kiddies easy free download special Attack-Infos and (!) Utillitys
from the french K-Otik Portal or
the russian Kaspersky and Security Labs Portal
to attack the EU Countries and the United States ???
I hope ,Putin has a really peaceful an true Idea in the IT Area and not so in political Questions about terrorism for instance , Tschetschenia !!!
But that `s really mainful for the SECURITY in our global World for everybodys Privacy and the FREEDOM of the Information Century !!!
I want cry to the Secret Services from Russian, also from China, Nordkorea and the other potential "Peace Guardians" :
Let Hands UP from Microsoft Code ,CISCO OS etc. in the "wild" !!!
We all are the Owner of the Internet !
Not only the goverments and their secret services !!!
We don't need a world with many Intruders ,worms and many little "wilds" WE NEED secure User and


a friend of really worldwide
Communication over Information Technology for everybody !!!

Total 1 comments
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