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2007-10-19 20:38:14 -
Financial crimes and state corruption in casablanca against Rabat and France

Financial and high-tech crimes – currency counterfeiting, money laundering, intellectual property crime, payment card fraud, computer virus attacks and cyber-terrorism, for example – can affect all levels of society, and the moroccan society is suffering of those problems. Currency counterfeiting and money laundering in Euro , dirhams and Dollar have the potential to destabilise national economies and threaten global security, as these activities are sometimes used by terrorists and other dangerous criminals to finance their activities or conceal their profits , the detournment funds of the moroccan state are used to finance the buying of the magnetic weapon to be used for murders and human oils and organs trade througout the world and to prepare knock state against rabat and against French republic in way to instaure a regency in France and a republic in Rabat.

Intellectual property crime is a serious financial concern for car manufacturers, luxury goods makers, media firms and drug companies. Most alarmingly, counterfeiting endangers public health, especially in developing countries, where the World Health Organization estimates more than 60 per cent of pharmaceuticals are fake.the named Said Benbiga is trading in pornography production and counterfeiting in money and gold exported to France.

New technologies open up many possibilities for criminals to carry out traditional financial crimes in new ways. One notable example is ‘phishing’, whereby a criminal attempts to acquire through e-mail or instant messaging sensitive information such as passwords or credit card details by pretending to be a legitimate business representative. With this information, the criminal can commit fraud and even money casablanca some criminal hidden behalf the administration are using theese methods against the general tresorery and to stoil bank funds.
one of called new technology is the weapon applicated to human beings to asserve the victims by intense torture and to oblige them to sell their property to the advocat Zemmrani mohamed , and Senhaji abdelwahid at their offices in casablanca, 63 boulevard Mohammed V , morocco.

INTERPOL has stepped up its efforts in this area, working with stakeholders such as pharmaceutical makers, Internet service providers, software companies, central banks and other relevant bodies to devise solutions to thwart criminals and protect consumers.and must invistigate about the affairs of the proven├žial delegation of hay mohammadi and casa-anfa about the Tabet and Afoura affairs pending in the court of justice in casablanca where the following names must be added : Senhaji abdelaal, Senhaji abdelwahid, Zemmrani mohamed, Zemmrani Adnane, Othmani, raoul yacoubi, hmamsi abdelghafar.

2007-10-19 20:05:42 -
Proteomic Trajectory Mapping of Biological Transformation by computer and magnetic weapon
Living things are always in dynamic equilibrium between different states originating at the conception of gametes and ending at the death of individual. My group has been interested in understanding the transition between two discrete biological states at the molecular level. Can we, first of all, define a biological state using molecular parameters? The availability of genome information combined with the advent of proteomics techniques using mass spectrometry enables us to study the correlation, hopefully the causation, between the molecular changes and the changes of higher order biological phenomena occurring at the cellular, tissue, organ, and individual levels. Proteomic trajectory mapping is a new approach for investigating complex phenomena underlying biological transformation and transition. We define proteomic trajectory to be the kinetic trace of protein expression and will present the first successful proteomic trajectory mapping of developmental mouse retina. Self-organizing maps (SOM), a neural network-based-cluster analysis, of the trajectory data using a two-state model identified four proteomic trajectory types: two distinct trajectory types accounting for the decline or the rise of protein molecules actively expressed in the juvenile stage (J-type) or in the adult stage (A-type), a class of transient trajectories that mediate the transformation from the juvenile to the adult stage (T-type), and the steady trajectories throughout the entire process of transformation (C-type). Among 630 retinal proteins we investigated we successfully clustered 174 proteins into either one of these trajectory group with statistical confidence assured by ANOVA. In this lecture we will introduce proteomic trajectory mapping and discuss its application to wide varieties of investigations on the dynamic aspect of biological transition and transformation.
my study was concern the crime against humanity by biological experiment using an equipment of radio, laser, magetic emanation and using a numeric camera the all relied to the nervous systems of a primitive people coming from the wild region of khmis-zemmamra who kill by transcranial magnetic destruction and absorb the blood and transform the biologic molecular state until the destruction and human oil liquification of their victims.
for more informations see : armes scalaire, khmis-zemmamra
see also in google the following names : Said Benbiga, Raoul yacoubi, Othmani ,Senhaji abdelaal, Zemmrani , hmamsi abdelghafar, all are hidden in the proven├žial delegation hay mohammadi and casa-anfa , where we can find a drugs and criminal organization called WAFA using the administration mask for protecting them selves from justice and are not yet been discovered by the moroccan autorities.
coclusion : crimes of high frequency active auroral research program.
Persuant to article 9, the following elements of crime shall assisst the court in the interpretation and application of article 6,7 and 8 consistent with the statute.

the provisions of the statute, including article 21 and teh general principales set out in part 3, are applicable to the elements of crimes.
Crime against humanity of biological experiments 8(2)(a)(ii)-3 and of inhuman treatment 8(2)(a)(ii)-2
Crimes against humanity: since article 7 pertains to international criminal law consistent with article 22.article 7(1)(f) : crime against humanity of torture the perpetrator inflicted severe physical or mental palu or suffering upon one persons.
the following :
article 7 crimes against humanity
1-paragraphe f (torture)
paragraphe k other inhuman act of a similar charachter intentionally causing great suffering or serious injury to body or mental or physical health.
1- paragraphe e
the court shall apply article 22 applicable law :
a-statutes rome statute
b-applicable treaties
c-national laws
article 5 (pv 10 novembre 1998 et 12 juillet 1998)
are applicable to crimes against humanity.

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