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Discussion : What the United States Should Do in Ukraine

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2005-09-17 16:43:51 -
Your site is realy very interesting.

2004-05-21 23:47:04 -
Although I agree with the remarks and conclusions drawn by A. Aslund, it will take a serious and sustainable effort on the part of the US administration to convince the current ex-Soviet criminals running Ukraine that we 'mean business'. But this will never happen... Much like in Chechnya, our people will have no other option than to resort to revolution in purging the last stalinist remnants of communist government in Ukraine. When that begins, we won't really give a damn what the U.S. thinks...

2004-05-21 21:31:11 -
Agree totally with Anders Aslund.

1. Does the current administration (regime) of Ukraine really take the US Government or US Congress seriously? They seem to go ahead with their agenda and tricks anyway!

2. Do US policy makers, particularly the National Security Council, really care about demaocracy and free and fair elections in Ukraine? Or are they "blinded" by the desire to keep the Ukrainian contingent in Iraq, above all else?

Total 3 comments
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