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Discussion : Millions of computers are filled with fake security software

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2009-11-25 19:07:26 -
Take that for example. I was surfing the Web one day, and I came accross an internet security software, so just by curiousity I went through their site, and read through it. And that was it. For the last 2 to 3 weeks their web page start showing on my screen, right in the middle of something I was doing. I called my cable provider, and he told me that was a scam, don't send them any money. Their scam is to bother you enough with their software so you can buy it. Intentionaly they will put a virus in your system, and try to sell you their product, if not you probably end up taking your computer to a shop for repair. I know the company's name but I will not included in my comment unless someone E-Mail me for it.

Total 1 comments
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